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"Lavolta" - Emma Welton and Sarah Owen Convene Devon Musicians for a concert of Luciano Berio & William Walton Voodoo Lounge Exeter Phoenix Sunday 1 November 2014

Emma Welton
Voodoo Lounge Exeter Phoenix
Sunday 1 November
Soprano:     Sarah Owen
Narrator:     Kate Westbrook
Violin:         Emma Welton
Viola:          Andrew Gillett
'Cello:          Jane Pirie
Harp:           Sally Jenkins
Flute:           Susie Hodder Williams
Saxophone:  Chris Caldwell
Clarinet:      Victoria Loram
Trumpet:     Brian Moore
Percussion:  Michelle Hiley
                    Andy Smith-Turner

Luciano Berio: "Folk Songs"

Sarah Owen
Composed Mills College Oakland California 1964
for performer Cathy Berberian, viola, 'cello, harp
flute/piccolo, clarinet & two percussionists.

                        (Soprano Sarah Owen)

Kentucky songs in a folk style by John Jacob Niles:
1. "Black is the colour of my true love's hair"
     with solo viola introduction (Andrew Gillett)
2. "I wonder as I wander out under the sky"
     viola 'cello & harp = a hurdy-gurdy
     (Andrew Gillett, Jane Pirie, Sally Jenkins)
     flute & clarinet = flying birds
     (Chris Caldwell, Susie Hodder-Williams)

Traditional folk songs:
3. "Loosin yelav ensareetz" (Armenia)
    (The Moon has risen over the hill)

4. "Rossignolet du bois" (France)
    (Little nightingale of the woods)
     clarinet, harp & crotales cymbals
    (Victoria Loram, Sally Jenkins
      Michelle Hiley, Andy Smith Turner)
Susie Hodder Williams

Chris Caldwell
(Photography: Chris Chapman)
[ . . . chords on car suspension springs! . . . ]
5. "A la Femminisca" (Sicily)
    (May the Lord send fine weather)

Traditional poetry set to music by Berio
as a student at Milan Conservatory 1947:
6. "La Donna Ideale" (Genoa)
    (The Ideal Woman)
7. "Ballo" (an Italian dance)

Traditional folk song:
8. "Motettu de tristura" (Sardinia)
    (Song of Sadness)

Traditional songs from Joseph Canteloube's
'Chants d'Auvergne' in the Occitan language
(still spoken in Catalonia):
9. "Malurous qu’o uno fenno, Maluros qué n’o cat!"
    (Wretched is he who has a wife,
           wretched is he who has not!)

10. "Lo Fïolairé" (The Spinner)
      with 'cello introduction (Jane Pirie)

A traditional folk song from the USSR transposed
phonetically by American soprano Cathy Berberian:
11. Azerbaijan Love Song (Azeri)

Sir William Walton / Dame Edith Sitwell:
          "Façade II"

Sitwell's poems, published in "Wheels" and set to
music by Walton 1918-1923, were published as
Kate Westbrook
"Façade: An Entertainment" in 1951.
Posthumously, additional Sitwell poems were
arranged for recitation, with ensemble, by Walton
and published as "Façade II" in 1977.
(narrator Kate Westbrook)

1. "Came the Great Popinjay"
2. "Aubade – Jane, Jane"
3. "March" ("Ratatatan")
4. "Madam Mouse Trots"
5. "The Octogenarian"
6. "Gardener Janus Catches a Naiad"
7. "Water Party"
8. "Said King Pompey"

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