Saturday, 4 June 2016

Two Moors Festival 2016 Press Release from Penny Adie

Penny Adie
Festival Founder

Press Release June 2016              

Two Moors Festival launches 2016 programme!

The Festival, now ranking high in the A* league of classical music events in the UK gets better every year. Its programme for October is now out for everyone to see. Brochures will find themselves in shops, Tourist Information Centres, newsagents, churches, pubs – you name it – and if there’s a shelf on which to display an eye-catching booklet advertising twenty three concerts, you can be sure it will be there.

2016’s programme lives up to the Festival’s high reputation.

Alison Balsom
The great trumpet player, Alison Balsom heads a glittering spread of artists taking part.

Michael Barenboim

But that’s just a start: the violinist, Michael Barenboim plays Brahms in Exeter Cathedral,

Lucy Crowe
John Mark
soprano, Lucy Crowe (currently appearing at Glyndebourne) gives a recital, as does tenor John Mark Ainsley, both take place in Okehampton;

Mahan Esfahani

the great harpsichord player, Mahan Esfahani performs in Ashburton;

Peter Donohoe
Carducci Quarte

Peter Donohoe with the Carducci Quartet play Mozart on the opening night – the list of stars is never-ending.

The Southwest now boasts as many upmarket concerts as any of the major cities in the UK. This is thanks to the evolution of the Festival. People come from far and wide to the festival to top up with music played at supreme level before winter sets in – in fact so much so that some folk go to as many as eight or nine events incorporating them with healthy and strapping walks across the moors.

This ever-growing and tempting combination makes for a good holiday package; one that now entices people to come from all over the country and increasingly from overseas. This of course brings much business to the area so the Festival must be doing something right!

Venues are nearly all churches, some very beautiful and tucked away in the depths of Dartmoor and Exmoor.  The atmosphere is informal even to the extent that it’s not unusual to see the occasional pair of wellies sported by a member of the audience. Having said that there is strong expectation to see the artists wearing their best bibs and tuckers!

If you’ve never attended the Festival, now’s your chance to sample music played as its very best. You won’t be disappointed!

Penny Adie

Two Moors Festival Barkham,
South Molton,
EX36 3LU

Telephone: 01643 831370

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