Monday, 11 October 2010

Classical Journey Tuesday 12th October

Author Kate Ellis
This morning's guest is Crime Author Kate Ellis.  She if very fond of baroque music, so there will be plenty of music from the early eighteenth century: Bach, Telemann, Santiago de Murcia, and of course Vivaldi. In keeping with Kate's mystery writing there's a theme of 'lost and found' in this week's show.  Great music lost through combinations of circumstances and then turning up by strange coincidence centuries later - for us to enjoy!  Kate will discuss her life, her writing, and the wonderful characters in her novels, many of which are set in the beautiful Devon countryside.  That's enough clues.  Tune in to find out more!

And here's another mystery.  Hilary Boxer's husband Alan sent me this photo of Hilary and Jane in the Music room on Monday.  Look carefully.  It's taken at exactly the same moment as my photo.  How did he manage that?

It must be done with mirrors!
(Photo: Alan Boxer)

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