Monday, 30 May 2016

"Noëlle et les Papillons" Noëlle Rollings Launches "French Exchange" St Lawrence Chapel Ashburton Sunday 28 May 2016

Noëlle Rollings

Noëlle Rollings
Gaëlle Hammond  
"Christmas on Saturn" 2015
On 13 December last year two masked figures were seen singing and dancing at the Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes. On Saturday night this week there was a chance to see behind the masks as Noëlle Rollings & Gaëlle Hammond, plus all the other members of 'Noëlle et les Papillons' launched their new album "French Exchange" at St Lawrence Chapel in Ashburton as part of Andy Williamson's 'Ashburton Live' series.

An intriguing venue
St Lawrence Chapel
St Lawrence Chapel is a fascinating venue. It was originally a gift from the Bishop of Exeter to the town, and later became a private school. The chapel was still being used as a school in the 1980s and the main performance space still bears the graffiti of generations of Ashburton scholars.

Located in the narrow St Lawrence Lane, the chapel is hard to find but well worth the effort with many exciting events taking place there.

Master of Ceremonies
Andy Williamson
On Ashburton Live nights, the organiser, Andy Williamson (who is also a member of 'Noëlle et les Papillons'), is generally in attendance to greet the audience and introduce the bands.

As an honorary 'Papillon', tonight was also the night for Andy to delight us all with his clarinet and saxophone playing. The line-up went far beyond clarinet and saxophone, however.

Alex Worsley
Acoustic & Electric Guitar
with Noëlle Rollings
Backing Vocals:
Gaëlle Hammond
Things started modestly enough though, with Alex Worsley strumming gently on his acoustic guitar to accompany Noëlle's first song "The Secret". Equally gently, Gaëlle Hammond augmented the lyric with her own redoubtable voice.

Les Papillons
Guitar: Alex Worsley - Vocals: Noëlle Rollings
Flugelhorn: Graham Hutton - Clarinet: Andy Williamson
Trombone: Bob Martin

Bob Martin
Without ceremony, the door behind the stage then opened and the remaining 'Papillons' processed calmly onto the stage. The amazing horn section was made up of Graham Hutton (flugelhorn & trumpet), Andy Williamson (clarinet & tenor saxophone) and Bob Martin (trombone). Behind them Gaëlle Hammond continued with backing vocals and occasional percussion, while the rhythm king, Steve Crossen, was in charge of the main drum-kit.

Bass Guitars:
Marcus Vergette
Joining Gaëlle was Marcus Vergette playing alternately acoustic and electric bass guitar - each with equally steadfast and commanding style. Also somewhat out of sight, standing behind his elevated Korg keyboard, was Tom Unwin (whose daughter Lilli played St Lawrence Chapel on Sunday 15 May 2016 with the 'Lilli Unwin Band').

Tom Unwin

Solo performances featured prominently in the ensuing two hours of musical pleasure, with each performer having a chance to demonstrate their prowess on a variety of instruments. Pride of place was, however, always reserved for Noëlle herself whose lyrical excursions were quite outstandingly brilliant.

"French Exchange"
Album now on
general release
The album "French Exchange", featuring all the music performed at Ashburton, is now on general release. The songs follow Noëlle's life from Dartington College of Arts to London, to Normandy and back to Devon.

The styles vary greatly, from explosive ensemble playing, and wild harmonising by Noëlle and Gaëlle, to the minimalist "Snow Came Down" (in London) accompanied with supreme subtlety on keyboard by Tom Unwin.

"French Exchange":
Noëlle Rollings
There is even time for a very thoughtful recital of French poetry during the title track, "French Exchange". The set ends with the extraordinary bonus track, "Rex in the City" following the exploits of Noëlle's pet dog in London, with appropriate sound effects.

All of this work has been painstakingly created and realised over six years by Noëlle Rollings herself, with the invaluable help of her spectacularly talented 'Papillons'.

(Ashburton Live sessions continue at St Lawrence Chapel on Sunday 19 June (8pm) when Lee Gibson, Singer and Teacher at the Guildhall School of Music, will join Saxophonist Martin Dale and his Quartet for another spectacular evening of live music.)

