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Early Music in the South West - Latest Listings provided by Totnes Early Music Membership Secretary Jasper Solomon July to September 2014

Burgundian Basse Dance
Jakob Menel 1503
(Rostibolli Renaissance Dancers 5 July)


Saturday 5 at 7.30pm
Ashwater Parish Hall, Ashwater, Devon EX21 5EZ
Rostibolli Renaissance Dancers with Isidoro Roitman
lute),Gabriela Galvan (flute),
Frances Eustace (pipes, tabor, bassoon)
directed by Diana Cruikshank.
Historical Dance performance in colourful costumes.
Tickets:  adults £5, children £2.50.

Saturday 19 at 7.30pm
St. Peter's Church, Budleigh Salterton EX9 6LT
Red Priest
Carnival of the Seasons
VIVALDI arr. Red Priest: The Four Seasons
BIBER  Easter Sonata: "The Crucifixion"
VAN EYCK  What Shall We Do This Evening?
PURCELL Suite: A Midsummer Night's Dream
BACH  Prelude in D minor for solo cello
JOHNSON The Witches' Dance
CORELLI arr. Red Priest Concerto Grosso in G minor
"Per la Notte de Natale".
Piers Adams recorders, Julia Bishop violin,
Angela East cello, David Wright harpsichord
Tourist Information Centre: Fore Street,
Budleigh Salterton EX9 6NG.
Phone 01395 445275, email:

Friday 25th at 7.30pm
St. Winifred's Church, Branscombe,
Nr. Seaton, Devon EX12 3DA
I Fagiolini
CORNYSHE Woefully array'd
SANDRIN  La volunté
DE SERMISY  Au joly boys
JANEQUIN  Le chant des oyseaulx
WILBYE  Music of a sweet aching, Adieu sweet Amaryllis,
Oft have I vowed, Weep, weep mine eyes
TOMKINS  Too much I once lamented
MONTEVERDI Music for the Mantuan concerto,
Ah dolente partita, Sfogava con le stelle,
Che dar più vi poss'io, Anima mia perdona
Tickets £16.50 (£8 with restricted view)
from 020 7955 1446 or email:

Saturday 26 at Midday
St. Winifred's Church, Branscombe EX12 3DA
Philip Higham (cello)
J.S.BACH  Cello Suites No.2 and No.6 
Tickets £16.50 (£8 with restricted view)
from 020 7955 1446 or email:

Saturday 26, 27, 28, 30 at 7.30pm
Iford Manor, nr. Bradford on Avon BA15 2BA
Early Opera Company directed by Justin Way
and conducted by Christian Curnyn
MONTEVERDI The Return of Ulysses (sung in English)
with Jonathan McGovern (Ulysses),
Nick Pritchard (Telemaco), Rowan Hellier (Penelope),
Elizabeth Cragg (Minerva), Annie Gill (Melanto).
Callum Thorpe (Antinoo) & Daniel Auchincloss (Eumete).
Tickets £110 (Sun-Fri) £114 (Sat)
from Bath Box Office 01225 448844.

Dartington International Summer School concerts
for more details and tickets prices]
Saturday 26 at 7.45pm
Emma Kirkby (soprano), Nicholas Clapton (alto),
David Miller (lute & theorbo), Richard Tunnicliffe (cello).
Sunday 27 at 7.45pm
"Music from here & there".
Monday 28 at 7.45pm
Anton Steek (baroque violin), Markake Spaans (harpsichord).
JS & CPE Bach
Tuesday 29 at 7.45pm
Lisa Beznosiuk (flutes), Maggie Cole (harpsichord & fortepiano),
Richard Tunnicliffe (cello).
Works by JS Bach, CPE Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn.
Wednesday 30 at 5.15pm
Jill Kemp (recorders), Clare Williams (harpsichord).
"The Devil Within"
Works by Telemann, JS Bach, Tartini.
Wednesday 30 at 7.45pm
The City Musick
Thursday 31 at 7.45pm
DISS Baroque Orchestra (dir. Anton Steek)
with Maggie Cole (fortepiano), Marake Spaans (harpsichord),
Emma Kirkby (soprano).
CPE BACH Double Concerto for fortepiano & harpsichord
and Hamburg Symphony no. 5, JS
BACH Ich habe genug Cantata 82.


