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Joyce Clarke & Devon Opera The Passion of Puccini A Selection of Arias & Acts III & IV of "La Bohème" Aeolian Court Chudleigh Friday & Sunday 2 & 4 October, Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter Tuesday 6 October & Dartington Great Hall Friday Thursday 8 October 2015

Devon Opera

Aeolian Court Chudleigh
Friday 2 & Sunday 4 October 7.30pm

Gallery 20
Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter
Tuesday 6 October 7.30pm
(Garden Reception doors open at 6.30pm for drinks reception)

Dartington Great Hall
Thursday 8 October 7.30pm


Selected Arias &
Acts 3 & 4 of "La Bohème"

Musical Director: Joyce Clarke          

Stage Director: Ruth Bettesworth

Presenter: Peter Clarke

Soprano: Natasha Day
                    Linsey Docherty
                      Suzanne Manuell
        Tenor: Leonel Pinheiro
     Baritone: Timothy Connor
Bass Barritone: Matthew Buswell   
                     Nathan Morrison


Manon Lescaut
Intermezzo - Piano Introduction
Pianist: Joyce Clarke

Tosca 1900
(La Tosca, Victorien Sardou)
Floria Tosca, Act II:
"Vissi d’arte" (I lived for art)
(Mario Cavaradossi is in the custody of Baron Scarpia)
Soprano: Suzanne Manuell

Mario Cavaradossi, Act III:
"E lucevan le stelle" (And the stars were shining)
(Mario Cavaradossi awaits execution on the roof of the Castel Sant'Angelo) 
Tenor: Leonel Pinheiro 

La Bohème 1896
(Scènes de la vie de bohème, Henri Murger)
Musetta, Act II,
"Quando m’en vo soletta per la via"
(When I walk alone in the street)
(Musetta's waltz sung to make Marcello jealous)
Soprano: Lynsey Docherty

Madama Butterfly 1904
(Madame Chrysanthème, Pierre Loti)
Cio-Cio-San, Act II
"A dì bel, vedremo" (We will see a beautiful day)
(Cio-Cio-San sings to her maid Suzuki about her desire for Lt Pinkerton's return)
Soprano: Suzanne Manuell

Edgar 1889
(La Coupe et les Lèvres - The Cup and the Lips, Alfred de Musset)
Frank, Act I
"Questo amor, vergogna mia" (This shameful love of mine)
(Frank sings about his love for his childhood friend Tigrana)
Baritone: Timothy Connor

La Rondine (The Swallow) 1917
Magda de Civry, Act I
"Chi il bel sogno di Doretta potè indovinar?"
(Who can guess the lovely dream Doretta had?)
(Magda replies to Prunier's tale of Doretta, who rejected a King for true love)
Soprano: Natasha Day

La Fanciulla del West (The Girl of the West) 1910
(The Girl of the Golden West, David Balasco)
Dick Johnson (a.k.a. the bandit Ramerrez) Act III
"Ch’ella mi creda libero e lontano"
(Let her believe I'm free and far away)
(Dick begs Sheriff Jack Rance & the lynch mob not to tell Minnie he is dead)
Tenor: Leonel Pinheiro

Turandot (completed by Franco Alfano) 1926
(Turan-Dokht from the Haft Peykar, Nizami 12th Century)
Princess Turandot: Act II
"In questa reggia, or son mill'anni e mille, un grido disperato risonò"
(In this palace, thousands of years ago, a desperate cry rang out)
(Princess Turando recalls the murder of her distant ancestor Princess Lo-u-Ling
and the conquest of her peaceful kingdom)
Soprano: Suzanne Manuell
P  A  R  T     2
Director: Ruth Bettesworth
Mimi: Natasha Day   
Musetta: Lynsey Docherty
Rodolfo: Leonel Pinheiro 
Marcello: Timothy Connor  
Colline: Matt Buswell     
Schaunard: Nathan Morrison    
     Act 3  Outside a tavern at the Barrière d’Enfer, Paris
Act 4  The student’s garret in the Latin Quarter    

Tickets: £25 - £30

Tickets for Aeolian Court:
"Dandelion": 01626 859333/853502

Tickets for Royal Albert Memorial Museum:
Box Office: 01392 265858
Online Booking: RAMM Website

Tickets for Dartington Great Hall:
Box Office: 01803 847070

Full Details: Devon Opera Website

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