Tremendous Tenor
Saxophone Solo
Andy Williamson

is totally sent

Graham Hutton prepares
for a blistering trumpet solo
Glimpsed briefly
Keyboard: Tom Unwin - Drums: Steve Crossen
Sensational vocals & subtle muted trumpet - magical!
Lyricism squared
Backing Vocals: Gaëlle Hammond

Noëlle also accompanies herself on Spanish Guitar
Alex Worsley is also a mean axe-man
The Boys
Graham Hutton, Andy Williamson, Bob Martin
An unexpected accompaniment
from the back of the hall
Tenor Saxophone: Andy Williamson
enters into an awesome double-act
Time stands still for the mighty trombone
Bob Martin
That horn section!
Ces Papillons!
Papillon Belle Dame!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

UNITY IN MUSIC Totnes Open Arms Festival Closing Concert Dartington Chamber Orchestra Soprano Merit Ariane Stephanos Neyzen Louai Alhanawi Flautist Jak Berry Leader/Soloist Marcus Broome Conductor Oliver Butterworth English & Arabic Music in support of Dartington White House Asylum & Refugee Project Dartington Great Hall 3pm Sunday 22 May 2016

Merit Ariane Stephanos

Dartington Hall Quadrangle
Dartington Great Hall
Conductor: Oliver Butterworth
Dartington Chamber Orchestra
Henry Purcell: "Chacony in G minor"
(arr. Benjamin Britten)
Music from Egypt
Gamal Abdel Rahim: "Little Suite for Strings"
Hamil El Dabh: "Aria for Strings"
Julia Munn
Clarinet: Julia Munn
Music from Egypt
Amr Okba: "Utopia for Solo Clarinet"
Orchestra Leader:
Marcus Broome
Violin Soloist Marcus Broome
introduced by
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
Violin: Marcus Broome
Helen Glatz: "Elegy for Violin & Strings"
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
Violin Soloist Marcus Broome
Conductor: Oliver Butterworth
Orchestra Leader: Marcus Broome
Soprano Soloist: Merit Ariane Stephanos
Soprano Soloist:
Merit Ariane Stephanos
Merit Ariane Stephanos
"Lascia ch'io pianga"
(G F Handel: Rinaldo)
"Lascia ch'io pianga"
"Lascia ch'io pianga"
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
Soprano Merit Ariane Stephanos

Rhodri Samuel
Chief Executive Officer
Dartington Hall Trust
an appeal on behalf of
Dartington White House Asylum
and Refugee Project
(supported by the
South Devon Refugee Support Network)
gives thanks for the work of
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
and Orchestra Manager Nicola Smith
and the support of Dr Ahmed El Mokadem
Founder & Vice-Chairman of
The British Egyptian Society
for his sponsorship of the concert
and welcomes
The Egyptian Ambassador
Mr Nassar Kamel and his wife
Mrs Dalia El Battal
Dartington Chamber Choir
Music from Syria
Kareem Roustom: "Dabke"
Nay: Louai Alhenawi
Music from Iraq/Jordan
Flute: Jak Berry  Nay: Louai Alhenawi
Mohammed Sidiq: "Dialog for Nay & Flute"
Flute: Jak Berry  Nay: Louai Alhenawi
Mohammed Sidiq: "Dialog for Nay & Flute"
Jak Berry - Louai Alhenawi
Dartington Chamber Orchestra

Mohammed Sidiq: "Dialog for Nay & Flute"
Jak Berry - Louai Alhenawi
Dartington Chamber Orchestra

Mohammed Sidiq: "Dialog for Nay & Flute"
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
Flautist Jak Berry & Neyzen Louai Alhenawi

Dartington Chamber Orchestra

Soprano: Merit Ariane Stephanos
Nay: Louai Alhenawi
Najib Hankash:
"Aatiene il Naya wa Ghanni"
(Give me the flute & Sing)
arr. Kyle MacLeod

Darbuka: Louai Alhenawi
Assi & Mansour Rahbani:
"Il Bint el Shalabeyya"
(The Girl with the Almond Eyes)
arr. Rob Howat
Farid Al Atrash:
"Ya Zahratan fi Khayali"
(Oh Flower of My Imagination)
arr: Rob Howat
Elias Rahbani:
"Kan el Zaman" & "Hanna el Sikran"
(Once Upon a Time & Drunken John)
arr Kyle MacLeod
Conductor Oliver Butterworth
Soprano Merit Ariane Stephanos
Conductor Oliver Butterworth

Soprano Merit Ariane Stephanos