Wednesday, 22 October 2014

East Devon Choral Society in fine voice rehearsing for "A Concert for Peace" Tiverton High School Friday 1 November 2014

East Devon Choral Society
at Old Heathcote Community Centre
rehearse Karl Jenkins "The Armed Man"
for "A Concert for Peace"
Friday 1 November

Andrew Daldorph
Andrew Daldorph has the singers of the East Devon Choral Society nicely on track for their big remembrance concert in ten days time. This Monday, at the Old Heathcoat School in Tiverton, he had each voice section in two circles singing to each other as he accompanied and conducted from the piano. (See sopranos and tenors above.)

Monday's rehearsal was a whistle-stop tour of "The Armed Man, A Mass for Peace", written by Karl Jenkins for the Millenium celebrations. Even without the full orchestra who will join them on 1 November, the sound of the choir was sensational.

The opening movement is "The Armed Man", with it's insistent military beat. The subsequent Adhan (call to prayer), sung by a Muslim Muezzin, is a very moving adjunct to a Christian Mass.

Kyrie Eleison: outstanding altos
For rehearsal purposes, Andrew took the choir straight into the third movement, "Kyrie Eleison". 
No orchestra, no soloists, just the impressively coordinated sound of over fifty voices pulling the ear in several different delightful directions at once.

Jenkins' insertion of "Save me from the Bloody Men" showcases the  manly voices of the tenors and basses, before the full choir tentatively recommence with the "Sanctus"

After a slow and gentle opening development the basses punctuated every phrase with an insistent repetition of the word "Sanctus", regular as a military drum, and just as filled with menace.A beat which is later taken up sotto voce by the sopranos.

Basses join in the war cry, "Charge!"
- a full-blooded roar from new member Alex Scott

In a format reminiscent of Britten's "Music for Henry V", the "Hymn before Action" holds back the main action for maximum effect. The gentleness and reserve seems to continue into the "Charge", but the sound soon builds energetically into an overwhelming avalanche using all the voices to the full. First the sopranos are stretched to the limit with "The Thundering Drum" before putting even more energy into the final "Charge!" which is taken up by all the singers in unison.

A disordered resolution, silence, the last post (to be played by one of Lympstone Marine Band's buglers) and church bells, were all left to the imagination until the full concert.  Andrew also put to one side "Angry Flames" (soloists), "Torches" (choir) and "Now the Guns have Stopped" (orchestra and soprano) which will complement the Agnus Dei and Benedictus.

The final movement involves a dialogue between female and male voices, all calling for "a thousand years of peace" in the uplifting "Better is Peace". The recognition of bravery and personal loss is crowned by the sincere wish for an end to violence and hope for a more constructive future. Andrew had this perfectly coordinated, an impressive and eloquent expression of hope and faith in human nature to complete the mass.

The evening of Friday 1st November will see all the elements brought together at Tiverton High School for a masterpiece of delicacy, power and emotion. "The Armed Man", although sufficient for a concert in itself, will be followed by Holst's "Mars" and Elgar's "Nimrod" played by the orchestra.

There will also be a violin solo by special guest Marie Langrishe (formerly a pupil at Maynard School and now at the Royal College of Music). Marie will play "The Lark Ascending" by Ralph Vaughan Williams. (This instrumental interpretation of George Meredith's poem of the same name was begun in 1914, but war delayed it's completion and first public performance until 1920.)

This will be EDCS Vice-Chairman Sue North's final production with the choir, although she will continue to perform with them as a soprano. Sue recently give an interview with the Mid-Devon Gazette, describing her own reasons for choosing Jenkins' "Mass for Peace" and the experience of preparing for public performance. (Follow this link to read the full interview.)

See concert details below, and ring up and speak to Sue (or husband Vic) about tickets for next Friday's performance.

East Devon Choral Society

East Devon Choral Society
Tiverton High School
Saturday 1 November 7.30pm
Introduced by: Stephanie Hughes
Conductor: Andrew Daldorph
Full Choir and Orchestra
Karl Jenkins: "The Armed Man"
Bugle Soloist for The Last Post:
Marie Langrishe
HM Royal Marine Band Lympstone
Gustav Holst: "Mars, The Bringer of War"
Ralph Vaughan Williams: "The Lark Ascending
Violin Soloist: Marie Langrishe
Edward Elgar: "Nimrod"
Tickets: £15 (unreserved £10 U16 £4)
Information: 01884 253494
East Devon Choral Society Website