Dartington Summer School concerts
for more details and tickets prices]
Friday 1 at 7.45pm
DISS Choir (dir. Andrew Griffiths)
with Nicholas Clapton (alto), Charles Daniels (tenor).
CPE BACH  St. John Passion
STEFFANI Stabat Mater
JS BACH Lobet den Herrn
ZELENKAMagnificat in D.
Friday 8 at 7.45pm
DISS Choir & Chamber Choir (dir. Jacqueline Shave)
with Helen Parker (soprano), Andrew Watts (alto),
Charles Daniels (tenor),
Lukas Zeman & Christopher Wray (baritone).
JS BACH St. John Passion

Friday 1 & 2 at 7.30pm
Iford Manor, nr. Bradford on Avon BA15 2BA
Early Opera Company directed by Justin Way
and conducted by Christian Curnyn
MONTEVERDI The Return of Ulysses (sung in English)
with Jonathan McGovern (Ulysses), Nick Pritchard (Telemaco),
Rowan Hellier (Penelope),  Elizabeth Cragg (Minerva),
Annie Gill (Melanto).Callum Thorpe (Antinoo)
& Daniel Auchincloss (Eumete).
Tickets £110 (Sun-Fri) £114 (Sat)
from Bath Box Office 01225 448844.

Saturday 2 at 7.30pm
Collegiate Church of St Endellion,
North Cornwall PL29 3TP
St. Endellion 56th Summer Festival of Music
St. Endellion Festival Orchestra and Chorus,
Ryan Wigglesworth (dir.)
with Sophie Bevan, Pamela Helen Stephen, Mark Padmore,
Matthew Brook.
BACH  Mass in B minor BWV 232
Tickets £24, £22 & £19
on 01208 880298 from 30th June.
Monday 4 at 7.30pm
Truro Cathedral
Tickets £8 to £24
from Hall of Cornwall Box Office 01872 262466


Thursday 4 at 7.30pm
Crediton Parish Church. Church Lane,
Crediton, Devon, EX17 2AH.
'In Peascod Time - Music, Words and Song for Summer and Harvest'
Eleanor Cramer (soprano, bass viol),
Arngeir Hauksson (lute, guitar, bass),
Alison Kinder (viols, recorders),
Tamsin Lewis (Renaissance violin, viols, alto)
& Jack Merivale (actor, baritone).
Music by Cavendish, Bennet, Greene, East, Johnson,
Pilkington, Purcell & Robinson.
Tickets £12.50, (students £6.00 and children free)
in advance with SAE from
The Ticket Secretary, 24 Dean Street, Crediton, Devon. EX17 3EN
(application form on the website) or at the door.

Thursday 4 at 7.30pm
Marine Theatre, Church Street, Lyme Regis TA7 3QA
Friday 5 at 11am
Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport DT6 3NR
Friday 5 at 8pm
Ilminster Arts Centre, East Street, Ilminster TA19 0AN
Saturday 6 at 7.30pm
St. Stephen's Church, High Street, Exeter EX4 3LW
Jane Gordon (violin) and Julian Perkins (harpsichord)
HANDEL Sonata in D HWV371
LECLAIR  Sonata (Premier livre)
CORELLI  Sonata No 12 in D minor Op 5 La Follia
BIBER Sonata No 5 in D minor (1681)
and Passacaglia for solo violin
D SCARLATTI  Keyboard sonatas K8, K9 and K430
JS BACH  Sonata in E minor BWV1023
Tickets: Lyme Regis 01297 3QA £14,
Bridport 01308 42420 £10, Ilminster 01460 55783
£14, Exeter 01392 667080 £14.

Friday 5 at 7.30pm
St. Peter, St. Paul & St. Thomas of Canterbury,
Bovey Tracey TQ13 9EP
Devon Baroque directed from the harpsichord by Jonathan Watts
Programme includes:
J.S. BACH  Brandenburg Concerto No.3
VIVALDI  'Autumn' from The Four Seasons
HANDEL  Sinfonia from Solomon
Tickets £18, under 18s £5, obtainable online at:
Pre-concert talk by Jonathan Watts
 with cheese & wine from 6pm in the Church Rooms £10.

