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That Michael Colquhoun 60th Birthday Retrospective Concert programme in full! Montante Cultural Centre Canisius College Buffalo Sunday 3 November

Michael Colquhoun
Many happy returns!
60th Birthday Retrospective
Montante Cultural Centre
Canisius College, Buffalo
Sunday 3 November 3pm EST
(8pm GMT)


A Look Back on Mike Colquhouns Career

"Four Flutes" 1977
Four sections one with jazz tempo
one with robot tempo
Dualities from the start
Flute: Tatiana Brewer
Flute: Maria Aquino
Alto Flute: Erin Hoffmann
Bass Flute: Michael Colquhoun

Tatiana Brewer
- recently in concert in Buffalo

"The Wormsong" 1990
Dual thoughts of a child on death
and grown ups about death.
Soprano: Melissa Thorburn
Piano: Persis Vehar
Oboe: Megan Kyle
Bassoon: Ellen Barnum
Percussion: Bob Accurso
Conductor: Michael Colquhoun


Melissa Thorburn
Opera Mezzo-Soprano
and Canisius Professor

"Everybody Knows That Afterwards" 2005
Duality of despair and redemption
Flute: Michael Colquhoun
Piano: Persis Vehar

Persis Vehar
Pianist and Composer

"Storyteller" 1989
A work that exists both as
a flute concerto and a flute solo.
Flute: Michael Colquhoun

"Framing the Silence" 2006
Sound and silence duality.
Alto Flute: Michael Colquhoun

"Talking Rocks" 1984
Dual idea of composed/improvised material working together.
Maelström Percussion Ensemble
Bob Accurso - Paul Haag - Gary Rutkowski
Conductor: Michael Colquhoun

"Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble"


"Das Guiro" 1983
Two roles; a “native” guiro player
and a German musicologist lecturing about the guiro.
Guiro: Michael Colquhoun


"Charanga" 1993
Not a charanga, but about the charanga.
Flute: Michael Colquhoun


"Snow in April" 1991
"Is this Spring or Winter?" duality
(Arranged for Unusually Different 2013)
Piccolo: Michael Colquhoun
Bassoon: Ellen Barnum
Flute, Trumpet: Kenny Foster
Baritone Sax, Piccolo: Reynolds Scott
Bass Sax, Whistles: Steve Baczkowski
Alto Flute, Trombone: Dave DeWitt

Rey Scott
Baritone Saxophone

"Monster Stomp With Oblivious Obligato" 2013
Written/Improvised stomp duality
(For Unusually Different)
in homage to Jelly Roll Morton
Piccolo: Michael Colquhoun
Bassoon: Ellen Barnum
Contra Alto Clarinet: Kenny Foster
Baritone Sax: Rey Scott
Bass Sax: Steve Baczkowski
Tuba: Dave DeWitt

"Unusually Different"
Euphonium: Ken Foster
Flute (& Chainsaw!) Michael Colquhoun
Alto Clarinet: Reynolds Scott
Bassoon: Ellen Barnum
Bass Saxophone: Steve Baczkowski
Bass Clarinet: Dave DeWitt
Hear Improvisation #69
(Pausa Art House Buffalo 12 April 2013)
Read review by Queenseyes in 'Buffalo Rising'
- return visit 25 October 2013!

"Ive Been Lost Before" 1984
Inside/outside jazz ballad.
Alto Flute : Michael Colquhoun
Guitar: Don Metz

Video: Mike Colquhoun & Don Metz

My heartfelt thanks and best wishes for all the fine musicians
who have played here today and all who have inspired me
over the years in my hometown, Buffalo.
Michael Colquhoun 3rd November 2013

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