Monday, 19 December 2011

Exeter Bach Society give a special Christmas concert to support the vital work of 'Shelterbox' in Mindanao Alphington Saturday 17 December

In Exeter on Saturday night, the Exeter Bach Society were performing a Christmas Concert at the Church of St Michael and All Angels in Alphington, in aid of 'Shelterbox' - the charity providing emergency equipment to people in disaster areas. Their life-saving boxes of equipment may now be needed in flood-devastated Mindanao. Concerts of this kind do a great service by raising awareness - and cash - for this vital work.

No charge was made for admission, but the work of the choir inspires the audience to dig deep for such a worthy cause.

To find out more or donate: - donate - 0300 0300 500 for phone donations.

No details of the programme here I'm afraid, but if anyone wants to add them, try the comment box below or email Photographs were sent in by cameraman Cecil Hatfield, who also recorded the recent 'Nonclassical' concert at the Bikeshed Theatre. (Many thanks to Cecil.)

All contributions very welcome.

If you would like to see more of Cecil's photos they are posted on Flickr (link)

Colourful - and tuneful: The Exeter Bach Society Choir
(Photography: Cecil Hatfield)

Musical Director: Nicholas Marshall
(Photography: Cecil Hatfield)
? A solo for their Chairman: Christopher Parrish
(Photography: Cecil Hatfield)

Additional thanks to Cecil Hatfield for emailing in the night's programme!

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