Monday, 8 July 2013

Tiverton Community Arts Theatre celebrate Summer with an outdoor performance by the Festival Players Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Tiverton High School Wednesday 10 July 2013

Chairman of Tiverton Community Arts Theatre
Julian Morgan
will discuss the production on Phonic FM
'Classical Journey' 11.30am Tuesday 9 July
Following this Tuesday's interview with Fiona McLean, and the students of 'Joined Up Thinking Projects: Music', we have another special guest - joining us by telephone from Tiverton.

Julian Morgan, Chairman of 'Tiverton Community Arts Theatre', will join the 'Classical Journey' to tell us about the latest touring theatre production to come to Tiverton - courtesy of T.C.A.T.

This ambitious production is in the true Shakespearean tradition. 'The Festival Players' are touring the UK with their own adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", for an all-male cast - of six actors!

Director Michael Dyer has collaborated with writer Bryony Ruddock on a script which allows the six men to portray all the characters in this complex plot - with some pretty nifty costume changes.

The action will be enhanced by the music specially composed by Johnny Coppin, and performed in the great outdoors. Tiverton High School playing fields in the setting sun will be the backdrop for this momentous adventure.

Bring deckchairs. Bring a picnic. Make yourselves comfortable. The venue is open from 6.30pm on Wednesday evening. The action starts at 7.30pm.

Summer is here!

Michael Dyer
Bryony Ruddock
Music: Johnny Coppin

Joel Daffurn
is Lysander
(in love with Hermia)
Francis Flute
(a bellows mender
- who plays Thisbe)
(Titania's servant)
Christopher Finn
is Hermia
(Egeus' daughter)
Robin Starveling
(a tailor - who
plays Moonshine)
Robin Goodfellow
("Puck" - Oberon's
Kyle Horne
is Demetrius
(Hermia's suitor)
(The Fairy Queen)
(a joiner
- who plays the lion)
Giles Stoakley
is Egeus
(Hermia's father)
Nick Bottom
(a weaver
- who plays Pyramus)

James Sanderson
is Theseus
(King of Athens)
(Fairy King)
Peter Quince
(a carpenter
- who directs
'The Mechanicals'
and performs the
prologue of
"Pyramus and Thisbe")
Christopher Mark
is Hippolyta
(Theseus' bride)
(in love with Demetrius)
Tom Snout
(a tinker
- who plays the part of
'the dividing wall
between the houses of
Pyramus and Thisbe'!)
AND Mustardseed
(Titania's servant)

The troupe in action . . .
. . . and at rest
Well worth the price of admission:
The Fairy Queen Titania
(Kyle Horne),
bewitched by Robin Goodfellow,
becomes infatuated with
that monumental ass - Nick Bottom!
(Giles Stoakley)

The Festival Players Theatre Company
Tiverton Community Arts Theatre
(Tiverton High School, Bolham Rd, EX16 6SQ)
Wednesday 10 July 6.30 for 7.30pm
Artistic Director:  Michael Dyer
Musical Director: Johnny Coppin
Script Adaptation: Bryony Ruddock
         All male cast:
Bottom/Egeus: Giles Stoakley
Snout/Helena: Christopher Mark
Demetrius/Titania: Kyle Horne
Puck/Hermia: Christopher Finn
Flute/Lysander: Ryan Cloud
Oberon/Theseus: James Sanderson
Tickets: £14 (family of 4 - £40)
Tiverton Tourist Info: 01884 255827
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493
Book online

Oraine Johnson
as Joseph Emidy
in 'The Tin Violin'
for T.C.A.T.
Friday 13 July 2012
Click here to see pictures of
Bish Bash Bosh Theatre Company
performing their production of
Alan Kent's 'The Tin Violin' for
Tiverton Community Arts Theatre
at Tiverton High School last year.

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