Monday, 16 June 2014

Classical Journey 10am Tuesday 17 June 2014 Update

ExeVox Choir
Musical Director: Peter Adcock (centre)

ExeVox Chairman Rob Martin

Listen in this morning for Organ and Choral music by J S Bach, recorded during Sunday's afternoon concert at St David's Church Exeter - with Peter Adcock's "ExeVox" Choir. A stunning sound. Hear more about the groups future plans from Chairman Rob Martin.

Find out more about two quality 'cello concerts tonight and tomorrow, by an illustrious pupil of Father Theodore Matheison in Kolkata, Anup Biswas. Great news that both concerts are free. (N.B. Wednesday's concert in the Chapter House starts at 1.00pm - NOT 1.30pm.) Father Mathieson's niece Beth Corbett will explain in full.


(Note: Wednesday's Concert starts 1pm)

Cello: Anup Biswas
Mathieson Music Trust Concert
1. St Thomas Church Cowick Street
Tuesday 17 June 7.30pm
2. Exeter Cathedral Chapter House
Wednesday 18 June 1.00pm
Cello: Anup Kumar Biswas
Baritone: Donald Boothman
Piano: David King
Henry Purcell/William Shakespeare:
The Tempest "Arise, ye Subterranean Winds"
George Frideric Handel:
Donald Boothman

Xerxes "Ombra Mai Fu"
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven:
'Cello Sonata in A Major Opus 69
Johannes Brahms:
'Cello Sonata in E minor Opus 38
Charles Gounod/Onésime Pradère:
Faust "Cavatina"
Pyotr Tchaikovsky   Sir Edward Elgar
Rabindranath Tagore: "Anondo Loke"
Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein II:
"South Pacific" Some Enchanted Evening
Cole Porter: Jubilee "Begin the Beguine"
Noël Coward
Admission FREE
Donations welcomed to support Anup's
Mathieson Music Trust in Kolkata
(Mathieson Music School Facebook Page)

Spot the piece by fellow Kolkatan, Rabindranath Tagore. No coincidence that Anup has included a song by the Bangali Noble Laureate. This weekend Dartington Hall is the venue for a celebration of Tagore and the spirit of renewal he brought to the village of Santiniketan in northern Bengal, where he founded the progressive university of Visva Bharati - and the similar inspiration he brought to Leonard and Dorothy Elmhists rural revitalisation scheme at Dartington itself.

Ten fascinating lectures by high-powered visiting speakers - including the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister. Ten engaging seminars on widely varying topics, covering spirituality, wellbeing and - most important of all - practical suggestions for promoting peace and reducing conflict. Fourteen instructive workshops - dance, artwork, gardening, even furniture recycling. Seven spectacular concerts, two films and two parties. Not to mention seven miscellaneous 'events' which are hard to categorise: bicycle decoration and dalala bike ride, stories to wear, and even anarchist baking. (The mind boggles!) Down the road at Aller Park, a new art installation by Dartington's new Artist-in Residence, Ansuman Biswas. (No relation apparently.)

To put this extraordinary extravaganza into perspective, co-ordinator Jude Wright will phone in from Dartington Space to give the low-down on all the events - and the highlights.

In between making the arrangements for all those wonderful guests!

Jude Wright
working hard to prepare the
Tagore Festival
Dartington Hall

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