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Substance and Shadow Theatre Company present "Christie in Love" in the City Gate Hotel Basement Tuesday 21st October -Thursday 23rd October 2014 Halloween double bill with Dream Catcher Theatre "Ma Cherie a Mort" at the Exeter Barnfield Theatre Friday 31 October 2014

Christie in Love
Inspector: Nathan Simpson
Reggie Christie: Midge Mullin
Constable: Sam Pike
(Photography: Matt Austin)

Substance and Shadow Theatre Company are now firmly established as purveyors of gripping social commentary and dark satire. Their debut with Harold Pinter's "Dumb Waiter", starring Midge Mullin and Mike Gilpin, stunned audiences on the Devon tour in 2012. The following year, founders Rose and Midge Mullin presented their own creation "Skin Deep", satirising the right wing extremism of the punk era, with new acting sensation Nathan Simpson in a starring rôle.

In February this year, Midge and Nathan returned (with Rachel Milne and Joana Crisóstomo) in another original production, "Duplicity". This time Midge managed to create two characters on stage simultaneously. What could be next?

With many of the crew working behind the scenes, Midge and Nathan are under the spotlight again with new cast member Sam Pike. Once again the company have produced the work of another author (Howard Brenton), and have moved from historical fiction to historical re-enactment.

"Christie in Love" was inspired by the hue and cry that followed the discovery of the trussed corpses of three London women in the recently vacated apartment of John Reginald Christie and his wife Ethel in 1953. The grisly cache was discovered by two West Indian itinerant workers to whom Christie had illegally sub-let the flat. The house was 10 Rillington Place.

A police search uncovered three more bodies. Ethel Christie was discovered under the floorboards and the bones of two more unknown women were found in the garden. The revelations threw new light on three further deaths. In 1950 Timothy Evans, another tenant in the house, had been condemned and executed for the murder of his baby daughter Geraldine after his wife Beryl was found wrapped in a blanket in the outside washhouse with her child - both strangled.

Following the inquiry into this miscarriage of justice, which contributed to the case for the abolition of the death sentence for murder in 1965, Howard Benton reworked the interaction between Christie and his police interrogators to create "Christie in Love".

Inspired by Jerzy Grotowski's investigation of experimental theatre in Poland, "Towards a Poor Theatre", Benton's work is perfectly suited to the cramped environment of a pub basement. The close proximity of the actors and audience impresses every utterance, every gesture or facial expression, on the senses of the observers. Even the smell of the props and costumes create a lasting impression.

Benton's harsh use of obscenities (strictly taboo in public in 1970 when the play opened) shears away any complacency about this 'historical' case. The ever present danger of sexual predation, and the dehumanising effect on those responsible for uncovering the facts, is brought dramatically into the present.

Nathan Simpson's police inspector is chillingly unmoved by the enormity of the crimes he has uncovered, but gives full rein to his disgust when confronted by the perpetrator. Sam Pike as the obedient and conscientious constable, does not share his inspector's self-control. He cannot help dwelling on the sickening details, which he finds all to easy to conjure up in his mind. Both are profoundly and adversely affected.

Most disturbing of all is Christie himself, played by Midge Mullin. In privacy he relives his memories of sexual inadequacy and shame, and his misdirected revenge on the women who fell into his clutches. (Coal gas was not replaced by natural gas for domestic use until 1959, and allegedly Christie had found a way to trick women into inhaling the carbon monoxide rich coal gas by passing it though an 'inhaler' containing a solution of Friar's Balsam.)

In the presence of the inspector, he becomes servile but intractable. His petty pride, and misplaced sense of propriety, act as his only defence against the charge of indefensible actions. As he struggles to counter the accusations against him, and minimise the disgrace of his downfall, every incautious movement and every bead of sweat is presented to the audience in inescapable close-up.

Midge's performance is quite stunning. Apparently gentle and defensive, he reveals his true menace when pushed by the police officers. That extinct species, the murderer in an era of execution for murder, is recreated convincingly on stage.

"Christie in Love" continues for two more nights (twice nightly on Wednesday and Thursday this week). Tickets are available from the Bike Shed Theatre (which is NOT the venue for the play) or on the door - if available! For anyone who misses this run, there will be another performance at the Barnfield Theatre on Friday 31 October.

In a similar vein, Dartington Playgoers are returning to the work of Harold Pinter in the same week. Their production of "The Birthday Party" will be on at Dartington Space (Dartington Hall Estate near Totnes) from Tuesday 28 October until Saturday 1 November.

