Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pianist Rebecca Willson appears two nights running: De Falla's 'Gardens of Spain' with EMG Symphony Orchestra St Peter's School Saturday 29 June, Nonclassical Exeter Bikeshed Theatre 30 June 2013

Manuel de Falla
"Nights in the Gardens of Spain"
Rebecca Willson
(also appearing at Nonclassical 30 June)

EMG Symphony Orchestra
St Peter's High School
(Quarry Lane, Exeter, EX2 5AP)
Saturday 29 June 7.30pm


Manuel de FallaNights in the Gardens of Spain (1916)
(Piano solo: Rebecca Willson)

Aaron CoplandEl Salon Mexico (1936)

Ástor PiazzollaTangazo (1969)

Nigel HessEast Coast Pictures  (1985)

John WilliamsTheme from ET (1982)

Conductor: Marion Wood
Leader: Jackie Baldwin

Tickets: £8 (student/U16 £5)

Exeter Tourist Information Office (9.30-4.30 Mon to Sat)
Dix’s Field, Exeter  01392 665885
(debit/credit cards accepted - credit card surcharge £1.50)

Devon Strings Workshop (10-6 Wed to Sat)
1 Bartholomew Street West Exeter. EX4 3AJ
(cash or cheque only).

Leader: Jackie Baldwin
Principal 'Cello: Yvonne Ashby
Principal Trumpet: Brian Moore
is joined by Emma Bettany
. . . and playing cornet: Alan Vance
Trombone: ('your name here')
Percussion: Ali Board
Nigel Hess: "East Coast Pictures"
Glockenspiel: Deborah Hamilton
Full Orchestra and Piano
Conductor: Marion Wood

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