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Substance & Shadow Theatre Company "One for Sorrow" Tuckers Hall Tuesday 13 November - Thursday 15 November 2018

"One for Sorrow"
Nathan Simpson is Jeramiah Nerthercott
Fern Stone is Martha Flay née Skibbow
Midge Mullin is Igantius Flay
Richard Pulman is Thomas Flay

Thirteen months on from Midge Mullin's stunning performance as Howie Lee, opposite Si Cook's Rookie Lee in Mark O'Rowe's "Howie the Rookie", Midge returns to the stage as Ignatius Flay in Substance and Shadow Theatre Company's own reworking of Thomas Hayne Bayley's "Mistletoe Bough", entitled "One for Sorrow".

For a bride to die on her wedding day is generally considered the archetype of tragedy. The case of Primula Rollo springs to mind. Partying at Tyrone Power's mansion after her marriage to David Niven, she took a wrong turn during a game of hide and seek and fell to her death on the basement stairs, thinking she was jumping into a closet.

"Ophelia" (detail)
Sir John Everett Millais
In this sorry tale, Martha Skibbow, having secured the hand of the successful wool-merchant Thomas Flay, disappears mysteriously during a similar party game. However, in this case things may not be what they seem. The family she is marrying into is no stranger to sudden death. Thomas' first wife, Elspeth, died carrying their first child. Throughout the play are references to Elspeth's lifeless body floating in the River Exe like the doomed fiancée of Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet, as immortalised by Sir John Everett Millais in 1852.

This story seems to be set at about the same time as Millais created his painful image of Ophelia. The site-specific setting of Tucker's Hall is not coincidental. Woollen cloth manufacture was a major industry in Exeter until the nineteenth century, when industrial innovations systematically adopted in northern England supplanted the then redundant cottage industry techniques which had made the Exeter traders wealthy.

Tuckers Hall
Fore Street Exeter
Tucker's Hall, unobtrusively situated half-way down Exeter's Fore Street, is the home of the Incorporation of Weavers, Fullers, & Shearmen. These three professions execute just a fraction of the processes involved in converting the fleece of a sheep into saleable woollen cloth. Fullers and Tuckers are synonymous. Pounding the woven cloth in human urine and then Oxford clay, either by hand (more precisely, by foot) or using water powered wooden hammers.

Very fortunately, the building housing the original Incorporation survived the infamous Baedeker Raids by the Luftwaffe which destroyed so many other historic buildings in Exeter. For anyone not familiar with Tucker's Hall, there is a wealth of historical information and fascinating artifacts to discover there. The characters of Thomas and Ignatius Flay (Richard Pulman and Midge Mullin) are the perfect embodiment of the culture and attitudes of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Exeter middle class who were dependent on the then rapidly declining wool industry.

Fern Stone is Martha Flay
in the finest Exeter wool
Add into the mix the popular mythology of the time, and human frailty and susceptibility to delusion and fear, and an already traumatic tragedy becomes an insurmountable edifice of human grief and sadness. This play very accurately recounts the delusional world of the comfortable middle class of the pre-Victorian era. The accents are perfect. (Midge Mullin, as always, has mastered yet another completely new voice.) Nathan Simpson provides detailed narration, while also portraying the caring burgess Jeremiah Nethercott, a skillful combination which often involves very nimble transformations.

Fern Stone, as Martha Skibbow the daughter of a housemaid who has somehow been chosen by the wealthy Thomas as his second wife, seems at first to be just a cameo. However, later in the production she recreates her harrowing experience as youthful bride to an ageing heir. Her performance is very moving - and very relevant to the wool industry-based theme.

Quite apart from the fascinating historical artifacts and information presented throughout the Hall itself, Substance and Shadow Theatre Company's production gives a vivid insight into life in historical Exeter, of which many residents may be totally unaware. The play continues twice nightly for two more nights (Wednesday 14th November, and Thursday 15th November) and will be presented again at the even more historically significant St Nicholas Priory (a place of Christian worship and hospital since shortly after the Norman Conquest).

"Chapeau!" to Director Rosie Mullin, and the whole Substance & Shadow team for another riveting and informative theatrical production. Long may this fabulous collaboration continue!

