Tuesday, 30 April 2013

East Devon Choral Society - Handel's 'Messiah' Saturday 8th December 2013

Anyone who tuned in to the 'Classical Journey' on Tuesday 11th December last year will remember the amazing performance of Handel's 'Messiah' at St George's Church in Tiverton by - The East Devon Choral Society. (Mike Gluyas and Mike Brett were there making video and audio recordings, which we can enjoy on Phonic FM.)

The photos below are from the 11th December programme blog, which catalogued the extraordinary smörgåsbord of exciting music happening in just the one week.

There were two other performances of the 'Messiah' taking in place in Exeter on the same night. Jonathan Schrantz (who sang Mozart's Mass in C Minor with Lucy Bray in March last year) had come to lead a Messiah workshop at St Michael's Church, Mount Dynham, with evening performance, while the Exeter Bach Society were performing at St David's Church.

What an agonising choice to make! However, anyone who elected to travel to Tiverton for the evening would not have been disappointed . . .

Handel's Messiah
St George's Church Tiverton
Todd Gibson-Cornish
warms up on Bassoon
as a the orchestra leader
slips past
In the orchestra
violin: Gillian Taylor & Marie Langrishe
viola: Andrew Gillett and Roger Hendy
'cello: Felicity Maries (& Rebecca Allnat)
conductor: Andrew Daldorph  soprano: Ellie Partridge
extreme left - leader: Clare Smith!
to beef up the choir -
Counterpoint soprano: Elle Williams
soprano: Eleanor Partridge
alto: Rowena Brown
tenor: Steven Phillips

bass: Quentin Brown
recording all - Michael Gluyas
(plus video - Mike Brett)
Andrew Daldorph brings in
Tiverton High School Singers
big finish: "Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain"

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