Midge Mullin is John Christie
Howard Brenton's "Christie in Love"
(Photos by Matt Austin)

Repeated at Barnfield Theatre
Friday 31 October (see below)
Substance & Shadow Theatre
Cellar Bar, City Gate Hotel, Exeter
Tuesday-Thursday 21-23 October
First Performance 7pm
Second Performance 8.45pm
A Play by Howard Brenton
John Christie: Midge Mullin
Tickets: £8
Box Office: 01392 434169

Substance & Shadow Theatre Company
Dream Catcher Theatre Company
Barnfield Theatre
Friday 31 October 8pm
Howard Brenton: "Christie in Love"
(Substance & Shadow)
New Work: "Ma Cherie a Mort"
(Dream Catcher Theatre)
Tickets: £10
Box Office: 01392 271808
Book Online

Dartington Playgoers
Studio 1 Dartington Space
(Dartington Hall Estate TQ9 6EL)
Tuesday 28 October
Saturday 1 November 7.30pm
'A comedy of menace' by Harold Pinter
Director: Patrick Cooper
Meg: Sarah Thompson
Petey: Gordon Frow
Stanley: Giles Ashton
Goldberg: Tim McGill
McCann: Pete O'Keefe
Lulu: Rosie Race
Tickets: £10 (student/unwaged £6)
Box Office: 01803 847070
Book Online

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Agata Szymczewska (violin) Gad Kadosh (conductor) Orchestra of the Swan Max Bruch Violin Concerto Exeter Cathedral for Two Moors Festival Concert Saturday 18 October 2014

Agata Szymczewska
Bruch Violin Concerto
Gad Kadosh
Orchestra of The Swan
Beethoven Eroica Symphony
Double Bass: Chris Westcott
Double Bass: Owen Rump
Agata Szymczewska and Gad Kadosh
Woodwind for Jean Sibelius:
"Pelléas et Mélisande"
Virtuoso Cor Anglais: Victoria Brawn
For a full report see
Exeter Express and Echo
Music Correspondent: Dru Durman

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sirocco Saxophone Quartet "La Danza" Totnes / Ashburton / Thurleston * Thursday/Friday/Saturday 15/16/17 October 2014 News from Vicky Evans (Divertimento Entertainments Totnes)

(Original Line-Up)

I thought you might be interested in this information about a talented young saxophone quartet that will be well worth hearing this weekend in Devon.
Best wishes


- international saxophone quartet
- formed at the Royal College of Music in 2006,
- Park Lane Young Artists in 2009
- post-graduate studies at conservatoires
  in Cologne, Paris and The Hague...

New Line-Up
- with Gregor Bohmerle (Baritone)

give regular recitals across Europe
including Purcell Room, Cadogan Hall, Wigmore Hall,
St Martin-in-the-Fields (UK), Hotel de Paris (Monaco)
and the Meisterkonzert Chamber Music Series
at the Theo Otto Theater (Germany)
and regularly in Germany, Holland and recently in Canada.

local girl on soprano sax... 

Michaela Stapleton

Michaela Stapleton (soprano sax) was educated
at South Devon Steiner School and South Dartmoor!

Huw Wiggin

Huw Wiggin (tenor sax) was this year’s overall winner
of the solo section of the Royal Overseas League
Annual Music Competition in London.

Greta Schaller
Gregor Bohmerle

Greta Schaller (alto sax) and Gregor Bohmerle (baritone sax)
work successfully in Germany.

Together they are the Sirocco Saxophone Quartet.

The programme for these concerts,
is chamber music inspired by dance,
such as Piazzolla’s tangos, the charleston and klezmer,
to name but a few - along with a striking contemporary piece.

It is a lively programme that would appeal to a wide audience.

times and venues

Thursday 16th October 7.30 pm
South Devon Steiner School,
on the A384 near Dartington
Tickets: £8 (concessions and under 18's: £4)

Friday 17th October 8 pm
St Lawrence's Chapel, Ashburton
Tickets £10 (concessions and under 18's: £5)

Saturday 18th October  7.30 pm
Thurlestone Music Society in Thurlestone Parish Hall
Pat MacDonald 01548 560436 or Lise White 01548 560505 

Tickets for Thursday and Friday concerts can be bought on their web-site  <>
- and on the night on the door.
Half price concessions for those who need it
and for under 18’s for both concerts.

Check out their web-site <>
for more about the quartet,
their individual bios
and to hear their music.

CD’s available on web-site <
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear
this "hugely talented foursome” (The Observer).

Bring your friends!

