Wednesday, 18 July 2012

East Devon Choral Society and a host of talented soloists perform Andrew Daldorph's 'Mass for Life' Saint George's Church Tiverton Saturday 14 July

East Devon Choral Society:
Andrew Daldorph's wife Sally Daldorph
is joined in the soprano section
by a new treble voice
Andrew and Sally's son George Daldorph

Time's up!

No more blogging (or broadcasting) from this musical mouse for a few weeks. (There will be a gentle 'Journey' on Tuesday 7th August.) But please do listen in next Tuesday (24th July), to hear Phonic FM's premier locum tenens of the airwaves, Martin Hodge, present a classical music programme of his own. Martin will also play out a recorded interview at 11am - a meeting in Bovey Tracey in early July, between Luch Càise-Dearg and local pianist and composer, Adrienne Hesketh. Hear Adrienne's piano compositions, which are the essence of Devon.

Adrienne will also feature on 'The Mighty Book' (Tuesday 31st July 10-12am), with Gill Hopkins and Abi Marlowe. Composer and children's author, Adrienne will be reading one of her lovely short stories - in her unique style. Down in Bovey, the local schoolchildren can hear their favourite visiting storyteller on the radio - courtesy of Phonic FM.

Right now there is just time to turn our attention once again to Tiverton, and to record the crowning triumph of Martyn Green, Sue North and Andrew Daldorph (and family). As Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Musical Director of the East Devon Choral Society respectively, they brought together a dream team of choral singers, solo vocalists and musicians for an unforgettable evening of sacred and secular music - all with a jazz swing!

More details will follow, but lets remember soprano Kay Octigen's show-stopping 'Miss Otis Regrets', and Andrew Wilson's sublime 'Soarin' High' on soprano sax, accompanied by the composer Andrew Daldorph on piano. Amongst all the inspired music, a unique and very special feature was Mike Thorn's solo double bass number - Fats Waller's 'Honeysuckle Rose'.

There were so many amazing jazz numbers that the mass itself took up only half the programme. Not half! That mass, which gave so much pleasure at its first outing last summer in Beer (and Newton St Cyres), rang out magnificently in the acoustically optimal setting of St George's Church in Tiverton. Such a wonderful choir, so many talented musicians. The beautiful juxtaposition of the Latin mass with its English translation, alternating between the different voices, was further embellished by Andrew Daldorph's imaginative jazz rhythms.

And everyone knew how it was going to end! Andrew Daldorph's thrilling final number, 'Let it Shine', amazed everyone all over again. A performance which left everyone's spirits in the stratosphere!

The full choir

Chairman Martyn Green

Visiting soloist Andrew Wilson
plays alto saxophone

and soprano saxophone

A familiar and very popular sound -
the double bass of Mike Thorn

Drums: Toby Perrett

Trumpet: Corben Lee

muted . . .

. . . and unmuted

An amazing jazz vocalist:
EDCS soprano Kay Octigan

A very special performance:
Andrew Wilson plays 'Soarin' High'
on soprano saxophone

The man who makes it all possible:
composer, conductor, pianist -
Andrew Daldorph
Mike Gluyas recorded the sounds, and Mike Brett was there to make a video of the performance.

Below are some of the wonderful stills from Mike's video.

The man himself - Andrew Daldorph
at the piano

A colourful and charismatic choir
East Devon Choral Society

Surprise soprano soloist
Sofi Burt - 'Gloria!'

This is what we all look forward to . . .
The rousing final song of the Mass
'Let it Shine' - at full volume.
Treble George Daldorph
has inherited his mother's enthusiasm!

Ben and Alfie come to Bradninch Acoustic Club Guest Night, Wednesday 11 July - and will appear on Phonic FM in September - watch this space for details

Ben and Alfie Weedon of South West Music School
amaze the Bradninch audience
with their compositions for violin and double bass
and receive a standing ovation!

Budleigh Festival: Madama Butterfly - a huge opera production by New Devon Opera - Exmouth Pavilion Friday 20 July

Actor, and Martial Arts Expert, Stuart Boother
is Prince Yamadori
in the New Devon Opera production of
'Madam Butterfly'
(Stuart also covers for Butterfly's husband
Lieutenant B. F. Pinkerton
of the US Navy)
New Devon Opera started their tour with Giacomo Puccini's 'Madama Butterfly' last night at The Roland Levinsky Building (Theatre 1) at Plymouth University. They are there tonight too.

On Friday they will be at Exmouth Pavilion as part of the Budleigh Festival - a sell-out with ticket holders being taken to the theatre by shuttle-bus. (To see if there might possibly be any returned tickets - ring 01395 445275)

On Sunday they will be at the Exeter Northcott.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday they will be at the Flavel Arts Centre in Dartmouth.

Next Friday and Saturday (27/28 July) they will be performing in the Marquee at Ugbrook Park in Chudleigh.

Full details of the production at the New Devon Opera website. Also see Budleigh Festival & Exeter Northcott.

There are lots of rush photos and audio clips to enjoy on the various websites - from the dress rehearsals, and even last night's premiere.