Substance Shadow Theatre Company
Tuckers Hall Fore Street Exeter
Tues 13 -Thur 15 November 7pm & 9pm
(Repeated at St Nicholas Priory 27-29 Nov)
A sinister story written by
Midge Rosie Mullin
Tickets: £10
Online BookingTicket Source

Substance Shadow Theatre Company
St Nicholas' Priory, Mint Lane, Exeter
Tues 27 -Thur 29 November 7pm & 9pm
(Previously at Tucker's Hall 13-15 Nov)
A sinister story written by
Midge Rosie Mullin
Tickets: £10
Online BookingTicket Source

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A very special event: Sir Edward Elgar's "Dream of Gerontius" East Devon Choral Society and Blundell's School Choir Blundell's School Tiverton Saturday 24 November 2018

Andrew Daldorph
conducts a rehearsal of
Sir Edward Elgar's
"Dream of Gerontius"

The 80 voice
East Devon Choral Society
Excitement mounts as the East Devon Choral Society gears up for its imminent performance of Sir Edward Elgar's oratorio "The Dream of Gerontius". Andrew Daldorph is meeting with the choir every Monday at the Old Heathcoat School Community Centre in Tiverton.

There are roughly eighty singers in the choir with a strong bass and tenor line - led by the resounding voice of tenor Dave Regester. They are already in good voice for the concert. Indeed many participated in the performance of 'Gerontius' at St Paul's Church, Tiverton, in 2011.

(See "A Very Major Choral Work".)

Nevertheless, Andrew continues to work on every detail of the piece, drawing out the very best from the singers. In particular he is determined to ensure that the demons are as daemonic as before, if not more so.

On the night (Saturday 24 November) the choir will be joined by the Blundell's School Choir and a sinfonia led by Fiona McLean-Buechel embellished with extra instruments - including tuba and contrabassoon.

This is going to be very special!

East Devon Choral Society
& Blundell's School Choir
Blundell's School Tiverton
(Blundell's Road EX16 4DN)
Saturday 24 November 7.30pm
Musical Director: Andrew Daldorph
Orchestra Leader: Fiona McLean Buechel
Sir Edward Elgar: "The Dream of Gerontius"
Mezzo Soprano: Louise Mott
Tenor Andrew Mackenzie-Wicks
Baritone: Tim Mirfin
Tickets: £16 (child £5)
Tiverton TIC: 01884 230878
Information: 01844 253494

Staircase Opera "Myth & Magic & Superstition" St Michael's Chagford Saturday 3 November Rougemont Hotel Exeter Sunday 4 November 2018 Rehearsal Photographs & Review

Rebecca Smith

Carolyn Harries is a spirit apparition
in Guiseppe Verdi's "Macbeth"
A year on from Staircase Opera Company's mini tour of Devon with "A Night at the Opera" a year ago, they presented a new production, "Myth & Magic & Superstition". They returned to Chagford on Saturday 3 November, and also gave an afternoon performance in the Cavendish Ballroom at Exeter's Rougemont Hotel the following afternoon, Sunday 4 November.

Paul McClure was unable to take part, and Roger Stephenson shared the responsibility for piano accompaniment with Jonathan Watts. Mezzosoprano Carolyn Harries, despite serious illness and a stint in hospital,  took charge of the proceedings.

And Ulrike in Verdi's
"Un Ballo in Maschera"
"Re dell'abisso, affrettati"
(King of the abyss, make haste)
Martin Harvey as ever provided coordination and direction throughout rehearsals, and was master of ceremonies at the two performances.

The programme featured arias and choruses from classical and romantic operas which feature the occult and mysterious.

In the opening scene Carolyn appeared with Judith Aarons and Donna-Marie Broomfield as the three witches in Shakespeare's story of General Macbeth as written for the opera adaptation by Guiseppe Verdi. As an ouverture their concoction of a magical casserole of ingredients acted as a perfect appetiser for the splendid concatenation of things spiritual and spectral which were to follow.

Donna-Marie Broomfield is Oscar
Guiseppe Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera
"Volta la terrea fronte alle stelle'?"
(Her face turns from the Earth to the Stars)
Continuing with the music of Guiseppe Verdi, Donna-Marie Broomfield appeared as Oscar in "Un Ballo in Maschera" defending Ulrike against the charge of witchcraft.

Donna is well known in Devon for her musical partnership with Matthew Wilding as the 'Belle Voci' Duo. As a solo performer Donna had a chance to show off her solo talents and entranced the audience with her delightful soprano voice.