The Devon concerts are part of a series
to celebrate the launch of their first CD,
recorded in May 2014,
an exceptionally high quality recording called La Danza
and the programme they will play in Devon
will be largely drawn from that collection
- a journey through richly contrasting styles of dance
- music by Rossini, Manuel da Falla, Bernstein, Piazzolla etc

This is a lively programme with a refreshing panorama
of mood and colour - and unexpected twists
on familiar musical territory.

Nick Luscombe featured a (klezmer) track from this CD
on Late Night Junction (Radio 3) in August.

It would be amazing if you could let other people
in your networks know about the concert
… you could even get a couple of friends to come with you?!!!

Sirocco's concerts in Europe are always packed out
- it would be great if we could do the same here!

Newton Road

01803 863677

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Return of Classical Café with "String Crazy" Cullompton Community Centre Friday 17 October 2014

Jane Greenwood, Jane Pyrie
Rebecca Allnat, Hilary Boxer

Classical Café
Cullompton Community Centre
Friday 17th October 7 for 7.30pm

3 Fantastic performances

Cellos 4
Jane Greenwood, Jane Pirie,
Rebecca Allnatt, Hilary Boxer

Classical Guitar
David Cottam

Naomi Sourbut 

with public bar

Tickets: £12 (U18 £6)

Tickets available from the centre

Guitar: David Cottam

Soprano: Naomi Sourbut

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Quorum at St Stephen's Church Exeter 1pm Thursday 16 October 2014

Soprano: Janet Macdonald
Piano: Margaret Chave
Clarinet: Phil Bonser

Quorum presents

A Concert of Favourites
In aid of Exeter Food bank

Thursday 16th October 1.10 pm
Coffee at 12.30 Do bring your sandwiches

Enjoy your favourites and discover some new ones with
Janet Macdonald ~ soprano    
Alison Macdonald ~ mezzo
                Philip Bonser ~ clarinet                
Dorothy Raven ~ piano 

To include:
Shepherd on the Rock: Schubert
Bist du Bei Mir; Apres  un Reve: Faure;
Mio Tesoro per te Moro: Scarlatti;
Sound the Trumpet; The Entertainer; Caprice;
Witchcraft & None but the Lonely Heart.

Enquiries : 01293 271858

There will be a retiring collection in aid of Exeter Food bank

Monday, 13 October 2014

Alison Burnett Soprano - Masters of the King's Music Powderham Castle Friday 24 October 2014

Soprano Alison Burnett

‘Music in the Castle’

To Friends of Music in the Castle

Masters of the King’s Music – A Celebration
Friday, October 24th at 7.30pm

The priority booking period for ‘Friends’ has now ended, so I thought I should alert you in case you haven’t yet bought tickets for our ‘Celebratory Presentation’, marking the retirement of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies as Master of the Queen’s Music.

Alison Burnett and I will be performing an immense range of music from songs by Nicholas Lanier, the first ‘Master…’ in the early 17th century to the familiar ‘Farewell to Stromness’ by ‘Max’ himself, popularised by featuring in the music at the weddings both of Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, and also of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m including a PowerPoint presentation to show pictures and texts relevant to the composers, and I’ll be accompanying Alison on harpsichord, fortepiano, piano and organ.

Such a variety, and of relatively short pieces, means that this is particularly suitable for younger audiences.  I do hope you will help us in our on-going campaign to share our enjoyment of a particular range of music with potential audiences of the future.  Bring children, grand-children, nephews and nieces, and their friends too!  They get in at under half-price – and can share the ‘celebratory canapés’ we’re offering in the interval as part of this special event!

Tickets from Powderham Castle: 01626 890243
£15, students £7

I also attach the poster.  If you could display it (and haven’t already done so) I’d be most grateful. 

Finally, I’m saddened to have to tell you of the death of Christopher Hogwood.  He most generously agreed to become one of our patrons, although he was already unwell.  I attach an appreciation of his life and work if you would like to read it.

With all good wishes,

George Pratt

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Full Details of this year's Two Moors Festival Wednesday-Saturday 15-25 October 2014


