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Beacon Piano Trio Glenorchy Wednesday 12 October preview of a concert to be performed next weekend - The Old Music Room, Queen's College, in Taunton Sunday 30 October 3pm

A very interactive ensemble - The Beacon Piano Trio
Piano: Joyce Clarke, Violin: Anna Cockroft, 'Cello: Ruth Lass
The Beacon Piano Trio were at Glenorchy United Reformed Church in Exmouth for a lunchtime concert on Wednesday 12th October.

Joyce Clarke, who was our guest at Phonic FM on 20th October, was the pianist with Anna Cockroft and Ruth Lass playing violin and 'cello. Joyce introduced the opening piece which one of the exceptional piano trios composed by the thirty year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1786, a year when he was composing to his full potential, and was just starting to enjoy success as a composer - 'The Marriage of Figaro' opened at Vienna's Burgtheater in May of that year.

Anna Cocroft delicatedly blends violin with Joyce Clarke's piano playing
The Mozart trio (B flat K502) is possibly his finest, almost a piano concerto for three instruments - all given equal importance. The allegro started with very agile piano, followed by equally agile violin and then Ruth's much deeper, but still very agile, 'cello line.

The larghetto was contrastingly slow and leisurely. Ruth drew out some of her notes for three or four full bow strokes to the accompaniment of a gentle melody by Joyce on the piano. All delightfully sweet.

The Allegretto was a very thrilling interaction between all three instruments - with the violin and 'cello conversing to a piano backing. Very clever stuff.

Ruth Lass draws out the rich notes of Mozart's larghetto
Ruth took over the introductions for three miniatures by early twentieth century English composer Frank Bridge. Not as grand as the allegro energico from Bridge's Piano Quintet which we heard this morning, these miniatures are delightful little morsels of ensemble music. From the set of nine the trio had chosen a minuet, a gavotte, and a hornpipe - all light and pleasing with lovely sections of staccato and pizzicato playing on all three instruments.

Staccato and pizzicato for all three instruments in Frank Bridge's 'Miniatures'

To follow the lighthearted miniatures, Joyce introduces 'something completely different' - a tango by late twentieth century Argentine bandoneon player and composer Astor Piazzolla. This chamber music, transcribed for trio, deftly combines classical and jazz influences. The sound was hauntingly reminiscent of Piazzolla's 'Muerte del Angel' despite having a different tune. All three instruments cry out in anguish the strings doing what the piano cannot - creating a drawn out crescendo on one note. Ruth's top notes on the the 'cello sobbed the song of love and tragedy. Very sad, but gorgeous.

The powerhouse of the piano trio - the hands of pianist Joyce Clarke
powering through Johannes Brahm's fiery Hungarian Dance No 6
Finally, something different again. Ruth introduced Johanne Brahms' 'Hungarian Dance No 6'. All of these dances are exciting and beautiful, but No 6 has a special magic. The trio definitely made it a magical end to their recital. The opening was incredibly abrupt, before slowing down to a teasing pace, and then bursting forth again with all guns blazing. After an abrupt end the whole process starts again. And again. Joyce's piano playing was startlingly percussive as this majestic and grandiose dance became more and more expansive. Glorious stuff to finish a highly entertaining piano trio recital.

Many thanks to the Beacon Piano Trio for a gorgeous recital - bravo!
At the end of the concert it did seem that the trio could have played on for quite a bit longer - and they will! They will be in the Old Music Room at Queen's College in Taunton on Sunday 30th October for a full scale concert including additional music by Georg Frederick Handel and Sergei Rachmaninov - from baroque to modern. That will be something to hear!

The Beacon Piano Trio
The Old Music Room, Queen's College, Taunton
Sunday 30 October 3pm
Piano: Joyce Clarke
Violin: Anna Cockroft
'Cello: Ruth Lass
(in association with Taunton Association of Performing Arts)
Handel, Mozart, Rachmaninov
Tickets: £12 (student £5)
Box Office: 01823 336344

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