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Ruth Molins Live Interview on "Classical Journey" Phonic FM Friday 22 September 2017

Ruth Molins
(Photo: Jade Gall)

This Friday's "Classical Journey" programme on Phonic FM will be at 2pm.

The first part of the programme will be dedicated to a discussion with Exeter flautist, Ruth Molins.

Hallsands Revisited

- one house remains
Flute Cake
join Lona & Sam
On Saturday last week (16 September) Ruth and her flute trio, 'Flute Cake' (Ruth Molins, Sophie Brewer & Jennifer Campbell), joined Lona Kozik and Sam Richards at Hallsands on the South Devon coast to revisit the story of Hallsands' collapse into the sea during the storm of January 1917. Together they gave première performances of  "The Ruined Village" by Lona Kozik and "The Night of the Storm and the Rain" by Sam Richards. The latter included a beautifully scored section for 'Flute Cake' to play on toy bells, plus singing by Sam Richards and Soundart Radio Artistic Director, Lucinda Guy.

Whistling Tube & Spring Drum
Sam Richards
This extraordinary recital was performed in a clear-sided marquee on the cliffs above the ruined village, in which were displayed many sea- and fishing-related artworks by Torcross artist Frances Gynn - presented in collaboration with Bill Fletcher-Neal.

The evening's music also included a sensitive and atmospheric electronic ambient piece, "Aqua Marine", composed and presented by Melvyn Bangert.

Improvised Drawing
Frances Gynn
Lona and Sam also played three piano pieces in the first half: Lona's arrangement of Percy Grainger's 1908 setting of retired sailor John Perring's Dartington sea shanty, "Stormalong", a live version of Lona's multi-track piano composition "Drift" (as a four-hand, played by Lona and Sam), and "Ghost Nets", an improvisation involving Sam's bowed tam tam, whistling tube and spring drum, and Lona's prepared piano containing several acoustically active objects, including wildly dancing ping-pong balls. Frances Gynn took part in the improvisation, creating an original image on black paper with white pastels.

Sam Richards' fascinating one-hour musical documentary for Soundart Radio, "Hallsands", featuring Lona Kozik, Elie Fruchter, Lucinda Guy, and many other Soundart stars, is still available at Lona's Mixcloud Page.

Flute Cake

Flute Cake
Ruth Molins, Sophie Brewer, & Jennifer Campbell
Courtlands House, 6 September 2013
Ruth, Sophie & Jennifer will be performing again, during October and November, at three different venues in Exeter. Ruth has composed a fascinating, semi-improvised piece, "Make Room", for performance in any building. The audience follow the musicians through rooms and corridors, while the flutes weave music to fit any environment. This very adventurous approach to musical presentation has already been experienced by appreciative audiences in Ruth's own home. New venues already booked are the Waterstones bookshop on Cathedral Green (7 October), the café in The Glorious Art House (which is half-way down Fore Street in Exeter - 22 October), and Veronica Gosling's 'Studio 36' at 36 Denmark Road (5 November). (Full details below.)

This Music is Yours

Alex Wilson & Ruth Molins
"A Breath of Fresh Air"
St Lawrence Chapel, Ashburton, 15 November 2015
First seen in concert together in 2015 ("A Breath of Fresh Air"), flautist Ruth Molins and pianist Alex Wilson will be collaborating again in October. Their new concert tour is called "This Music is Yours" and features compositions by Cornishman Graham Fitkin, Kentish man Ian Clarke, and Parisian Francis Poulenc. Ruth and Alex have also included music by three female composers, Anne Boyd, Claude Arrieu and Ruth Molins herself. The first concert will be on Sunday this week, across the border in Somerset. Two weeks later they will be closer to home, in Bradninch near Cullompton (Sunday 8 October). Their final concert will be here in Exeter in the Baptist Church at the bottom of South Street (Saturday 28 October). (Full details below.)

Exeter Flutes

Exeter Youth Flutes
Ruth also runs two flute choirs, 'Exeter Flutes' (adults over 18) and 'Exeter Youth Flutes', at her home, 37 Clifton Road in Newtown. New students Grade II to VIII are always welcome, while Exeter Youth Flutes welcomes beginners.

Exeter Youth Flutes
meet on Tuesdays
(from 12 September)
at 7pm.

Exeter Flutes
meet on Thursdays
(from 14 September)
at 7.30pm.

All students, ten sessions per term for £60 (concessionary rate £50).

Anyone who is interested can contact Ruth on 07507 568174
or find out more online at

Peter Nickol

On Saturday 21 October Ruth will be joining a group of multi-talented artists & musicians at the St Sidwell's Community Centre (in Sidwell Street). Veronica Gosling, founder and manager of Studio 36 in Denmark Road, has brought everyone together for an event called "Patterns". Starting at 7pm the participants will explore poetry, dance, music and images. Food and drink are also provided. Ruth will be performing with pianist Peter Nickol and singer Peter Farrie. Ruth has also prepared a new composition of her own, "Kitchen, Early Evening", which she will perform at the Patterns evening. (Details below)

Flute Cake
1. Waterstones Cathedral Yard
     Saturday 7 October 7pm
2. TheGlorious Art House Café
    (120 Fore St. EX4 3JQ)
     Sunday 22 October 7pm
3. Studio 36 Denmark Road
     Sunday 5 November 3pm
        "MAKE ROOM"
"A musical space in which
    to reimagine oneself
      and one's surroundings"
Composer: Ruth Molins
Flutes: Ruth Molins
            Sophie Brewer
              Jennifer Campbell
Tickets: £10 (£9 in advance)
Advance Booking: 07507 568174

Ruth Molins & Alex Wilson
1. St Mary's Cannington (TA5 2HS)
     Sunday 24 September 3.30pm
2. St Disen's Bradninch (EX5 4NN)
     Sunday 8 October 3pm
3. South Street Baptist Church
     Saturday 28 October 4pm
Flute: Ruth Molins
Piano: Alex Wilson
Anne Boyd: "Bali Moods"
Claude Arrieu: "Sonatine"
Ian Clarke: "Spiral Lament"
Graham Fitkin: "Jim & Pam & Pam & Jim"
Ruth Molins: "In Memory"
Francis Poulenc: Flute Sonata
Tickets: Cannington £7
   Bradninch & Exeter - set your own price!

St Sidwell's Centre Exeter
Saturday 21 October 7pm
(includes a new composition by
  Ruth Molins: "Kitchen, Early Evening")
Flautist/Composer: Ruth Molins
Pianist/Composer: Peter Nickol
Singer/Songwriter: Peter Farrie
Artist (Studio 36): Veronica Gosling
Artist/Singer/Scientist: Clare bryden
Poet: James Turner
Actor/Compere: Jeff Sleeman
Singer/Dancer: Amerie Rose
Doctor/Drummer: Felix May
Radiographer/Dancer: Louise Clarke
Boatbuilder/Sailor/Writer: Mike Ludgrove
Food & Drink Provided
Tickets: £10
Studio 36: 01392 256206
Studio 36 Website     St Sidwell's Centre Website

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