Wednesday 15 - Saturday 25 October

Wednesday 15th - Crediton

Viktoria Mullova
Holy Cross Church Crediton
Wednesday 15 October 7.30pm
Violin: Viktoria Mullova
Guitar: João Luís Nogueira Pinto
'Cello: Matthew Barley
Percussion: Paul Clarvis
Cláudio Nucci: Toada de Vaquejada" (Rodeo Song)
Henrique Vogeler: "Linda Flor" (Beautiful Flower)
Sueli Costa: "Seque Teu Destino" (Follow your Destiny)
Marisa Monte: "Vilarejo" (Village)
Caetano Veloso: "Luz do Sol" (Sunlight)
Wardir Azevedo: "Brasileirinho"
Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim (Tom Jobim):
     "Dindi" (to Sylvia Telles)
     "Falando de Amor" (Speaking of Love)
     "Chovendo na Roseira" (Raining on a Rosebush)
     "Por Toda Minha Vida" (All my Life)
Arnaldo Baptista: "Balada de um Louco" (Ballad of a Madman)
Zequinha de Abreu: "Tico Tico no Fubá" (Sparrow in the Cornmeal) 1917
Alfredo da Rocha Viana Jr (Pixinguinha): "Rosa"
Tickets: £10/££22/£25/£30
Post-concert Supper: £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Thursday 16th - Ashburton

The Gildas String Trio
The Gildas String Trio
Violin: Christopher Jones
Viola: Kay Stephen
'Cello: Anna Menzies
St Lawrence Chapel Ashburton
Thursday 16 October 11am
Violin: Christopher Jones
Viola: Kay Stephen
'Cello: Anna Menzies
Henry Purcell: 3 Fantasias in Three Parts
Ludwig van Beethoven: Trio in G Opus 9 No 1
Béla Bartok: Violin Duos Selection
Gerald Finzi: Prelude and Fugue for Strings
Tickets: £8
Box Office: 01643 831006

Wells Cathedral School Wind Players
St Lawrence Chapel Ashburton
Thursday 16 October 2.30pm
Alicia Steanson
Gabrielle Mann
Martha-Lily Dyer
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
(Berlin/Hamburg 1714-1788)
Friedrich Kuhlau
(Copenhagen 1786-1832)
Francis Poulenc
(Paris 1899-1963)
Mike Mower
(Bath/London 1953- )
Tickets: £8
Box Office: 01643 831006

Soprano: Gillian Keith
Soprano & Tenor Recital
St Andrew's Church Ashburton
Thursday 16 October
Soprano: Gillian Keith
Tenor: Tom Randle
Piano: Gary Matthewman
Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story/Candide
Thomas Arne: "O Ravishing Delight"
George Frideric Handel: Semele/ Acis & Galatea
("Where e'er you walk", "Happy we")
Gioachino Rossini: "Les Amants de Seville")
Charles Gounod: "La Siesta"
Luigi Arditi: "Una Notte d'Amore"
Henry Purcell: "Sound the Trumpet"
Georges Bizet, Ambroise Thomas,
Tenor: Tom Randle
Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann
Tickets: £17/£20/£25
Box Office: 01643 831006

Piano: Gary Matthewman

Friday 17th - Holne / Widecombe / Ashburton

Gildas Quartet
St Mary's Church Holne
Gildas Quartet
Friday 17 October 11am
Violins: Chritopher JonesSophie Cameron
Viola: Kay Stephen 'Cello: Anna Menzies
Tea and Coffee followed by:
Wolfgang Mozart: Adagio & Fugue in Cm K546
Edvard Grieg: Sting Quartet in Gm Opus 27 No 1
Thomas Adès: Arcadiana Opus 12
Tickets: £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Sounds Baroque
St Pancras Church Widecombe-in-the-Moor
Friday 17 October 2.30pm
Harpsichord: Julian Perkins
Soprano: Anna Dennis
Violin: Sarah Moffatt
Sounds Baroque
Viola da Gamba: Henrik Persson
George Frideric Handel: Neun Deutsche Arien
     4. Süße Stille Sanfte Quelle
Henry Purcell: Suite from "The Tempest"
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pièces de clavecin en concerts
Stephen Dodgson: "The Worm and the Butterfly"
Iain Farrington: "Ariel Songs"
George Frideric Handel: Neun Deutsche Arien
     9. Flammende Rose, Zierde der Erden
Tickets: £14/£16/£18
Box Office: 01643 831006

Angela Hewitt
St Andrew's Church Ashburton
Friday 17 October 7.30pm
Scarlatti: Sonatas
Enrique Granados: "Danzas Españolas"
Angela Hewitt
(Photo: Karen Robinson)
     4. Villanesca
     5. Andaluza
     6. Rondalla Aragonesa
               (LA JOTA!)
Enrique Granados: "Goyesdas" Opus 11
"Los Mojos Enamorados" (The Gallants in Love)
     4. "Quejas, o La Maja y el Ruiseñor"
          (Complaint, or The Girl & the Nightingale)
     7. "El Pelele: Escena Goyesca"
          (The Puppet: Goya Scene)
Scarlatti: Sonatas
Isaac AlbénizSuite Española Opus 47
     5. Asturias (Leyenda)
     3. Sevilla (Sevillanas)
     7. Castilla (Seguidilla)
Tickets: £24/£28/£35
Box Office: 01643 831006