Saturday 13 at 7.30pm
St. Mary's Church, High Street, Totnes TQ9 5NN
Liam Byrne (viol) & Arngeir Hauksson (lute)
Sound Out My Voice
Works by Josquin des Prez, Binchois, Ortiz, da Milano,
Palestrina, Lassus, Striggio, Pcinini, da Rore and others
Tickets for TEMS members free;
see for membership details.
Non-members £12, students & under 18s £5
from or at the door.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Raymond Prescott takes over as Devon Events Co-ordinator for the Association of Open University Graduates and delivers an intriguing inaugural address - about the potential benefits of name-change Friday 27 June 2014

Raymond Prescott
Devon Events Co-ordinator

Farewell to
Ann Reed
Raymond Prescott took over from Ann Reed as Devon Events Co-ordinator for the Association of Open University Graduates on Friday 30 May 2014. One month later Raymond joined the graduates in the library at John Eaton-Terry's house to give his inaugural talk - on a very surprising topic: the significance of name choice to spiritual life and destiny.

Apparently Raymond’s name was originally Michael.

He gave a talk on the subject of his destiny, which he said is defined, or determined, by ‘vibrations’ in the matter from which his body and/or soul are composed.

Welcome to
Raymond Prescott
He told us that, at some point in the past, he had come to the realisation that the name Michael was not conducive to the realisation of his destiny, and that the name Raymond was correct for him.

He recounted the story of Raden Mas Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo the founder of the Subud cult in Indonesia, who is known as ‘Bapak’ (Father). At the time of Bapak’s birth, the title Raden Mas was used by the highest male Javanese nobility.

Muhammad Subuh
The surname Sumohadiwidjojo identifies him as a decendant of one of the ‘adipati’ (governers) appointed by the Sultan Agung (Magestic Sultan) Anyokrokusumo in Indonesia in the mid-seventeenth century. This elite group are called the Priyayi (robe nobility). The suffix widjojo is the Javanese form of the Sanskrit word ‘vijaya’ (victorious).

The official biography of Sumohadiwidjojo says that he was born on 22nd June 1901, and his grandfather, Raden Mas Sumowardoyo, named him Muhammad Sukarno. The name Su Karno refers to the character King Karna of Anga in the Mahabharata. (Concidentally Su Karno, the first president of Indonesia, who came to power in 1949, was born two weeks before Bapak on 6th June 1901.)

Sunan Kalijaga
The myth runs that Mohammud Sukarno failed to thrive until a mysterious visitor (sometimes identified as the spirit of Sunan Kalijaga – a fifteenth century Javanese Muslim saint, born Raden Mas Said) convinced the boy’s grandfather to change the name from Sukarno to Subuh (Dawn). The rationale was that, because the boy was born at dawn, changing his name to ‘dawn’ would in some way attune him with his destiny. According to the myth he recovered as a direct result of his name being changed.

Eva Bartok
Quoting once more from Bapak’s official biography, Raymond recounted the case of the actress Eva Bartok, who was born on 18 June 1927 in Budapest and christened Éva Ivanova Márta Szőke. (Szőke in Hungarian means "blonde".) Eva was coerced into marriage to a Hungarian army officer, Géza Kovács, during the war, when she was only thirteen years old. The marriage was declared illegal and annulled a year later. After the war Eva adopted the surname of the recently deceased Hungarian composer and pianist Béla Viktor János Bartók.

First Subud World Congress
Coombe Springs House
In the fifties, Eva met John Godolphin Bennett and attended courses on spirituality at the ‘DuVersity’ (The Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philisophy and the Sciences Ltd. founded by Bennett in 1946) which was located in Coombe Springs House, Kingston upon Thames.

Curd Jürgens
In early 1957 Eva, who was thirty years old, and had recently divorced her fourth husband Curd Jürgenswas found to be pregnant at a medical consultation in London. 

According to Eva, while working in California in 1956, she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and came to a clinic in London where the diagnosis was confirmed, and it was at this point that she was also found to be pregnant.

John Godolphin Bennett
Emergency intervention was scheduled but, on the day before it was due to take place, Bennett returned from a lecture tour in Wales and told Eva that Bapak would shortly be arriving in London. Bennett argued that this coincidence was the work of providence, and that Bapak would ‘carry their work to the next level’. By flattery, Bennett was able to convince Eva to defer the planned intervention until 10th June 1957.

Sumari Sumohadiwidjojo
The story describes Eva as placing no trust in faith healers, and only reluctantly acceding to Bennett’s suggestion that she should consider Bapak’s intervention. In the event, Eva claimed that her health was too poor for her to travel to the airport when Bapak arrived. She was, however, visited by Bapak’s second wife Siti Sumari, who was known as Iba (Mother), whom Bapak had appointed as 'Subud Women's Spiritual Helper'. Iba questioned Eva about her religious beliefs and subjected Eva to a process which Eva was later told is referred to in the Subud cult as ‘latihan kejiwaan’ (spiritual exercise). Eva was also told that Bapak himself was not present because he would only attend latihan with men.