Carolyn Harries returned to the stage as Ulrike herself to summon the powers of darkness to her aid. These darker characters tend to go to the mezzosoprano and require very special treatment. Carolyn showed exactly how expressive that lower range can be in such a sinister role.

Urlika Ilnytska is Orfeo
Cristoph Gluck: "Orfeo ed Euridice"
"Che farò senza Euridice?"
(What shat I do without Euridice?)
The scene then shifted to the underworld and Cristoph Willibald Gluck's operatic tale of Orfeo's unsuccessful attempt to retrieve his beloved Euridice from the clutches of death. The only condition he had to meet was to keep his eyes on the exit from Hades and resist Euridice's entreaties to give her even a passing backward glance. In true tragic style Orfeo fails in this simple requirement and condemns Euridice to a second and permanent death.

Ukrainian mezzosoprano Iryna Ilnytska gave a heart-rending rendition of Orfeo's subsequent remorseful lament. Too late he realises the irreversible consequence of his actions and determines to embrace death himself and join Euridice in the underworld. Iryna conveyed Orfeo's sense of desolation and despair with simple and controlled pathos. A Stellar performance indeed.

W A Mozart: "The Magic Flute"
Tamino (Tim Steiner) is confronted by
Papageno (Tim Hunt) made mute for lying
Tenors Tim Steiner and Tim Hunt took the action to the Masonic Temple Gardens in Mozart's "Magic Flute" and another tale of an imprisoned heroine. In this case Pamina is incarcerated in the temple while her potential rescuer Tamino has first to solve the problem of Papageno the bird catcher, whose mouth has been locked shut by the Queen of the Night and her entourage for taking the credit for their rescue of Tamino.

Tim Hunt is well known for playing the lead in many Saint David's Players productions of Gilbert & Sullivan operas at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter.

The Queen of the Night (Judith Aarons)
frees Papageno to speak
2nd & 3rd Ladies:
Carolyn Harries & Iryna Ilnytska
The part of Papageno was perfect for him. Even with his mouth locked shut he was able to bring incredible expression to his strangled mutterings. Once released from bondage by the Queen of the Night he was able to give full rein to his comic operatic abilities. Judith Aarons was that queen and, being a fellow member of the St David's Players, provided a perfect foil to his delighfully confused take on his predicament.

Judith was accompanied by two loyal retainers (Carolyn Harries and Iryna Ilnytska) who echoed her admonitions and  instructions in a suitably subordinate and collaborative style.

The Magic Flute!
The flute itself was transformed by music and consummate acting from a small and insignificant prop to its true status as the central plot device of the whole opera. Judith and her two accomplices proudly present this sacred instrument, while the two Tims debate its properties and value. (It will transform sorrow to joy when played, no less.)

"Be brave!"
The Queen sends the men
on a quest to rescue her daughter
for Papageno
protective bells
Despite the forceful encouragement of the women, Papageno is still reluctant to participate in the risky venture to rescue Pamina from the temple.

To give him confidence he is presented with his own gift, a set of silver bells which will protect him from harm. Pacified, he agrees to join Tamino's quest.

Papageno: Tim Hunt
Pamina: Judith Aarons
"Bei Männern welche Liebe fühlen"
Tim had another opportunity to demonstrate his masterful handling of props in a duet with Judith Aarons, now changing roles and playing the part of Pamina. As Tim presents Judith with individual flower stems to add to her bouquet he talks of love, a charming comic interplay develops. A priceless scene between two highly talented comic actors - and a musical delight.

Sarastro: Roderick Hunt
"Nehmt sie in euren Wohnsitz auf"
Next came the stentorian bass voice of Roderick Hunt, as the supposed arch-villain Sarastro. His aria, however, was not to menacing message of an abductor, but rather a heart-felt blessing on the union of Pamina and Tamino - with a plea to the gods Isis and Osiris to prepare and admit the loving couple to their heavenly world.

Against the gentle foil of the priests' chorus Roderick plumbed the deepest notes with skill and ease.

The Bird Catcher
Tim Hunt is Papageno
Tim Hunt still had unfinished business as Papageno. He was tired of hunting birds and wanted to use his skills to attract a potential wife. Again Tim demonstrated his skillful use of props as he played part of the instrumental line on a small set of golden pan-pipes.

