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Alex Wilson Romantic Russian Music with Cecilia Lamon & Iryna Ilnytska South Street Baptist Church Saturday 25 February Trio Exe with Carina Vince & Hilary Boxer Church of the Holy Cross Crediton Sunday 26 February 2017

Alex Wilson

Romantic Russian Music
Violin: Cecilia Griffiths-Lamon
Piano: Alex Wilson
Contralto: Iryna Ilnytska
On 25 and 26 February pianist Alex Wilson was in concert at South Street Baptist Church in Exeter and at the Church of the Holy Cross in Crediton with two completely different line-ups of supporting artists.

On Saturday night he was accompanying mezzo-soprano Iryna Ilnytska and violinist Cecilia Griffiths-Lamon (and playing some solo pieces) in a recital of Russian Romantic Music.

Cecilia's violin virtuosity was spectacular, and Iryna's indredibly deep and emotional voice was astounding. All the while Alex supported impressively on the grand piano in the background. Alex also played a selection of months from Tchaikovsky's 'Seasons' as delightful and captivating interludes.

The grand finale was a fabulous trio for voice, violin and piano, bringing together all the exciting elements of the preceding concert in one last burst of overwhelming excitement.

Many thanks to Alex, Cecilia and Iryna for all their hard work bringing these Russian classics to life - and to Iryna's friend Mila for her very informative introductions.

Trio Exe
Violin: Carina Vince  Piano: Alex West
'Cello: Hilary Boxer
The following afternoon Alex was joined by two more musicians, violinist Carina Vince and 'cellist Hilary Boxer.

Carina and Hilary opened with a beautiful duet, Johan Halvorsen's arrangement of Handel's Passacaglia, and Alex reprised one of the Tchaikovsky 'Seasons' ("February" naturally), before the trio embarked on their magnum opus - Brahms Piano Trio.

Forty minutes later, the audience were in no doubt that they were in the company of very experienced and accomplished musicians indeed.

After a short break, Alex accompanied Carina & Hilary in a couple of duets from Gershwin's 'Porgy and Bess' - and once again the concert ended with a rousing trio, "Bess You is my Woman Now". A splendid ending.

The three call themselves 'Trio Exe' and intend to get together for more concerts in the future.

In the immediate future, the Brahms Piano Trio concert will be repeated at St Disen's Church in Bradninch on Sunday 12 March at 3pm.

A golden opportunity not to be missed.

Alex Wilson

Trio Exe
St Disen's Church Bradninch
Sunday 12 March 3pm
Piano: Alex Wilson
Violin: Carina Vince
'Cello: Hilary Boxer

Snowflakes Glide

Piotr IlyichTchaikovsky: "The Seaons", February, "Carnival"
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "None but the Lonely Heart"
Igor Stravinsky: Serenade in A, Hymne, Romanza, Rondoletto, Cadenza Finala
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "The Queen of Spades" Pauline's Aria
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "The Seasons", April, "Snowdrop"
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "Eugene Onegin" Olga's Aria

Igor Stravinsky: "Suite Italienne" (for violin & piano)
                           Gavotta con due Varizioni
                           Minuetto - Finale
Alexander Dargomyzhsky: "I loved you" "Young Boy & Girl"
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "The Seasons", August, "Harvest"
Sergei Rachmaninov: "Lilacs"
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "The Seasons", November, "Troika"
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: "The Snow Maiden" Les's 3rd Song

Trio Exe

G F Handel/ Johan Halvorsen: Passacaglia
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: "Seasons", February, "Carnival"
Johannes Brahms: Piano Trio in B major Opus 8

George Gershwin: "Porgy & Bess"
                             "It ain't necessarily so"
                             "Bess you is my woman now"

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