Husein Rofé
Later Eva, having shown signs of recovery, attended Bapak’s conferences, and latihan, at the flat, in Dartmouth Road Willesden Green, of Husein Rofé (a Jewish convert to Islam, collaborator with John Bennett in bringing Subud to the United Kingdom, and author of “Reflections on Subud”). At these meetings, Bapak took a personal interest in Eva, and even attended latihan with women in order to spend more time with her.

On the day before Eva’s deferred medical appointment, Bapak told her that the medical intervention was not necessary. Her appointment was postponed indefinitely, and Bapak began to take part in latihan with Eva personally. He renamed her Iliana - a change to which he attributed her new-found health and vitality. Eva bought a cottage in Kingston and her mother came from California to live with her. Eva now fully intended to have her baby, deriving confidence from Bapak’s assurances.

Deana Grazia Jürgens
Eva’s mother insisted she have a further medical assessment. Eva was found to have no sign of an ovarian tumour. She gave birth to a daughter prematurely on 7th October 1957. Speculation at the time was that the child might be that of her recently divorced husband, or her supposed lover David Mountbatten, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven. Eva called her daughter Deana Grazia Jürgens.

Eva returned to her film work. She retired to Java in 1964, age 37, with her mother and her six year old daughter. In 1971, the 44 year old Eva was ordered by Bapak to go back to Los Angeles as a Subud missionary, leaving the thirteen year old Deana with her grandmother in Indonesia. Eva worked in California as a missionary until August 1971, when she returned for the Subud World Congress in Jakarta.

Frank Sinatra
Eva then remained in Indonesia until 1974, when she moved to Hawaii with Deana to take up a television contract. She subsequently returned to California to start her own production company and Deana made the first of her two film appearances in 1983. Deana’s name had been changed to Roberta by Bapak, but she reverted to Deana as her stage name. Eva, meanwhile had been renamed again by Bapak. She was now Maria (meaning “totally surrendered to god”).

In May 1998 Eva’s daughter (now married and living in Australia as Deana Moore) demanded recognition as the daughter of Frank Sinatra, who had died a few days before in California. (Eva had made the same claim four years earlier, a claim which could possibly be true.) Eva died in August the same year.

Raymond did not explain what connection, if any, he has had with Subud. He did not mention Subud at all. He explained that he had worked as a musician, and that Michael (to whom he referred in the third person) had acted against his better judgement at some time in the past, alienating potential friends and colleagues in the process. Renamed Raymond, however, he has not been so headstrong – and is better attuned to his destiny.

Longcroft,       Subud is a Way of Life Subud Publications International 1990 ISBN: 9781869822064
Harlinah          History of Subud  Hollywood: Al-Baz Publishing Co Inc 1993 ISBN: 0957959605
Rofé, Husein   Reflections on Subud   Humanity Publishing Company   1960
Kadarijah Gardiner explains how Subud combines the concepts of Susila, Budhi & Dharma

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Branscombe Festival Fri 25th - Sun 27th July 2014 Press Release from Albion Media Publicity Assistant Sophie Goodwin

Curator: Iain Burnside (Piano)
Host: Petroc Trelawny (Radio 3)

St Winifred's Church Branscombe
The stunning Devonshire village of Branscombe once again plays host to some of the world's top musicians when the Branscombe Festival returns on Friday 25 - Sunday 27 July 2014. Over three summer days, Branscombe Festival presents performances from leading classical and jazz artists in the picturesque village hall, the historic Saint Winifred's Church, and even on the beach.

Among the highlights of this year's festival are:
- Chart-topping vocal ensemble "I Fagiolini"
with theatrical interpretations of music
  from the Renaissance to the present day
- Rising star. 'cellist Philip Higham
  in a programme of Bach's glorious solo cello suites
- International opera stars Ailish Tynan and Luis Gomes in a gala recital
  with pianist (and Radio 3 presenter) Iain Burnside
- The UK's only fully-professional ragtime band, "Albert Ball's Flying Aces"
  with guest vocalist Patricia Hammond,
  who bring World War I favourites to life, over cream tea
- Dance band "The Leo Green Experience",
  back by popular demand with their late-night jazz gig
- A pop-up shop at all events from the famous London music store Les Aldrich Music,
  selling CDs, record players and vinyl
- A hog roast will also be on offer to audience members on the Saturday evening
- The Festival culminates in a FREE concert on Branscombe beach
  by the Band of the Royal Marines.