More are being posted to the New Devon Opera Facebook Page.

Below is a little 'behind-the-scenes' glimpse of the early rehearsals - at Dartington Space.

Very important members of the team
The Costume Department
set up outside Studio 3

In costume: Mariya Krywaniuk is Cio-Cio-San (Madam Butterfly)
attended by her servant Suzuki (Alison Duguid)
and cousin (Denise Kehoe)

When Cio-Cio converts to her fiance Pinkerton's
Christian faith, the Buddhist Priest is appalled
(Roderick Hunt - in mufti)

She is reviled by all

and ostracised

Except by the marriage-broker, Goro
(Stuart Haycock - in a bowler!)

She is consoled by Pinkerton
(Pietro Picone)

Conductor Paul Foster
Director Martyn Harrison
and - most important of all -
Repetiteur Joyce Clarke

Adele Knox is Kate Pinkerton

Denise Kehoe's voice has its chance to shine

Mariya Krywaniuk takes a break
for the fitting of her wedding robes

While Susan Jiwey steps in to take her place
as Cio-Cio-San
(Mariya and Susan play Cio-Cio on alternate nights)

In Studio 1 Stuart Boother practices his moves
for the part of Prince Yamodori
Here he wields a Chinese 'Pudau' -
Stuart points out that it should be a
as used by Japanese Sohei Monks
(which would have a narrower  blade)
Stuart makes the distinction -
but the audience won't mind!

Stuart with his Tai Chi sword
Once again Stuart wants us to know -
Yamodori's Samurai Sword
would be slightly curved, not straight.
However, only a determined purist
would be distracted from
Stuart's amazing martial arts skills!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Friday 13 July Tiverton Community Arts Theatre welcome Cornish theatre company Bish Bash Bosh and Alan Kent's 'The Tin Violin'

Sue North, Vice Chairman of East Devon Choral Society, has another role in Tiverton - on the committee of Tiverton Community Arts Theatre. The committee's hard work came to fruition on Friday last week when Cornish theatre company 'Bish Bash Bosh' came fresh from their Cornish tour (and en route to a national tour) to perform an award winning Cornish play for the people of Tiverton.

Alan Kent's 'The Tin Violin' won the 'Holyer an Gof' award in 2009. (Holyer an Gof = follower of 'The Smith' - i.e. Myghal Joseph the leader of the Cornish Rebellion in 1497 - pen name of Cornish bard Len Truran of the Gorsedh Kernow.) The story of a musician from Guinea at the time of Beethoven could not be better suited to the theme of 'The Classical Journey' - especially after the visit of the Guinean musicians of 'Ballet Nimba' to Dartington.

More details to follow - but meanwhile let's enjoy a little photo-montage of a fabulous show!

Oraine Johnson is Joseph Emidy
as a free man in Guinea
playing the traditional berimbau
The slavers arrive


Joaseph is captured

- to Eduardo Souto de Moura
in Brazil (Steve Jacobs)


The chorus
(Alex & Robin Kristoffy)
provide the hooves
for the ride to
Eduardo's plantation
Eduardo has a new
instrument for Joseph


With practice he learns,

escapes to Lisbon,

is engaged by the Queen
(Molly Weaver)
Captain Sir Edward Pellew
of the English Fleet
needs a musician
The Queen misunderstands
his motives
to his embarrassment

But with strong rum
the captain gets what he wants
Joseph finds himself back
in the hold of a ship


Tiverton High School Curriculum Leader
Jon Sowden
with committee member Sue North
They have worked very hard -
for a very distinguished audience -

The Lady Mayoress and Lord Mayor
Felicity Salter & Tom Lindus

Joseph's new captor
Sir Edward Pellew
Has something for him
Joseph is happy to oblige

The crew of the Indefatigable
celebrate victory over the French
Joseph is discharged
in Falmouth
but he's forgotten something!

Joseph is recognised by
a blind Cornish miner
Jabez Pender (Steve Jacobs)
Joseph doesn't understand
what the man wants
Jabez explains
- Joseph's talent
is well known in Cornwall

and Jabez has something
to give to Joseph
a new violin
- made of tin
the gift is extraordinary
- and wonderful
such lines!
so shiny!
- like a mirror
Opera diva Signora Grilietti
comes to Cornwall
Joseph shyly waits
with his compositions
What does she think?

any good?
let me think . . .
the signora left a letter

explaining -
he should stay where he is

a new development
Joseph meets Jane Hutchins
at a Methodist meeting
after the initial pleasantries

Joseph loses his heart

cue dad - Zachary Hutchins
the Methodist minister
Zachary advocates equality for all
- but has misgivings about their relationship
nevertheless -
he gives his blessing
and extends the hand
of friendship
and gets more than
he expected
tentative first
expressions of love
are welcomed
and returned
romance blossoms

Jane foresees a happy future

in a cloud of confetti
the local girls skip under
the lovers' arch

Joseph as an old man
makes his will
and plays one last time
the instructions are read
his work must be destroyed
consigned to the flames
or . . .
The music lives on
. . .