Monday, 9 September 2013

"Classical Journey" Tuesday 10 September 2013 10am on Phonic FM Community Radio for Exeter Events this week in Exeter, Totnes - and Dunsford!

Joins us at 11am to discuss:
Exeter University Latin American Society
The Ram, Devonshire House, Streatham Campus
Thursday 19 September 6.30pm-2am

Héloïse West
Music at St Michael's
St Michael and All Angels Church
Mount Dinham Exeter
Wednesday 11 September 7.30pm
Soprano: Heloïse West
Piano: Paul Evans
Admission FREE
For further details contact
Matthew Wright
for details of church activities & services

Phil Henry & Hannah Martin
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
South West Arts Centre Totnes
Thursday 12 September 8.30pm
Launch of new CD album: 'Mynd'
Tickets: £9
Ticketline: 0884 888 9991
Book online

The Zazou Cowboys
Yann Mahdjoub, Chris Wilkinson
Willy Briggs, Rebecca Willson
Saturday night
Acoustica Festival 2013
Exeter Phoenix
Friday     13 September 6pm
Saturday 14 September 6pm
20+ bands per night
(Friday: 'Cut Purse Rascals',
  'Jiggerypipery' . . .
 Saturday: 'Matthew & Me'
 'The Zazou Cowboys' . . . )
Tickets: £10 each night (both £15)
01392 667080  book online

Soprano Christine Marsden
Soprano Recital
St Mary's Church Dunsford
Saturday 14 September 7.30pm
Prose poems of Arthur Rimbaud (1873)
set to music by Benjamin Britten (1940)
plus Britten folk song arrangements
and favourite songs and arias
Soprano: Christine Marsden
Piano: Andrew Daldorph
Tickets: £6 - includes wine & nibbles
(join on facebook) 

Barrel House Totnes
Totnes Nonclassical
Barrel House Totnes
Sunday 15 September 8pm
György Ligeti:
"Poème Symphonique

 pour Cent Metronomes"
(Please contact Sam Richards
or Lona Kozik if you can         
provide one or more                (Sam is still poorly!)
metronomes.)                         WATCH OUT FOR 
Tickets: £5                            TOTNES NONCLASSICAL
£3 with a metronome!             IN THE NEW YEAR

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