Iain Burnside
The festival is curated by renowned pianist Iain Burnside and hosted by BBC Radio 3 broadcaster and journalist Petroc Trelawny.
The 2014 Branscombe Festival supports the Royal National Lifeboat Institution with a donation of 50p from every ticket sold.

Located within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Branscombe Festival was launched in July 2013 by local resident Ian Rosenblatt whose aim was to enable audiences to experience leading international musicians in an intimate, idyllic countryside setting.

Band on the Beach
Trelights Brass Quintet
Branscombe Festival
Sunday 28 July 2013
Last year's festival was a runaway success with the Sidmouth Herald stating that:

"A magical atmosphere lingered delightfully over the village of Branscombe last weekend as the inaugural Branscombe Festival blossomed into glorious full flower."

Ian Rosenblatt says:

"I'm thrilled that Branscombe Festival is back for a second year. I can't wait to build on the success of last year's festival and bring even more incredible talent from the worlds of opera, classical music and jazz to the beautiful setting of Branscombe village. We're looking forward to welcoming back some familiar faces from last year and hope that people from near and far will come to experience all that Branscombe Festival - and the surrounding area - has to offer."


Vocal Ensemble: I Fagiolini
St Winifred's Church Branscombe
Friday 25 July 7.30pm
a vocal ensemble with theatrical
interpretations of music from
the Renaissance to the present day
Director: Robert Hollingworth
(front and centre in photo right)
Tickets: £16.50 (restricted view £8)
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444


'Cello: Philip Higham
St Winifred's Church Branscombe
Saturday 26 July 12 noon
'Cellist and rising star
|Made his debut with several
UK orchestras last year and
has an increasing presence
on the solo recital stage,
including London's Wigmore Hall.
Appeared at the inaugural festival last year
Tickets: £16.50
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444

Soprano: Patricia Hammond
Albert Ball's Flying Aces
Branscombe Village Hall
Saturday 26 July 3pm
leading singer of nostalgic /
war time songs
spear-heading a revival
of the vintage music scene,
and songs from 1870-1950.
Has appeared on Radio 4
written for TheTelegraph
UK's only fully-professional ragtime band.
Tickets: £16.50
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444

HOG ROAST: 5.30pm

Soprano Ailish Tynan & Tenor Luis Gomes
Soprano: Ailish Tynan
(Photo: Sussie Ahlburg)
with Pianist: Iain Burnside
Branscombe Village Hall
Saturday 26 July 7.30pm
Ailish Tynan - international opera star,
and a great personality,
usually sings at world-famous venues
including the Royal Opera House,
and Royal Albert Hall, 
has tonnes of Irish charm!
Tickets: £16.50
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444

Saxophone: Leo Green
Branscombe Village Hall
Saturday 26 July 10.30pm
Ronnie Scott's regulars who have played
with everyone from Van Morrison
to Jerry Lee Lewis and their celebrity fans
include Jools Holland and Rod Stewart
to name but a few! (Read their comments)
Tickets: £16.50
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444

Tickets: £8-£77 (concessions available)
              £16.50 per concert / £8 for concerts with restricted view (church concerts only)
              £77 for all 5 concerts / £60 for all concerts with restricted view in the church
              50p from each ticket sold will be donated to RNLI
Box Office: 02079 551446
TICKETMASTER: 08448 440444


Band of the Royal Marines
St Winifred's Church Branscombe &
marching parade to Branscombe Beach
Sunday 27 July 12 noon (beach 1.30pm)


Full programme details at

Ian Rosenblatt
Ian Rosenblatt
The inaugural Branscombe Festival was launched in July 2013 by Ian Rosenblatt, a British lawyer and senior partner of law firm Rosenblatt Solicitors, who has a home in Branscombe and is a supporter of charitable causes, notably in the field of classical music. He is the founder and sponsor of RosenblattRecitals, London's only world-class series of opera recitals based at Wigmore Hall, which provides many singers with their London recital debut and is credited with establishing the careers of some of the world's major opera stars.