Saturday 18th - Dulverton / Brompton Regis / Brushford
                            EXETER CATHEDRAL

John Rowlands-Pritchard
All Saints Church Dulverton
John Rowlands-Pritchard
Saturday 18 October 10am-4pm
Performance of 'Chants & Readings' 5pm
Registration: 9.30pm
Chant basics & Service of Terce: 10-11am
Coffee: 11am
Service of Sext: 11.20am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm
Service of None: 2-3.30pm
Tea: 3.30pm
St Dunstan Chant Sequence: 4-5pm
Free Public Performance: 5pm
Course: £10  Lunch: £4.50
Online Booking Form

Eton Organ Scholars
Brompton Regis & Brushford
Saturday 18 October 11am-4pm
11am St Mary's Church Brompton Regis
           - 6 miles north of Dulverton
   (1872 Thomas Christopher Lewis Organ)
12.30pm The George Inn Brompton Regis
2.30pm St Nicholas Church Brushford
              - 3 miles south west of Dulverton
   (1931 George Champion Bedwell Organ)
Organ Restorer: Michael Farley, Budleigh (x2)
Organists: William McDonald & Alex Tucker
Tickets: £10 for each recital
Box Office: 01643 831006
Lunch Booking: 01398 371273

Gildas Quartet Rehearsal
Brushford Parish Hall
Saturday 18 October 2-4pm
Gildas Quartet
Violins: Christopher JonesSophie Cameron
Viola: Kay Stephen 'Cello: Anna Menzies
Wolfgang Mozart: String Quartet in D K575
Admission FREE
In preparation for 2015 Argyle & Bute Tour
Six concerts - Repertoire to include:
Hugo Wolf: Italian Serenade
Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet No 9 in E flat
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Adagio & Fugue in C minor
Leoš Janáček: Quartet No. 1, "Kreutzer Sonata"

Ludwig van Beethoven: Op. 59, No. 2 in E minor
19 February - Islay  20 February - Kintyre
21 February - Mid Argyll  22 February - Oban
6 March - Bute  8 March - Cowa

Admission FREE - No ticket required

Agata Szymczewska
Orchestra of the Swan
Exeter Cathedral
Saturday 18 October  7.30pm
Jean Sibelius: "Pelléas et Mélisande"
Max Bruch: Violin Concerto in G minor
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony on E♭
Conductor: Gad Kadosh
Violin Soloist: Agata Szymczewska
Tickets: Nave £30/£28/£18 Aisle £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Sunday 19th - Exford / Dulverton

St Mary Magdalene Church
Holy Communion
St Mary Magdalene's Church Exford
Sunday 19 October 11am
Leader: Rev David Weir
Visiting Preacher:
Very Rev Dr Jonathan Draper
Dean of Exeter Cathedral
This is an Anglican church service
No charge for admission

Opus Angelicanum
Opus Angelicanum
All Saints' Church Dulverton
Sunday 19 October 2pm
English Chants from Cantebury
composed following the death of St Dunstan
& Diana Burrell: "Sing, Friends, Sing" (2014)
Alto: Stephen Burrows
Tenor: Nick Madden, John Bowen
Bass: Roland Robertson,
John Rowlands-Pritchard
Narrator: John Touhey
Tickets: £15
Box Office: 01643 831006

Exmoor Pony Centre

Ashwick, Dulverton
Sunday 19 October 2.30pm
Indoor Talk & Outdoor Tour
- weather permitting
Admission FREE - Ticket Required
Box Office: 01643 831006

David Goode
Eton College Music Scholars

All Saints' Church Dulverton
Sunday 19 October 7.30pm
Musical Director: David Goode
Tickets: £18/£22/£24
Box Office: 01643 831006

Monday 20th - Dulverton / Chulmleigh

Sonatas for Violin & Piano
Harvey Davies

Sarah Ewins
All Saints' Church Dulverton
Monday 20 October 10.30am-8.30pm
M O Z A R T     M A R A T H O N
Violin: Sarah Ewins
Piano: Harvey Davies
10.30: Sonatas K7, 28, 30, 301, 304
12.00: K302, Variations on "La Bergère",
         "Celimene", K376
2.00: K296, 378, 380
3.30: K303, 454, 526
7.30: K6, 27, 377, 481, 547
Tickets: Daytime £12 Evening £18
All Five Concerts £50  Lunch £4.50
Box Office: 01643 831006

