Thursday, 19 October 2017

EMG Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal for Golden Anniversary Concert (Fri 3 Nov) St Peter's School Thursday 19 October 2017 Coversations with the Conductors - Phonic FM 2pm Friday 20 October

Leo Geyer
conducts EMG Symphony Orchestra - "Preciso"
Leader: Clare Smith
Leo Geyer
conducts Elgar
"The Enigma Variations"
Alfie Pugh
an extensive percussion set-up
for "Exeter Cityscapes"
Alfie Pugh, Laura Hobbs, Tom Clemo
Ali Board
Tympani - "Enigma Variations"
John Bowden, Myles Taylor, Brian Moore (Principal)
The comical pink attire has a serious intent
- solidarity with Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Isobelle Woolcott 
Double Basses
French Horns
Mary Saunders, Trevor Ives,
Beth Osment, Sally Maya
Second Violins
Ellen Stratton, Anna Davis
A couple of 'Exeters'
(see Douglas Adams "The Meaning of Liff")
Tom Clemo


Susan Sherratt
Robert Stevenson - Alto Flute
Double Basses
Sarah Dean
Saxophone Solo - "Cityscapes"
Peter Dawson

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