Branscombe Festival
Taking place in Branscombe Village Hall and Saint Winifred's Church (among the oldest and most architecturally-significant parish churches of Devon), the first Branscombe Festival saw performances from leading classical opera singers and instrumentalists including stars of the Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Opera House lyric soprano Ailyn Pérez and tenor Stephen Costello, the Carducci Quartet, cellist Philip Higham; jazz ensemble The Leo Green Experience; and the Trelights Brass Quintet.

National Trust Cottages
& Branscombe Village Hall
Branscombe is a picturesque village in the East Devon district of the English county of Devon. It is located within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, overlooking Lyme Bay. Sweeping down a spectacular valley, past colourful thatched cottages with hanging baskets and climbing roses, down to the sea and a shingle beach, Branscombe is one of the most beautiful and scenic locations on the South East coast. The village contains three National Trust properties, The Old Bakery,Manor Mill &Forge, restored by the Trust, which has owned them since 1965.

RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the charity that saves lives at sea. Our volunteers provide a 24-hour search and rescue service in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland from 236 lifeboat stations, including four along the River Thames and inland lifeboat stations at Loch Ness, Lough Derg, Enniskillen and Lough Ree. Additionally the RNLI has more than 1,000 lifeguards on over 180 beaches around the UK and operates a specialist flood rescue team, which can respond anywhere across the UK and Ireland when inland flooding puts lives at risk.

Ian Rosenblatt
at Les Aldrich Music
Les Aldrich Music Shop
Les Aldrich Music Shop is one of the last remaining independent music shops in London - as well as one of the oldest. The shop has had its roots in Muswell Hill, North London for over 100 years and is a bastion of the North London community. Famous for selling Ray Davies of The Kinks his first guitar, it was recently saved from closure by Ian Rosenblatt, founder of Rosenblatt Recitals. Les Aldrich now stocks everything from vinyl and gramophone players to instruments, accessories, CDs and sheet music.

Sophie Goodwin,
Publicity Assistant,
Albion Media

Wells Cathedral School Stings Virtuosi Concert Cullompton THIS SATURDAY 28th June 2014 talented string players give a FREE CONCERT News from Two Moors Festival Administrator Liz Pile

Wells Cathedral School
Strings Students

Wells Virtuosi
St Andrew’s Church, Cullompton EX15 1JX
Saturday 28th June, 7.30pm

Free concert for the Two Moors Festival

These are superb young musicians from one of the finest Specialist Music 
Schools in the UK. They have generously offered to give a concert in aid of the 
Festival and it promises to be a wonderful evening. St Andrew’s Church is one 
of the most attractive in the area with many fascinating features including 
a Golgotha which is possibly the only remaining example in the world

Donations will be welcome in aid of the Two Moors Festival

—— Programme ——
Felix Mendelssohn
String Symphony No.9 in C major (Swiss)
Samuel Barber
Adagio for Strings Op.11 
Ottorino Respighi
Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No.3 
Richard Strauss
Metamorphosen TrV 290
(a study for 23 solo strings)

For more details phone 01643 831370

or email

Friday, 20 June 2014

"The Comedy Of Errors" Festival Players at Tiverton Community Arts Theatre Tiverton High School Tuesday 8 July 2014 Press Release from Sue North


After last year's successful production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Tiverton Community Arts Theatre, we are delighted that Gloucestershire's acclaimed Festival Players are returning to Tiverton in Shakespeare's 450th birthday year, to bring us the Bard’s shortest comedy.

"Am I in Earth, in Heaven or in Hell?"

In a glorious outdoor setting, watch as a brilliant farce of mistaken identity unfolds. A master and his servant arrive in a foreign port, which unbeknown to them is the home of their long lost twin brothers. Mayhem ensues as brother is taken for brother in a riotous train of misunderstandings, seductions and pursuit. Combined with dramatic and sinister undertones to make a colourful and entertaining romp, performed by a traditional all-male cast.

A performance not to be missed!