Papageno meets Papagena
(Pip Gasgoigne-Pees)
His song of longing is soon rewarded by the arrival of Papagena (Pip Gascoigne-Pees). Pip is a new discovery for Staircase opera, and a brilliant soprano. The interaction between Pip and Tim was perfect and it was a joy to see them revelling in their newly discovered love.

And true love blossoms
The duet is very taxing, involving the repeated stuttering of the names "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Papageno!" and "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Papagena!" The incredible skill with which they managed this masterpiece of comic opera was a joy to behold.

Roderick Hunt and the full company ended the first half of the concert with "The Sun's Radiant Glory" and "Hail to Thee Great Isis". A magnificent first half closer.

Mozart's "Magic Flute" has intrigued generations of opera enthusiasts. The intriguing world of the Masonic Temple, the bewildering array of characters, and the strange and unexpected twists and turns of the plot, are endlessly entertaining. Staircase Opera's mini-selection from the full story was a spectacular and intriguing introduction to that magical world.

 Part 2 - "Carmen!"

Waiting outside the Cigarette Factory
Roderick Hunt
Tim HuntTim Steiner

The second half of the programme opened with a street scene where men loiter outside a cigarette factory waiting for the women to end their shift. The opera is "Carmen" by Georges Bizet and the woman they are all waiting for is Carmen herself.

Carmen: Rebecca Smith
Enter stage left, Rebecca Smith as the eponymous heroine. She leads the men on with her immortal line, "If I love you, oh - take care!". Rebecca is frighteningly convincing as the vampish Carmen, cruelly seducing the waiting men.

Carmen meets Don José
Rebecca Smith & Matthew Wilding
Particular attention is reserved for Don José (Matthew Wilding) the dragoon officer, to whom she throws a flower. Initially unfazed, Matthew is slowly drawn into Rebecca's web of control.

Michaela delivers a letter
from Don José's mother
Donna-Marie Broomfield
& Matthew Wilding
The scene then jumped to a meeting between Don José and a factory worker from his own village, Michaela (Donna-Marie Broomfield). She has a letter for him from his mother. The letter asks him to consider marrying Michaela, a suggestion to which he readily agreees.
which contains news for her
Donna-Marie Broomfield

Matthew Wilding

A loving scene then follows, one which Donna and Matthew performed with much tenderness and emotion. The performance was such a success, they are considering including it in their regular 'Belle Voci Duo' repertoire.

Martin Harvey explained that this romantic connection is almost immediately ruined by Carmen getting arrested, persuading Don José to free her, and Don José himself ending up in prison for dereliction of duty.

Escamillo (Alex Stevens)
takes the stage
As a fugitive, Carmen then encounters a new victim, the dashing matador Escamillo. The part was played by Alex Stevens who was in Staircase Opera's very first production, Benjamin Britten's adaptation of Henry James' "Turn of the Screw" at Killerton House in 2003. Still full of youthful energy, Alex appeared at rehearsal in rugby kit, and was an equally imposing figure in a three piece suit at the concert.

"Toréador, en garde! Toréador!"
Alexander Stevens
Alex introduced himself with the familiar and memorable 'Toreador Song', a tale of danger and bravery, ending with an appeal to love. Alex's bass-baritone voice and mastery of the moving words created a very favorable impression - although perhaps not so well-received by Don José.

Carmen meets Escamillo
Rebecca Smith & Alex Stevens
Escamillo appeals to Carmen to share her intoxicating and dangerous love with him, a course of action guaranteed to inflame the passion of the jealous Don José.

"La fleur que tu m'avais jetée"
Matthew Wilding
Don José appeals to Carmen to return to him, holding up the flower she threw him - which has somehow miraculously survived. Matthew gave a particularly touching performance as the love-sick suitor.

"Carmen, I love you!"
Matthew Wilding
Back with her band of outlaws, accompanied now by Don José, Carmen crashes a tarot reading session and draws cards to predict her own future and discovers it is death that is in store for her. In keeping with the 'superstition' theme of the evening, Rebecca appeared utterly convinced of the predictive power of playing cards, and trapped by her fatal destiny.

Before that final disaster there was time for one last performance for the whole company. Martin Harvey, always keen to bring the performers close to their audience, arranged for the singers to take up positions to the left and right of the main seating area. Heads turned in all directions as they called out their wares as street vendors and invited customers to come and buy. Sadly, this joyous scene was only by way of contrast, and a brief diversion, before the tragic culmination of Carmen's disastrous career. (The most moving and shocking scene of the evening, but best left for opera lovers to find out about for themselves!)

