Friday, 13 June 2014

ExTunes (Exeter University Music Office) "War Song" Exeter University Great Hall Sunday 8 June 2014 Report from Natasha Iuchanka

(University of Exeter Music Office)
W A R    S O N G

Exeter University Great Hall
Sunday 8 June

I wish you will be here!

The event was 6 month in preparations and rehearsals. Choirs, orchestras, soloists, conductors, composers,-all were mostly students of the University.

The arrangements for separate groups and for join them all together, some songs, in one were brilliantly done by Music Artistic Coordinator Alex Hawker, which also been a conductor of some numbers.

The choice of songs was, obviously, a subject of a long thoughtful considerations of Music Manager Mark Barretto with Alex Hawker, and with all ExTunes music groups performers.

Everything in this perfectly organized Concert went smoothly, in good order, in a very touching way of sound atmosphere created by all these human heritage music pieces full of positive energy of spiritual and respectful feelings. Even the audience space, which was arranged as a kind of a cabaret, helped to create the less formal but more sociable and friendly mood in all this Great Hall Great acoustic environments!

I cannot resist to mention brilliant singers of this night,especially Frankie Gough, and absolutely outstanding Georgie Lewis (which, actually performed her own composition piece). I think this kind of solo singing will have a great career in the nearest future.

And also (I gonna talk about it in music Office), this kind of Concert program deserves to be toured around Devon or further with a very positive different audiences receives.

There a couple of pictures of this wonderful event, which my "amateur camera" done, been very excited, make your choice!

A lot of love.


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