Tickets: £14.00  Group Tickets: for four £52.00

This is an outdoor performance as part of the TwoRivTiv Festival;
please bring your own chairs, cushions, rugs.  Picnics welcome.  Licensed bar.
Grounds open from 6:30pm. Performance 7.30pm.
Keep up to date with what's on by visiting
Buy tickets online by clicking on the links above,
or by visiting our dedicated box office at JT's PARTYHOUSE ( 01884 233741)
Registered Charity Number 1155000

Tiverton Community Arts Theatre
Tiverton High School Playing Field
(Bolhanm Road EX16 6SQ)
Tuesday 8 July 6.30 for 7.30pm
Director: Michael Dyer
Stage Manager: Giles Stoakley
Voice Coach: Trish Knight-Webb
Music & Songs: Johnny Coppin
Antipholus of Ephesus/Syracuse: Giles Stoakley
Dromio of Ephesus/Syracuse: Christopher Finn
Emilia, Angelo, Dr Pinch: Matthew Springett
Duke Solinus: Michael Dyer
Egeon: Paul Mills
Adriana: Robbie Merchant
Luciana: Joel Daffurn
Tickets: £14
Group of Four: £52
Box Office: JT's Partyhouse 01884 233741
TCAT Website  Festival Players Website
Outdoor performance - no seating
Bring chairs/rugs and a picnic!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Classical Journey 10am Tuesday 17 June 2014 Update

ExeVox Choir
Musical Director: Peter Adcock (centre)

ExeVox Chairman Rob Martin

Listen in this morning for Organ and Choral music by J S Bach, recorded during Sunday's afternoon concert at St David's Church Exeter - with Peter Adcock's "ExeVox" Choir. A stunning sound. Hear more about the groups future plans from Chairman Rob Martin.

Find out more about two quality 'cello concerts tonight and tomorrow, by an illustrious pupil of Father Theodore Matheison in Kolkata, Anup Biswas. Great news that both concerts are free. (N.B. Wednesday's concert in the Chapter House starts at 1.00pm - NOT 1.30pm.) Father Mathieson's niece Beth Corbett will explain in full.


(Note: Wednesday's Concert starts 1pm)

Cello: Anup Biswas
Mathieson Music Trust Concert
1. St Thomas Church Cowick Street
Tuesday 17 June 7.30pm
2. Exeter Cathedral Chapter House
Wednesday 18 June 1.00pm
Cello: Anup Kumar Biswas
Baritone: Donald Boothman
Piano: David King
Henry Purcell/William Shakespeare:
The Tempest "Arise, ye Subterranean Winds"
George Frideric Handel:
Donald Boothman

Xerxes "Ombra Mai Fu"
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven:
'Cello Sonata in A Major Opus 69
Johannes Brahms:
'Cello Sonata in E minor Opus 38
Charles Gounod/Onésime Pradère:
Faust "Cavatina"
Pyotr Tchaikovsky   Sir Edward Elgar
Rabindranath Tagore: "Anondo Loke"
Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein II:
"South Pacific" Some Enchanted Evening
Cole Porter: Jubilee "Begin the Beguine"
Noël Coward
Admission FREE
Donations welcomed to support Anup's
Mathieson Music Trust in Kolkata
(Mathieson Music School Facebook Page)

Spot the piece by fellow Kolkatan, Rabindranath Tagore. No coincidence that Anup has included a song by the Bangali Noble Laureate. This weekend Dartington Hall is the venue for a celebration of Tagore and the spirit of renewal he brought to the village of Santiniketan in northern Bengal, where he founded the progressive university of Visva Bharati - and the similar inspiration he brought to Leonard and Dorothy Elmhists rural revitalisation scheme at Dartington itself.

Ten fascinating lectures by high-powered visiting speakers - including the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister. Ten engaging seminars on widely varying topics, covering spirituality, wellbeing and - most important of all - practical suggestions for promoting peace and reducing conflict. Fourteen instructive workshops - dance, artwork, gardening, even furniture recycling. Seven spectacular concerts, two films and two parties. Not to mention seven miscellaneous 'events' which are hard to categorise: bicycle decoration and dalala bike ride, stories to wear, and even anarchist baking. (The mind boggles!) Down the road at Aller Park, a new art installation by Dartington's new Artist-in Residence, Ansuman Biswas. (No relation apparently.)

To put this extraordinary extravaganza into perspective, co-ordinator Jude Wright will phone in from Dartington Space to give the low-down on all the events - and the highlights.

In between making the arrangements for all those wonderful guests!