What a magnificent and absorbing evening of opera. Staircase opera not only demonstrated their individual and combined skills as operatic singers, and introduced the listeners to famous and less familiar music, they created a compelling journey of discovery contrasting different moods and feelings in an impressively memorable way. For anyone who loves opera, and anyone interested to sample its delights, Staircase opera concerts never fail to deliver.

Following on from their shocking performance of Gian-Carlo Menotti's opera "The Medium" exactly two years ago (31 October-4 November 2016), Staircase opera will be performing another Menotti opera in April next year. "The Consul", first performed in 1950, is a very familiar tale of slow moving bureaucracy with the twist of life-threatening urgency. Set in the visa department of a consulate building, most of the action involves a woman trying to obtain an exit visa for her fugitive husband. Other characters attempt to obtain visas too, with varying degrees of success. It will be very interesting to see what Menotti, and the Staircase Opera Company, have made of this frustrating situation.

Staircase Opera
Venues TBC
Monday 22 - Saturday 27 April
Director: Martin Harvey
Gian Carlo Menotti: "The Consul"
1950 full-length opera with 11 characters

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Gli Amici di Fritz "La Serva Padrona" Fulvio Bussano & Claudia Álvarez Calderón with Martin Reeve, Alex Wilson & Carina Vince Three Nights Only - Holne Wednesday 31 October, Chagford Thursday 1 November, Lustleigh Friday 2 November 2018

Mistress of the house at last!
Fulvio Bussano is Uberto
Claudia Álvarez Calderón is Serpina
in a Gli Amici di Fritz production
"La Serva Padrona"

Since 2014 village halls in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy have been the venue for spectacular productions by the opera company 'Gli Amici di Fritz' - starting with Pietro Mascagni's 1891 opera of the same name.

Amazingly, and very fortunately for us in Devon, their coloratura soprano Claudia Álvarez Calderón lives at Holne in the heart of Dartmoor. In 2017 she started a corresponding project of her own. As the 'Diva on your Doorstep' she toured the villages of Devon singing opera arias accompanied on the piano by Simon Dunbavand.

Martin Reeve presents:
Violin: Carina Vince  Piano: Alex Wilson
Audiences were so enthusiastic about the performances that Claudia decided to go to whatever lengths necessary to bring a 'Gli Amici di Fritz' production to Devon. This year's opera, "La Serva Padrona" by Giovanni Batista Pergolesi, is just right. Only three actors are involved, and we are spoiled for choice when it comes to opera accompanists here in Devon.

The pianist for this tour is Alex Wilson, a very accomplished player who has been involved in numerous exciting musical projects since moving to Exeter. (See 'A Breath of Fresh Air', 'All About the Piano', 'Russian Trio' & 'Trio Exe'.) Trio Exe was a collaboration with 'cellist Hilary Boxer and violinist Carina Vince. Now for "La Serva Padrona" Alex and Carina provide accompaniment on piano and violin.

Martin Reeve is Vespone
(Disguised as Captain Tempesta)
Uberto (Fulvio Bussano) does not want
Serpina (Claudia Álvarez Calderón)
to leave him for Tempesta

To fully appreciate Italian comic opera one could not do better than hear it sung by Italian singers in their native tongue. Claudia Álvarez Calderón is Peruvian and her father is Italian. She was trained as a coloratura soprano by Raina Infantino and at Alberto Zedda's Accademia Rossiniana in Pesaro. Fulvio Bussano was trained by Alessendra Corsero, and Silvana Silbano at Il Conservatorio di Torino.

Together they bring Pergolesi's comic vision of early eighteenth century Italian domesticity to life in a totally convincing and compelling way.

Starring in the Title Role: Claudia Álvarez Calderón
Both are masters of acting and physical theatre bringing every word to life with their high-energy performance. As the Diva on your Doorstep Claudia has introduced Devon audiences to her extraordinary operatic ability. To hear her in dialogue with another equally talented opera star is even more sensational. The familiar surroundings of the village hall are magically transformed into a magical world of intrigue in an Italian household.