Trevor Pinnock
Trevor Pinnock
St Mary Magdalene's Church Chulmleigh
Monday 20 October 7.30pm
Johann Sebastian Bach:
"Toccata in E minor" BWV 914
"Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue in D minor" BWV 903
"French Suite No 6 in E major" BWV 817
"Partita No 4 in D major" BWV 828
Tickets: £18/£22/£25
Box Office: 01643 831006

Tuesday 21st - Witheridge / Moretonhampstead

Notus Winds
Notus Winds
St John the Baptist's Church Witheridge
(10 miles east of Tiverton)
Tuesday 21 October 11.30am
Flute: Charlotte Ashton  Clarinet: Jordan Black
Oboe: Eleanor Tinlin  Horn: Carys Evans
Bassoon: Jonathan Davies
Eugène Bozza: "Scherzo for Woodwind Quintet"
Giulio Briccialdi: Wind Quintet No 1 in D Op 124
Jean Françaix: Wind Quintet No 2
Ronaldo Miranda: "Variações Sérias"
Claude Debussy (Arr. Norman Hallam):
"La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin"
Ástor Piazzolla (Arr. Jeff Scott): "Libertango"
Tickets: £10  Lunch £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Clive Aslet
Clive Aslet ("Country Life" Editor)
St John the Baptist's Church Witheridge
(10 miles north of Crediton)
Tuesday 21 October 3pm
(a talk on his acclaimed book tracing
 the history of each name of Lydford
 War Memorial)
Admission FREE - no ticket required
Collection for Festival Education Programme

Agata Szymczewska
Marek Bracha
Agata Szymczewska
St Andrew's Church Moretonhampstead
Tuesday 21 October 7.30pm
Violin: Agata Szymczewska
Piano: Marek Bracha
J S Bach: Sonata in A BWV 1015
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata in F
(Opus 24 No 5 "Spring")
Karol Szymanowski: "King Roger"
(Roxana's Song)
Henryk Wieniawski: Polonaise in D Op 4
Tickets: £18/£24/£28
Box Office: 01643 831006

Wednesday 22nd - Dunster

Charlotte Hewett

Soprano, Clarinet & Piano
St George's Church Dunster
Wednesday 22 October 10.30am
Soprano: Charlotte Hewett
Clarinet: Joseph Shiner
Piano: Alison Farr
W A Mozart: "Così fan tutte"
(Come scoglio immota resta -
   Like a rock, we stand immobile)
Joseph Shiner
Giacomo Puccini: "Gianni Schicchi"
(O mio babbino caro -
                       O my beloved father)
Richard Strauss: "Ständchen" (Serenade)
                          "Die Nacht" (Night)
Roger Quilter (Percy Bysshe Shelley):
  "Love's Philosophy"
Ivor Novello: "Waltz of my Heart"
Jonathan Dove: "The Enchanted Pig"
   Adelaide's Aria - "It's my Wedding"
Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles Opus 23
Eugène Bozza: Aria
Alamiro Giampieri: "Il Carnavale di Venazia"
Tickets: £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Carducci Quartet

Carducci Quartet
St Geroge's Church Dunster
Wednesday 22 October 2pm
Violin: Matthew Denton, Michelle Fleming
Viola: Eoin Schmidt-Martin  'Cello: Emma Denton
Piano: Jayson Gillham
Dmitri Shostakovich: Quartet in C minor
Jayson Gillham
                                Piano Trio in E minor
                                Piano Quintet in G minor
Tickets: £15/£20/£25
Box Office: 01643 831006

Imogen Cooper
Imogen Cooper
St George's Church Dunster
Wednesday 22 October 7.30pm
Robert Schumann: Novelette Op21.8
                  Davidsbundlertanze Op16
                       Abegg Variations Op1
Franz Schubert: Sonata in B   D960
Tickets: £24/£28/£35
Box Office: 01643 831006

Thursday 23rd - Moretonhampstead / Okehampton

Penny Adie Presents . . .
St Andrew's Church Moretonhampstead
Thursday 23 October 10.30am
Soprano: Charlotte Hewett
Piano: Alison Farr
Tickets: £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Carducci Quartet
St Andrew's Church Moretonhampstead
Thursday 23 October 2.30pm
Violin: Matthew Denton, Michelle Fleming
Viola: Eoin Schmidt-Martin 'Cello: Emma Denton
Piano: Jayson Gillham
Jayson Gillham
Johannes Brahms: Piano Quintet in F minor
Robert Schumann: Piano Quintet in E flat
Tickets: £15/£20/£25
Box Office: 01643 831006

