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Gypsy Jazz at the Globe Newtown Wednesday 8 April - warming up for the anniversary jazz night Wednesday 12 May and making live recordings for "Classical Journey Redux" Soundart Radio Sunday 19 April 2015

Esprit du Hot Club
Patrick Hughes at the inaugural
Gypsy Jazz Night at the Globe
Tuesday 20 May 2014

David Jones
It is almost a year since Rebecca Willson and David Jones were guests on Phonic FM's "Classical Journey" programme to talk about their new and exciting venture in Exeter. Building on the success of The Hot Club of Stonehouse, David had enlisted Rebecca to help start a series of "Gypsy Jazz Nights" to be held on the second Wednesday of each month. (Relive those heady days by linking to the radio interview, and first night review.)

Jake Slocombe
The large and varied group of musicians who joined the first session, and made it such a success, have continued to meet up at the Globe every second Wednesday. They have also been joined by a growing gang of jazz enthusiasts - all bringing their instruments, of course.

At the April meeting, building works at the Globe reduced the space available, also many musicians were unable to attend for various reasons. Soprano Margaret Aagesen Hughes and her husband Patrick Hughes (see photo above) were not with us this time, and their accordion and violin were sadly not part of the musical mix. Rebecca Willson herself was away on a teaching trip.

Chris Edmunds
However, there were still eight musicians packed into the small remaining space. Led by David Jones they put on a great evening of music for the regulars at the Globe - and recorded six stunning tracks for radio. They included the very appropriate "Anniversary Song" arranged by Al Jolson, and played by the Django Reinhardt's 'Quintette du Hot Club' in 1946.

Laurie Light
The Quintette du Hot Club de France was founded by by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in 1934, and operated until 1948. The other three members of the quintet (in its most memorable form) were Louis Vola (double bass), Roger Chaput and Joseph Reinhardt (rhythm guitars & percussion).

Thomas La Bouboutte
In the spirit of those exciting days, the octet at the Globe played pieces popular at the Hot Club, and even some composed by Django himself. The first few tracks were played by the septet of David Jones (leader & Favino guitar), Jake Slocombe (violin), Chris Edmunds (accordion) Markel (double bass), Thomas La Bouboutte, Julian Isaacs & Laurie Light (guitars). Soon they were joined by Marc Woodward (mandolin) to form an unorthodox octet.

Julian Isaacs
As the instrumentalists developed the rhythms and harmonies of each composition, each player would take a turn to play a scintillating solo interpretation of the song in question, with some startlingly beautiful results.

Marc Woodward
To hear this sensational music, and to gain a sense of the wonders that a jazz night can offer, tune in to 'Soundart Radio' this Sunday between 3pm and 6pm for "Classical Journey Redux". This month's programme will feature a requiem for 40 Commando by Peter Leech and the Collegium Singers ("For the Fallen"), and brand new recordings by clarinettist Phil Bonser and pianist Margaret Chave, plus more exciting classical creations by Devon artists.

The final hour (5-6pm) will be dedicated to the Django-inspired jazzists at the Globe and their glorious music:

"Dinah" by Harry Akst 1923
"The Sheik of Araby" by Ted Snyder & Harry Smith 1921
"Honeysuckle Rose" by Thomas ('Fats') Waller 1929
"Nuages" (Clouds) by Django Reinhardt 1940
"Limehouse Blues" by Philip Braham 1922
"Anniversary Song" arranged by Al Jolson 1946
(based on "Waves of the Danube" by Ion Ivanovici 1880)

The full schedule of Soundart Radio can be found at their website, which also has a link to listen to live streaming of programmes (or follow this link to listen to live streaming direct).

 " I don't care what momma don't allow . . . "
Jazz from the Globe
"Classical Journey Redux"
Soundart Radio
Sunday 19 April 3-6pm

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