There is also a third player. Claudia is the servant Serpina, and Fulvio is her master Uberto, while the part of the second servant Vespone is a non-singing role. Ruth Anne Robinson was billed to play the part, but visa hold-ups meant she couldn't get to the UK in time for the concert series. Her understudy, Martin Reeve, stood in and gave a magnificent performance as the mute retainer. Even without words his performance was commanding and endlessly amusing. A consummate actor, he brought the character of Vespone to life with the subtlest of gestures and facial expressions.

Uberto: Fulvio Bussano
Serpina: Claudia Álvarez Calderón
Vespone/Tempesta: Martin Reeve
Claudia and Fulvio were equally expressive in the movements, but with the addition of their fabulous singing voices. Their diction is so clear and expressive that, even with no knowledge of Italian, an English audience can easily understand what passes between them. And - just for fun - they both break character at key moments to explain the lyrics succinctly in English. This clever trick just adds to the fabulous dream-like quality of the whole experience.

The cast led the audience on a captivating excursion into the intrigues of an avaricious servant and her pliant padrone. The master of the house tries in vain to evade his maid's advances, but to no avail. His increasingly ineffectual attempts to stay on top of the situation are joyously comedic, while Serpina's machinations overwhelm all in her path.

At the end of the performance (in two halves with interval refreshments - including Italian wine of course!) Fulvio and Claudia were able to reward the audiences clamorous applause with a final love scene, where Uberto has clearly resigned himself to married life with Serpina - and seems to be quite looking forward to the prospect! (See headline picture above.) They will have been performing this duet regular in Piemonte and know it well, but many thanks must go Alex and Carina for all the work they put into preparing this additional piece.

Fulvio Bussano &
Claudia Álvarez Calderón
"Duetto Buffo di Due Gatti"
Even then the show was not quite over. In very fetching cat-ears the two stars sang another opera buffa classic, Robert Pearsall's "Duetto di due Gatti" (often attributed to Gioachino Rossini). Now without words themselves, Claudia and Fulvio communicate in skillfully modulated caterwauls. They appear to be acting out a complex and emotional story, but it is anyone's guess what they are saying.

What a marvellous achievement by Claudia to bring this production together, so far from it's inception in Italy, for the delighted entertainment of Dartmoor audiences. Sterling work by the accompanists  who have brought their own musicality to the performance. Special thanks to Fulvio and Martin for coming to Devon to perform (and to Ruth, if only she could have made it!) Gli Amici di Fritz very kindly loaned the costumes and props for the tour, which adds a very special magic to the experience. Many thanks to all involved - including Jon Marriot and the front of house team.

Next year Claudia plans to bring the whole cast of Gli Amici di Fritz to Devon for village hall performances. That will be a very special tour indeed! Meanwhile "La Serva Padrona" continues for two more nights. Tonight (Thursday 1 November) there is a performance at the Church of St Michael and All Angels in Chagford. Tomorrow night (Friday 2 November) the show moves to Lustleigh Village Hall.

In December Claudia and Alex will give two performances of their new programme of sacred music and carols from around the world, entitled "Christmas Spirit". On Wednesday 19 December they will be at Ivybridge Methodist Church, and on Thursday 20 December they will be at St Lawrence Chapel in Ashburton. (Details below.)

To discuss their current tour, and future projects, Claudia and Fulvio will be at Dartington Space to take part in the 'Classical Journey Redux' programme on Soundart Radio tomorrow (Friday 2 November 9-12am).

Viva la Diva!

Gli Amici di Fritz
1 Holne Village Hall
   Wednesday 31 October 7pm
2 Jubilee Hall Chagford
   Thursday 1 November 7pm
3 Lustleigh Village Hall
   Friday 2 November 7pm
(The Servant Turned Mistress)
A 1733 Opera Buffa by
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Serpina: Claudia Álvarez Calderón
Uberto: Fulvio Bussano
Vespone: Ruth Anne Henderson
Piano: Alex Wilson
Solo Violin: Carina Vince
Tickets: £12 (U16 FREE)
Box Office: 07432 231330

Claudia Álvarez Calderón
Claudia Álvarez Calderón
1 Ivybridge Methodist Church
   Wednesday 19 December 7.30pm
2 St Lawrence Chapel Ashburton
   Thursday 20 December 7.30pm
An evening of sacred music
and Christmas carols
from around the world
Soprano: Claudia Álvarez Calderón
Piano: Alex Wilson
Tickets: £10 (U16 FREE)
Booking: 07951 054577
DetailsClaudia Álvarez Calderón