Saturday, 23 April 2016

EMG Symphony Orchestra Britten War Requiem Conductors Marion Wood Tony Hindley Rachel Smith Soloists Catherine Hamilton Stefan Sbonnik Julian Rippon Exeter Cathedral Saturday 23 April 2016

Tony Hindley
conducts the chamber orchestra

Marion Wood
conducts the main orchestra

Principal 'Cello: Yvonne Ashby
Two orchestras, three choirs and three soloists, performing the latin mass for the dead interspersed by the war poetry of Wilfred Owen. In Marion Wood's last engagement to conduct the EMG Symphony Orchestra, she will be joined by Tony Hindley and Rachel Smith in conducting Benjamin Britten's mighty 'War Requiem'.

As the new Cathedral at Coventry rose from ruins of the destroyed city in 1962, Britten was given free rein to express the shared grief of the war-torn city in a mass for the consecration of the new building. The resulting work is very complex, with poetry and dialogue in tenor and baritone voice punctuating, or being punctuated by, a solomn recital of the mass by a double choir with full orchestra and organ, and the focal force of a soprano soloist.

The male soloists have an orchestra of their own. A small chamber orchestra to gently augment the words of Wilfred Owen, who tragically lost his life in a military action just one week before the armistice brought peace to the Western Front at the end of the Great War.

Tonight the soloist for the mass is soprano Catherine Hamilton, while Owen's Poetry is performed by tenor Stefan Sbonnik and baritone Julian Rippon. Catherine and Julian have performed together many times, memorably in Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Sea Symphony" on 5 April 2014. Stefan joins the orchestra from Marion Wood's new home of Münster in Germany, where he sings with her in the University Choir.

Rachel Smith
conducts Schola Exe &
Devon County Junior Choir
"Requiem Aeternam"
The chamber choir which accompanies Owen's poetry will be conducted by EMG principal trumpet, Tony Hindley, who conducted the War Requiem in the 1970's as a student of music at Huddersfield University.

Particular poignancy is brought to the mass by the voices of a children's choir drawn from the Devon County Junior Choir and the alumni of Exeter Cathedral Choir, Schola Exe. Their singing is conducted in the side aisle by their regular tutor and director, Rachel Smith.

Add a huge choir of several hundred Exeter singers, organ, piano, and the full force of the EMG Symphony Orchestra's many talented musicians, all under the skilled guidance of their regular conductor, Marion Wood, and tonight's performance of the Requiem will fulfill, if not exceed, Benjamin Britten's original vision.

Clare Smith
leads the main orchestra
Jackie Baldwin
leads the chamber choir
Stefan Sbonnik
"Anthem for Doomed Youth"
Dennis Frere-Smith
(depping for Brian Moore)
"Bugles Sang"
Julian Rippon
"but I was looking at the permanent stars"
Catherine Hamilton
sings the Latin Mass
accompanied by the main orchestra & choir
Alfie Pugh
principal percussionist
Charlotte Hindley, Alfie Pugh
Zoë Fitzsimmons

main orchestra: percussion
Ali Board
Charlotte Hindley
Tubular Bells
Zoë Fitzsimmons
Fionniula Somerville
chamber orchestra: harp
Main Choir
Rob O'Byrne
main orchestra: tuba
John Welton
main orchestra: clarinet
Mike Ogonovsky & Hannah Rice
main orchestra: horns
Tony Hindley & Marion Wood
conduct the chamber and main orchestra
Rachel Smith
directs the children's choir
Susan Mitchell, Anna Matthews
Catherine Clements
main orchestra: piccolo & flutes
Timothy Noon
organ & piano
Julian Rippon
sings Benjamin Britten's setting of  Wilfred Owen's poetry
accompanied by Tony Hindley's chamber orchestra
David Lotinga
main orchestra: cor anglais
Kate Osbourne
main orchestra: oboe
Ben Edmonds
chamber orchestra: oboe
Women's Choir
Tony Hindley
chamber orchestra conductor
Catherine Hamilton
in the Cathedral pulpit
Catherine Hamilton
in the main choir
Tony Hindley

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