Mark Padmore
All Saints' Church Okehampton
Thursday 23 october 7.30pm
Tenor: Mark Padmore
Guitar: Mogan Szymanski
John Dowland: "Come ye heavy states of night"
                       "Come again, sweet love"
                       "Now, O now I needs must part"
Alec Roth: "The Unicorn in the Garden" (guitar)
Thomas Wyatt (Arr. Alec Roth): "My Lute & I"
Morgan Szymanski
Franz Schubert: "Heidenröslein" (Rose on the Heath)
"Des Fischers Liebesglück" (The Fisher's Joy in Love)
"Der Jüngling an der Quelle" (The Youth by the Spring)
Sir Michael Tippett: "Songs from Achilles"
Vikram Seth (Arr. Alec Roth): "Chinese Gardens"
Edward Thomas (Arr. Alec Roth): "Lights Out"
Tickets: £18/£24/£28 Post-Concert Supper £10
Box Office: 01643 831006

Friday 24th - Exeter / Chagford

Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood
Lisa Nelsen & Eleanor Turner
 "AquilaeHarp & Flute Duo
St Edmunds Court, Okehampton St, Exeter
Friday 24 October 10am-2pm
(Flute & Harp 12-1pm)
Flute: Lisa Nelsen
Harp: Eleanor Turner
Hamilton Harty: "In Ireland"
Bansui Doi (Arr. Rentaro Taki):
"Kojo no Tsuki" (Moon over the ruined castle)
Alwyn Naiades: "Fantasy-Sonata"
J S Bach: Sonata for Flute & Continuo BWV1020
Ralph Vaughan Williams: "Fantasia on Greensleeves"
Ravi Shankar: "L'Aube Enchantee" (Todi Raga)
Deborah Henson-Conant: Baroque Flamenco
Tickets: £10   Lunch £10   (max audience 100)
Box Office: 01643 831006

Leon Bosch

Leon Bosch & Richard Harwood
St Michael's Church Chagford
Friday 24 October 3pm
'Cello: Richard Harwood
Double Bass: Leon Bosch
Jean-Baptiste Barrière: "Sonata á Deux"
Domenico Dragonetti: Duo for 'Cello & Bass
Luigi Boccherini: Concerto for 'Cello & Bass
Ignaz Pleyel: Theme & Variations for 'Cello & Bass
Richard Harwood
Gioachino Rossini: Duetto for 'Cello & Bass
Julius Golterman: "Souvenirs de (Vincenzo) Bellini"
Tickets: £15
Box Office: 01643 831006

Doric String Quartet
Doric String Quartet
St Michael's Church Chagford
Friday 24 October 7.30pm
Violin: Alex RedingtonJonathan Stone
Viola: Hélène Clément  'Cello John Myerscough
Josef Haydn: String Quartet in D Op 76 No 2
Thomas Adès: Four Quartets Op 28
Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet
Op130 No 13 
(with Große Fuge)
Tickets: £18£20/£24
Box Office: 01643 831006

Saturday 25th- Dunster

Rebecca McNaught
Young Musicians
St George's Church Dunster
Saturday 25 October 1pm
'Cello: Rebecca McNaught
'Cello: Willard Carter
Cornet: Andrew Wingham
Violin: Hannah Brooks-Hughes
Piano Accompanist: Alison Farr
Admission FREE - Ticket Required
Box Office: 01643 831006

Willard Carter
Andrew Wingham
Hannah Brooks-Hughes

Elizabeth McLaughlin
The Loft, Dunster Steep
(Above "Rohan Country Store")
Saturday 25 October 3.30pm
Admission FREE
Collection for Festival Education Programme

Kate Royal & Malcolm Martineau
Kate Royal
St George's Church Dunster
Saturday 25 October 7.30pm
Soprano: Kate Royal
Piano: Malcolm Martineau
Franz Schubert:
"An Silvia"  "Romanze aus Rosamunde"
"An den Mond I"  "Rastlose Liebe"
"Heimliches Lieben"  "Im Frühling"
"An die Musik"  "An die Nachtigall"
"Abendstern"  "Frühlingsglaube"
"Lied der Delphine"
Richard Strauss:
"Ich trage meine Minne"
"Das Rosenband"  "Einerlei"
Malcolm Martineau
"Malvern"  "September"
Gustav Mahler:
"Frühlingsmorgen"  "Erinnerung"
"Scheiden und Meiden"
"Ich atmet' einen linden Duft"
"Ich bin de Welt"
Tickets: £22/£25/£30
Box Office: 01643 831006