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Interview with Contemporary Artist Seran Kubisa for "The Space Programme" Soundart Radio 1-3pm Monday 10 November 2014


The Blackhole
The Other Side of the Blackhole

‘The Blackhole’ 2001
Oil on Canvas
110 x 130cm

‘The Other Side of the Blackhole’ 2001
Oil on Canvas
 110 x 130cm

Two Meeting Galaxies

At Gallery 53Artsprojx Space, Knightsbridge. London

‘Two Meeting Galaxies’ (NGC 1409, NGC 1410) 2001
Oil on Canvas
205cm x 123cm

Every Memory, Everywhere 1 & 2
Grandpa & Grandma
‘Every Memory, Everywhere – 1’ 2005 (left in image) photo Gallery 53 
solo exhibition London 2009
152 x 112cm
Oil on Canvas

Every Memory, Everywhere- 2’ 2005
152 x 112cm
Oil on Canvas

This body of work has progressed from the Neuroscience research, which 
investigated memory storage and brain function. It enquires into more 
personal memories, specifically in relation to past generations. It 
reconstructs matter, and textures that set off a memory stored in the 
brain, whilst relating it to possibilities of continued life 
existence, and a shared memory of a grander scale. The two yellow 
figures are the artists maternal Grandma and Grandad taken from a 
photograph. Are they still alive in genes, memory or still existing 
beyond our immediate vision?

Confocal Laser Images

Music comissioned for the "Recall" projection installation in Portsmouth

"Beach, Shells & Pebbles" & "Lido":  Robert Fage
"The Mary Rose" & "Cathedral":  Stephen Tait
"Pompey - Portsmouth Football Club": Robert Fage
"Lucky Black Cat Mascot": Stephen Tait
"Minen - Morse Code", "Albert RN", "World War II", "D-Day Flying Jacket", 
"Suitcase Radio", "D- Day Chocolate", "German Minefield Sign"
& "RAF Survival Pack":  Robert Fage
"Pianola", "Chinese/ English Dictionary Sounds",
"Chinese Water Colour & Mah-jong Game": Stephen Tait
"Father’s Mitten" (Smell):  Robert Fage
"Lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson & HMS Victory",
"Wedding Music":  Stephen Tait
"Wallpaper Council Offices", "Matches": Robert Fage
"Persian Bag", "Africa", "Dream Catcher": Stephen Tait

"Recall" is a multi-media response by artist Seran Kubisa to her archives of historical and scientific investigations including the ambitious Public Art project ʻTreasure Island: A Forensic Investigation of a Cityʼ - Portsmouth 2006-2010.

Recall invokes memories stored in fragments of the aged objects. Seran Kubisa uses a high-tech scientific process to extract the artwork from the minute fragment, which then becomes an  intrinsic part of the film reel and the trigger to the memory being re-leased through stills, film scenes, film archives and sound.

The film has an original score and Seran Kubisa has worked with contemporary composers Stephen Tait and Robert Fage to respond to the objects era, heritage events and living stories. Stephen Taitʼs orchestral scores and ambient  soundscapes draw you into the objects story.

Robert Fage has used original source material and found sounds, which are processed in an unusual way to invoke ghosts from the objects specific moment in time.

The most in depth investigation has been in the city of Portsmouth where it has revealed national heritage archives, personal histories and stories of life, hardship, love and death. The film reveals these collective experiences through its social dissection of life.

Archives have been created and fragments collected from diverse locations:

The Mary Rose, HMS Victory, Royal Naval Museum, D-Day museum,
Public open sessions and groups.

Artefacts have included historical gems as well as personal objects:
dog skeleton from The Mary Rose, Lady Hamiltonʼsʼ Dress Hem, a hair from Lord Nelson,
WWII Diary & Birth Tag, amongst many.

Other Investigations have been conducted on the artistsʼ sitting room,
at Coutts & Co Bank, London and Carla-Bayle a village in France.

New Studio
in Maine-et-Loire
Work in Progress
Cue interview with Seran

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