Sunday 13 February 2011

Special Guest on the Classical Journey this Tuesday Crediton Luthier Shaun Newman: "How to make a Gothic Harp"

Shaun demonstrated the beautiful proportions
of his Gothic harp
There will be a very special quest on the 'Classical Journey' this Tuesday.  We shall be enjoying the company of Shaun Newman, a luthier (stringed instrument maker) from Crediton, who regular listeners will recall hearing in the studio before.  On that occasion - 23 November last year - he told us about how he makes his superb guitars, as played by local guitar virtuoso David Cottam, and played us some music himself.  Details and photos are still on this site - see the post for Monday 22 November.
This time Shaun has something even more exciting to tell us about - how he reinvented and built a perfect 'Gothic harp'.  A full explanation of how the design was rediscovered, and how the component parts were constructed and assembled, will appear in 'Acoustic' magazine on 15 April, but here on Phonic FM Exeter's music lovers can have an exclusive advance insight into the whole project
Shaun will join the programme between 10.30 and 11.00 am on Tuesday and, in addition to hearing about this incredible project, we can also hear more more of Shaun's own playing on his own exceptional hand-made guitars.  He has already suggested some pieces we can enjoy during the show:
First, purpose-build your own lathe . . .

José Ferrer:                  Tango No 3
Gary Ryan:                   Night Sky
Jaime Bosch:                 Cantilena
David Cottam:              Cinquefoil
Joseph Kosma:             Autumn Leaves
Gary Ryan:                    Russian Bear
Trad. Spanish:               A la Nanita Nana
Johann Kaspar Mertz:   Moderato
David Cottam:               Santillana
Heinrich Marshner:        Bagatelle
Matteo Carcassi:           Pastorale
David Cottam:              Comillas
José Ferrer:                  Leccion 49

. . . then carefully turn each retaining pin by hand . . .

. . . to create a vision of perfection: Shaun's Gothic harp in its handmade case.

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