Friday, 8 November 2013

Marion Wood returns to Exeter to conduct Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra Open Rehearsal Thursday 7 November 2013 to prepare for their performance of Prokofiev's 'Romeo & Juliet' at Exeter University Great Hall on Saturday 23 November 2013 Great fun for everyone as always!

Marion Wood
EMG Conductor

Recording the event
a local artist prepares a sketch of the orchestra
while Nigel Cheffers-Heard takes photos
A big bass line up for Prokofiev
Children are welcomed
- to watch the musicians at work
Piano: Rebecca Willson
Pinpoint Prokofiev:
Marion Wood brings in the flutes
Second desk: Kit Fotheringham
Horns: Trevor Ives
John Welton
John Walthew
& Richard de la Rue
Saxophone: Sarah Dean
Extra-curricular study:
Richard Featherstone & Ray Fane
practice the 2nd violin part during the tea-break
Marion Wood discusses the piano part
with violist Rebecca Willson
Choice of personalised cups
is very revealing . . .
Viola: Rachel Wieck
Bass Clarinet: John Welton
Still waiting for the tympani to arrive
Rebecca Willson has a suggestion
for percussionist Ali Board
This should be interesting!
A new career is born!
Viola: Ali Board
During the break children can try the instruments
Not so sure about the adults!
We have percussion!
The world's largest triangle: Ali Board
Big enough for two
Percussionists: Ali Board & Holly Hougham
Leader Clare Smith tunes up the orchestra
while violist Rachel Wieck
discusses the finer details with
conductor Marion Wood
A special note for the horn section
"Play like Sibelius!"
An impressive sight - and sound
Four magnificent French horns
Prue Tasman leads the bassoons
and a splendid contra-bassoon

("Play like a harp!")
First Desk
Clare Smith and Jackie Baldwin
'Cellos: Yvonne Ashby
Bringing everything together
Conductor: Marion Wood
Following closely from the back row
Anna Davis & Ellen Stratton
The tympani have arrived!
Just in time for 350 bars rest
followed by a flurry of activity
. . .  and rest!
Er . . .
Conductor Marion Wood knows exactly where
Percussionist Ali Board should be in the score
Pianist Rebecca Willson is ready for her cue
To leap into action
Brian Moore & Tony Hindley
Bass Trombone: Charles Dowell
Tuba: Rob O'Byrne
- in the hall of mirrors!
When it's all over:
a detailed analysis
Conductor: Marion Wood
Leader: Clare Smith
and the artwork is complete
Principal 'Cellist Yvonne Ashby
inspects the finished sketch

Exeter Music Group
Symphony Orchestra
Exeter University Great Hall
Saturday 23 November 7.30pm
Sergei Prokofiev:
Johannes Brahms:
David Bedford:
Conductor: Marion Wood
Leader: Clare Smith
Tickets: £8-15 (student/U16 £5)
Exeter Tourist Info: 665885
(Open Rehearsal 7 Nov - details)

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