Monday, 6 June 2011

Exeter Fringe Festival, The Rusty Bike, Howell Road Guitar Concert by Keith Hyett: Press Release

Guitarist Keith Hyett
Appearing at the Rusty Bike in Exeter
Exeter Fringe Festival Sunday 24 June
At the Rusty Bike, Exeter, on Sunday 26th June, at 21.00
The guitar music of Keith Hyett will transport you to many places with his varied programme of guitar music. Keith's musical infuences are many and varied, from the rock music of his teenage years, to classical favourites by Bach and Beethoven, to flamenco and folk music, all are in there, which means that his music is apreciated by a wide audience.
His pieces will take you for a walk through a forest on a moonlit night, with a clearing where you get a panoramic view of the moon and stars. Another piece which although having a flamenco feel is very much about a view from a tower on the Cotswold edge where you can see many counties on a clear day, as well as seeing the Welsh mountains and the Malvern Hills in the distance. There are many pieces which are like this, one of the best is probably a piece called the Mill, which tells the story of the water going through a water mill, as it starts in a collecting pool and then goes through a channel which leads it to the water wheel, and then takes it to a more tranquil life.
Another big influence on Keith is poetry. Keith has used the poetry of Thomas Hardy, and other English poets, all of whose work has given inspiration for rhythm and melodic. The first piece he composed in this way is a piece called 'Timing Her', which has a call and answer feel to it. Like a lot of Keith's music it is quite a moody piece, and in the right venue can catch peoples imagination, and take there breath away.

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