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Classical Journey Tuesday 12 April

Edward Scull playing the orchestral marimba
At 10am this Tuesday Edward Scull will join us in the studio to discuss his career as an orchestral percussionist and his forthcoming concert at Shaldon (this Friday, 15 April, 7.30pm) with the Exeter Chamber Choir, conducted by Andrew Daldorph.

Marion Wood on keyboard

After a brief run-down of local concerts at 11am (see post below), conductor and Director of Music at the University of Exteter, Marion Wood, will discuss this Thursday's performance of Mahler's Symphony No 2 ('Resurrection'), which will feature soprano Catherine Hamilton and mezzo soprano Alison Kettlewell - and Marion conducting the Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra.

If there is time, several very interesting recordings have been sent in by local musicians:

Pianist Joyce Clarke - A Collection of Piano Favourites (Schumann, Mozart;, Debussy etc.)
Music on the Edge (Chris Caldwell, clarinet, Susie Hodder-Williams, flute) Stephen Goss' 'Northern Lights'
Flautist Tina Guthrie - The Champagne Flutes, 'Perfectly Chilled' (Rubinstein, Mozart, Bach etc.)
Pianist Rebecca Willson - Incarnation II (Somei Satoh)


Linda - more Austrian 'jodler', or Romano Viazzani's wonderful accordion
(Sorry Linda no piano by Matthew Wright, or recorder music,
but we can have Chris Cranham's amazing Tuba.)
Sheila - anything from the sublime St John Passion (John Eliot Gardiner please!)
Tim - if you missed Arvo Pärt's 'Tabula Rasa' last week we can now have Tasmin Little's version - very special - or perhaps we should have the whole thing next week?)
Denise - Xiaogu Zhu, 'Love in Spring'

Depending on what guests bring in we might also have extracts from:

Andrew Daldorph: 'Songs of Hope and Creation' with the Exeter Chamber Choir
Evelyn Glennie: 'Light in Darkness' (Marimba and percussion)
Sir Andrzej Panufnic: 'Concertino for timpani, percussion and strings'
Gustav Mahler: Symphonie No.2
Sir Edward Elgar: Sea Pictures

Either in this programme or next week.


Listeners will have noticed that we didn't manage to play any of those requests, except for a 'little bit of Rachmaninoff' in the last 2 minutes.  To be more precise it was a recording of pianist Joyce Clarke playing her own arrangement of 'How Fair is this Place' from '12 Romances' by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Edward Scull in the studio
Many thanks to Marimba player Edward Scull for coming into the studio and telling us about his very successful career as a percussionist.  Edward will be performing on Friday at St Peter's Church  in Shaldon, with additional choral music by the Exeter Chamber Choir.  Edward's mother Helen, who is in the choir, was also in the studio.  Although she didn't want to speak on air she was very helpful of air, or using sign language.

Sadly when Edward and Helen left I went to pieces and gave the wrong information on Edward's last recording.  We were going to hear the second movement of Joe Dadell's percussion concerto 'Ruby', but a now familiar technical/presenter difficulty meant I had to play another piece instead.  Although I said afterwards that it had been the 'First Movement' of 'Ruby' it was, in fact,

'Tune for Mary O-M' by Rich O'Meara of the 'Kwo'm' Percussion Group.

As Edward explained, this piece, based on traditional Irish folk music styles, was written in honour of his sister Mary.  It most certainly shouldn't be confused with Dadell's concerto!

The exciting concert in London which Edward mentioned was at the Embassy in Mayfair, where he will be performing with Canadian opera soprano Tara Mathew in a programme which makes the transition from classical to 'pop'. That show will be well worth a visit if you're in London on Wednesday 18 May.  The show starts at 7.30pm and the price of admission is only £6.

Many thanks also to Marion Wood for giving such a clear analysis of Elgar's 'Sea Pictures' and Mahler's 'Resurrection', which would have worked even better if I could have played the right tracks at the right time!  Marion will be conducting the Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra in 'Sea Pictures' and 'Resurrection' on Thursday at 7.30 in the Cathedral.

Go to the 'Concert Run-Down' below for full details of Edward and Marion's concerts and all the other concerts coming up in and around Exeter.

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