Monday, 10 December 2012

Classical Journey Tuesday 11 December 2012

Elizabeth Jane Baldry
Killerton House Music Room
Friday 7th December  



Exeter University Chamber Orchestra
St Stephen's Church Exeter
leader: Natasha Cox
conductor: Gemma Edney
second violin: Jenny Rogers

president: Milly Bowen

The Old Firm
Gemma Edney & Jenny Rogers


Exeter Chamber Choir
Carol Service at Buckfast Abbey
Conductor Andrew Daldorph
provides the closing 'organ voluntary'


Marion Wood
The Scholars Ensemble & University Choral Society
Bach's B minor Mass

tympani: Ali Board
harpsichord: Linxuan Zhu

flutes: Abigail GreyMarta Soffker
oboes: Emily BoardmanImogen Vessey

soprano: Tashi Barnett  alto: Zoe Fitzsimmons

flanking the harpsichord
soprano: Gemma Edney  leader: Jenny Rogers

oboe: Imogen Vessey  soprano: Gemma Edney

horn: Hannah Rice

advice for Zoe Fitzsimmons
from Natasha Iuchanka

first violin: Clare Greenall
appreciation for front of house
choral society vice-president: Jade McKenzie

Could front of house have their picture taken please?



headmaster Jonathan Bishop
Broadclyst Community Primary School Chamber Choir
Poltimore House Chapel
piano: Anthony Lees
flute: Alex Pulfer  vocal coach: Abbe Martin

Poltimore events & volunteer coordinator
Simon Tootell is delighted
Exeter University World Music Choir
at Mary Harris Memorial Chapel
Exeter University Streatham Campus
a unique conducting style
Elise Ojay


Elizabeth Jane Baldry
Killerton House Music Room
- a stunning gown  

and an equally stunning recital
After Elizabeth-Jane's recital
Killerton Catering Supervisor David Collier
seats the guests for supper in the Killerton kitchens


Johathan Schranz
conducts choruses from part 1 of
Handel's Messiah
at a workshop at

St Michael's Church Exeter
as part of
Joined Up Thinking Projects

with piano répétiteur
Jack Oades
and for the recitatives,
soprano: Lucy Bray
South West Camarata
provide the accompaniment for the evening performance
leader: Fiona McLean

Handel's Messiah
St George's Church Tiverton
Todd Gibson-Cornish
warms up on Bassoon
as a the orchestra leader
slips past
In the orchestra
violin: Gillian Taylor & Marie Langrishe
viola: Andrew Gillett and Roger Hendy
'cello: Felicity Maries (& Rebecca Allnat)
conductor: Andrew Daldorph  soprano: Ellie Partridge
extreme left - leader: Clare Smith!
to beef up the choir -
Counterpoint soprano: Elle Williams
soprano: Eleanor Partridge
alto: Rowena Brown
tenor: Steven Phillips

bass: Quentin Brown
recording all - Michael Gluyas
(plus video - Mike Brett)
Andrew Daldorph brings in
Tiverton High School Singers
big finish: "Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain"


Exeter University Clarinet Choir
conductor: Alex Blanchard
bass clarinet (& president): Becky Gooch
Exeter University Brass Ensemble
trumpet: Emma Bettany
and three of the 12-strong ensemble
at 'The Old Fire House'
"God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen!"


Mary Harris Memorial Chapel Streatham Campus
The University Brass Ensemble
Georges Bizet: Danse Bohème from 'Carmen'

Meanwhile at St Stephen's Church
Hannah Field

conducts the University Flute Choir
Wolfgang Mozart: The Magic Flute

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