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"Absence and Presence" Print Exhibition Recalling the Bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, Iraq Exeter Central Library Monday 1 February - Wednesday 30 March with a day of events and poetry at Central Library and 'Kaleider' Friday 4 March - A Message from Catherine Cartwright

Iraqi poet Ahmed Abdel Sara recites a poem
in ruins of Al-Mutanabbi Street
(See full article)

Exeter Central Library
1 February - 30 March
An exhibition of original prints
responding to the
Al Mutanabbi Street bombing in 2007.

Exeter Central Library & "Kaleider" in Smythen Street
Friday 4 March
A day of events
including Book- and Bookmark-Making
& a Poetry Marathon
(We welcome readers and listeners. Please contact
catherine@catherinecartwright.co.uk to book a slot 10-5pm)
Drop-In - Free of Charge

Al Mutanabbi Coalition Website

"Absence and Presence" is a collection of original prints made by artists from around the world in response to the bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, Iraq on the 5th March 2007. 260 artists from many parts of the world were invited to make a new original print responding to the bombing on the theme of ‘Absence and Presence’. A selection of these prints will be exhibited at Exeter Central Library from 1st February to 30th March and at Kaleider on 4th March.

Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad, has been the heart and soul of the Baghdad literary and intellectual community and a thriving centre of Baghdad’s bookselling and publishing for many years. The explosion took the lives of thirty people and destroyed a large portion of the neighbourhood. The book sellers, who survived, rebuilt their stores and are once again in business. They sell works by Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, and Jews, children's books, and progressive publications from around the world.

Through the efforts of Beau Beausoleil, a poet and San Francisco bookseller, a coalition of poets, artists, writers, printers, booksellers, and readers has been created over the years following. Responses in letterpress printing (130 broadsides), artist books (260 artist books), poetry and writing (published anthology by PM Press), activist bookmarks (Marker of Witness), and now original prints under the theme and title of "Absence and Presence". Exhibitions, events and readings, at venues around the world reach communities and stimulate debate and dialogue. Currently there is a city-wide festival in Washington DC dedicated to the Al Mutanabbi Street project.

Catherine Cartwright
will talk about the exhibition and open day
on Phonic FM's "Classical Journey"
Friday 26 February 2pm
Catherine Cartwright & Dr Suedd Genem George
- memories of the 'Al Mutanabbi Street Coalition'
poetry & discussion evening in the "Double Elephant"
print-making studio Monday 5 March 2012
(Classical Journey Tuesday 6 March 2012)

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