Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Budleigh Festival: Madama Butterfly - a huge opera production by New Devon Opera - Exmouth Pavilion Friday 20 July

Actor, and Martial Arts Expert, Stuart Boother
is Prince Yamadori
in the New Devon Opera production of
'Madam Butterfly'
(Stuart also covers for Butterfly's husband
Lieutenant B. F. Pinkerton
of the US Navy)
New Devon Opera started their tour with Giacomo Puccini's 'Madama Butterfly' last night at The Roland Levinsky Building (Theatre 1) at Plymouth University. They are there tonight too.

On Friday they will be at Exmouth Pavilion as part of the Budleigh Festival - a sell-out with ticket holders being taken to the theatre by shuttle-bus. (To see if there might possibly be any returned tickets - ring 01395 445275)

On Sunday they will be at the Exeter Northcott.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday they will be at the Flavel Arts Centre in Dartmouth.

Next Friday and Saturday (27/28 July) they will be performing in the Marquee at Ugbrook Park in Chudleigh.

Full details of the production at the New Devon Opera website. Also see Budleigh Festival & Exeter Northcott.

There are lots of rush photos and audio clips to enjoy on the various websites - from the dress rehearsals, and even last night's premiere.

More are being posted to the New Devon Opera Facebook Page.

Below is a little 'behind-the-scenes' glimpse of the early rehearsals - at Dartington Space.

Very important members of the team
The Costume Department
set up outside Studio 3

In costume: Mariya Krywaniuk is Cio-Cio-San (Madam Butterfly)
attended by her servant Suzuki (Alison Duguid)
and cousin (Denise Kehoe)

When Cio-Cio converts to her fiance Pinkerton's
Christian faith, the Buddhist Priest is appalled
(Roderick Hunt - in mufti)

She is reviled by all

and ostracised

Except by the marriage-broker, Goro
(Stuart Haycock - in a bowler!)

She is consoled by Pinkerton
(Pietro Picone)

Conductor Paul Foster
Director Martyn Harrison
and - most important of all -
Repetiteur Joyce Clarke

Adele Knox is Kate Pinkerton

Denise Kehoe's voice has its chance to shine

Mariya Krywaniuk takes a break
for the fitting of her wedding robes

While Susan Jiwey steps in to take her place
as Cio-Cio-San
(Mariya and Susan play Cio-Cio on alternate nights)

In Studio 1 Stuart Boother practices his moves
for the part of Prince Yamodori
Here he wields a Chinese 'Pudau' -
Stuart points out that it should be a
as used by Japanese Sohei Monks
(which would have a narrower  blade)
Stuart makes the distinction -
but the audience won't mind!

Stuart with his Tai Chi sword
Once again Stuart wants us to know -
Yamodori's Samurai Sword
would be slightly curved, not straight.
However, only a determined purist
would be distracted from
Stuart's amazing martial arts skills!

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