Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And in Exmouth as Well!

Frances Waters (piano)
and Helen Organ (flute)
in perfect harmony
As if Monday's lunchtime concert of flute and piano joy were not enough, this Thursday in Exmouth we had another extraordinary performance of flute and piano duet at the Glenorchy United Reformed Church in Exeter Road, Exmouth.
Frances Waters and Helen Organ thrilled an adoring audience with their lunchtime programme.
The recital started with a delightful sonatine by American composer William Popp - quite an eye opener.  All three movements were greeted with a huge round of applause.  As the rondo concluded  we realised with surprise and pleasure that the concert had only just begun.
Richard Rodney Bennett's 'Summer Music and Siesta' was sheer honeyed joy, followed by the very distinctive sound of Joseph Haydn's Concerto in D major.
A series of shorter, but equally wonderful, pieces came in quick succession after that - another forty minutes of pleasure.  Filmscores, traditional songs, tone poems and, most exciting of all, three amazing Jazz arrangements by Paul Hart.  This was a real treat for Thursday lunchtime and, guess what, no charge!  A retiring collection for those feeling flush, but otherwise free entertainment for all.
And this is no one-off.  Glenorchy has been hosting lunchtime concerts every Thursday since 6th October, when Carolyn Harries, soprano and Susan Steel, piano, performed together.  (Don't worry if you missed that.  Carolyn and Susan will be appearing again for a tea-time concert in the Exeter Central Library music room very soon (Friday, 12th November, 5.40pm).  Watch this space for details.)  And, except for a short break for Christmas, the series continues until 27th April 2011!  I can't begin to mention all the wonderful musician who will be performing.  A few stand out already.  Ruth Avis (flute) with Iain McDonald (baritone) and Rebecca Willson (piano) on 2nd February - Ruth kept very quiet about that!  And Ruth's partner in the 'Piazzolla Duo', Clive Betts, playing solo on 8th December.  (Don't forget they are playing together at St Stephen's Church here in Exeter High Street next Thursday evening - 4th November).  Finally on 27th April 2011 we come full circle and Helen Organ and Frances Waters will perform again for a final concert - not to be missed!

Guitarist Clive Betts
As I was leaving the concert, full of the joys of spring despite the autumn weather, who should I meet?  None other than guitar giant Clive Betts himself - in the flesh!  He immediately suggested we head to a well-known coffee shop to talk music.
Clive is, of course, a very accomplished solo and session guitarist of long experience, well known to us all from his performance with Ruth Avis at the Chapter House recently as the 'Piazzolla Duo' - soon to be repeated at St Stephen's Church in Exeter next Thursday evening.  He is also in the process of starting a guitar society in Exeter which promises to be a great opportunity for local guitarists to meet and develop their skills and repertoire.
No need to go into all the details here.  Clive will be joining us, live, on the Classical Journey from about 11am next Tuesday (2nd November).  We can hear all about his amazing career, current projects and - biggest thrill of all - hear him play live in the Phonic FM studio - and he may be joined by the wonderful Ruth Avis!  Please do your utmost not to miss this!

Nicholas Marshall
Musical Director
Exeter Bach Society
And, as if that weren't enough, we also have two distinguished members of the mighty Exeter Bach Society in the studio between 10 and 11 am on Tuesday to talk about their work and the imminent performance of 'Autumn Baroque' .

At 7.30pm on the evening of Saturday, 6th November, their regular members will be joined at St James' Church, Exeter, by four vocal soloists from the Guildhall School of Music for a breathtaking selection of baroque masterpieces, including:
Henry Purcell: O sing unto theLord
J. S. Bach:       Lobet den Herrn
                         Himmelskönig, sei willkommen
                         Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
                                                                  G. F. Handel:   Let God arise

Sky Ingram, soprano
Ashley Riches, baritone

Clement Hetherington, tenor

Marta Fontenals -Simmons

To give us the full details, and the full inside story of Exeter's great baroque music society, their Chairman, Chris Parrish, and Musical Director, Nicholas Marshall, will be in the Phonic FM studio on Tuesday.

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