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Divertimento String Quartet Mozart, Shostakovich & Smetana Tophsam, Kingsbridge, Lustleigh & Totnes Sunday 24 April, Friday/Saturday 29/30 April & Sunday 1 May 2016 Press Release from Vicky Evans

Divertimento String Quartet
'Cello: Vicky Evans     Violin Linsay Braga 
Leader: Mary Eade     Viola: Andrew Gillett


At the end of this month we are giving four performances of our new string quartet programme.

This is a most attractive programme which begins with Mozart’s String Quartet ‘The Hoffmeister’, followed by Dmitri Shostakovich’s First String Quartet which is short and exciting with a lovely slow movement.

Bedřich Smetana
The final quartet, by Bedřich Smetana, is nicknamed ‘From My Life’ (Z Mého Života):

"My intention was to paint a tone picture of my life.

"The first movement depicts my youthful leanings toward art, the Romantic atmosphere, the inexpressible yearning of something I could neither express nor define, and also a kind of warning of my future misfortune.

"A quasi-polka brings to mind the joyful days of youth when I composed dance music and gave it away right and left to other young folk, being known myself as a passionate lover of dancing.

"The third movement reminds me of the happiness of my first love, the girl who later became my first wife."

Smetana’s wife died during their exile in Sweden, which could account for the pensive quality of this movement - could this be the misfortune alluded to?

The fourth movement describes "The discovery that I could treat national elements in music, and my joy in following this path until it was checked by the catastrophe of the onset of my deafness, the outlook into the sad future, the tiny rays of hope of recovery, but remembering all the promise of my early career, a feeling of painful regret."

There is a point in this movement where the music abruptly breaks off, followed by a low tremolo. Above this, the violin plays a long high piercing note.

"The long insistent note in the finale owes its origin to this [his deafness]. It is the fateful ringing in my ears of the high-pitched tones which, in 1874, announced the beginning of my deafness. I permitted myself this little joke because it was so disastrous to me."

Do you know any musical families that would like to bring their children along? We have free tickets for the children and would love to encourage their attendance at live concerts.

The April/May Quartet concerts are as follows:-

St Margaret’s Church Topsham
Sunday 24 April 4pm
Mozart, Shostakovich and Smetana
Tickets: £12 (advance £10 U18 FREE)
The Topsham Bookshop: 01392-877895

St Edmund’s Church Kingsbridge
Friday 29 April 7.30pm
Mozart, Shostakovich and Smetana
Tickets: £12
Divertimento: 01803 863677
Kingsbridge TIC: 01548 853195
Salcombe TIC: 01548 843927

Lustleigh Village Hall
Saturday 30 April 3pm
Mozart, Shostakovich and Smetana
Tickets: £10 
Available from Lustleigh Dairy
Will Carnell: 01647 277270

St John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes
Sunday 1 May 5pm
Mozart, Shostakovich and Smetana
Tickets: £12
Divertimento: 01803 863677

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