Thursday, 1 March 2012

Exeter Chamber Choir & Orchestra - Mozart: 'Ave Verum Corpus', Clarinet Concerto, Mass in C minor - Exeter Cathedral Saturday 25 February

Before the show: Felicity Maries & Michael Allnat

Andrew Daldorph conducts

Mozart Clarinet Concerto
Soloist: Chris Gradwell
Chris Gradwell

Strings: Marie Langrishe, Anna Cockroft, Julie Hill
Bassoons: Alan Boxer and Andrew Garton
Soloist and Conductor exit to prolonged applause
A superb violinist: Anna Cockroft
Violist & 'Cellist:
Andrew Gillett and Felicity Marlies

Andrew Maries plays oboe
- with Emily Clayton 
Bassoon: Alan Boxer

Timpani: Edward Scull!
Tympani: Ed Scull - another sensation
Soprano: Hannah Partridge - Sensational

Another Soprano: Bethany Partridge

A delightful duo
Hannah and Bethany Partridge

Tenor: Julian Forbes
Quartet? - Bass: Robert Martin

A name to watch out for -
Violin: Marie Langrishe

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