Jude Wright
working hard to prepare the
Tagore Festival
Dartington Hall

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Classical Journey 10am Tuesday 17th June 2014 Peter Adcock ExeVox Choir, Anup Biswas 'Cello, Josie Wallage Ten Voices, Rebecca Willson Classical Café, Tagore Festival Dartington Hall

Matthew & Me
Tagore Festival Dartington Hall
Friday-Sunday 20-22 June

Peter Adcock (left, front)

and ExeVox Choir
ExeVox Choir
St David's Church Exeter
Sunday 15 June 4 for 5pm
Musical Director: Peter Adcock
J S Bach: "Jesu Meine Freunde"
Thomas Morley: Madrigals
Richard Allain, Henry J Washburn: Folk Songs
Michael Flanders/Donald Swann
& George Gershwin: Comic Songs
plus ExeVox Barbershop Quartet
Tickets£10 (student/U18 £8)
     (price includes cream tea at 4pm)
Box Office: 01647 252298
or pay at the door


(Note: Wednesday's Concert starts 1pm)

Cello: Anup Biswas
Mathieson Music Trust Concert
1. St Thomas Church Cowick Street
Tuesday 17 June 7.30pm
2. Exeter Cathedral Chapter House
Wednesday 18 June 1.00pm
Cello: Anup Kumar Biswas
Baritone: Donald Boothman
Piano: David King
Henry Purcell/William Shakespeare:
The Tempest "Arise, ye Subterranean Winds"
George Frideric Handel:
Donald Boothman

Xerxes "Ombra Mai Fu"
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven:
'Cello Sonata in A Major Opus 69
Johannes Brahms:
'Cello Sonata in E minor Opus 38
Charles Gounod/Onésime Pradère:
Faust "Cavatina"
Pyotr Tchaikovsky   Sir Edward Elgar
Rabindranath Tagore: "Anondo Loke"
Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein II:
"South Pacific" Some Enchanted Evening
Cole Porter: Jubilee "Begin the Beguine"
Noël Coward
Admission FREE
Donations welcomed to support Anup'sMathieson Music Trust in Kolkata
(Mathieson Music School Facebook Page)

Powderham Castle

Josie Walledge
Powderham Castle
Friday 20 June 7.30pm
Giacomo;Carissimi: "Jephte"
Domenico Scarlatti: "Stabat Mater"
Johann Sebastian Bach: Organ Preludes
Josie Walledge
Johann Sebastian Bach: "Singt dem Herrn"
Musical Director: Josie Walledge
'Cello Continuo: Clare Garton-Sprenger
Organist: George Pratt
Tickets: £15 (student £7)
Emma Indge: 01626 890243

Classical Café - The Music of Love
Cullompton Community Centre
Friday 20 June 7 for 7.30pm
VIVACE String Ensemble
Leader: Anna Cockroft
J S Bach: Brandenburg Concerto no 3
Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony
BEL CANTO Vocal ensemble
Musical Director: Alan Boxer
Madrigals, Popular Songs,
Rebecca Willson
Works by Eric Whitacre
Morton Feldman: Intermission 6 
Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne in E minor
Graham Fitkin: The Cone Gatherers
Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatelle in Cm 
Tickets: £12 (U17 £6)
(Admission includes wine and refreshments)
Box Office: 01884 33265
Kentisbeare Performning Arts Website

Rabindranath Tagore
Tagore Festival
Dartington Hall Estate
Friday-Sunday 20-22 June
Principles of Hinduism
Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Artist in residence: Ansuman Biswas
Rangoli and Henna Art workshops
Transition Town Totnes Reconomy Project
Baithak & Sangeeta Dance
New Film Biography of Raindranath Tagore
Biography of Marie Marving
Talk on Tagore Sukunta Chaudhuri
Dartington Band Matthew & Me
Band Party at Soundart Radio
Indian Dancing
Dartington Great Hall
Stories under the Trees Susmita Bhattacharya
Dalala Bike Ride - Pimp your ride
Bollywood Dance Workshop Anand Bhatt
Lecture by Tagore Centre Director Kalyan Kundu
Squash-growing workshop/Plant Swap
Kathak Dance Workshop: Aakash Odedra
Furniture Recycling Workshop
Peace Direct Lecture Scilla Elworthy
Schumacher College Poster Workshop
Garba & Dandiya Dance Workshop
Tagore's Female Heroes Prarthana Purkayastha
Community Action Inez Aponte
Bhavan Peace Movement Dr Nandakumara
Dance Offerings from Devon
Sarod Music Amjad Ali Khan
Satish Kumar
8,000 mile
for peace
Midsummer Fire Party
A Monk's Peace Pilgrimage: Satish Kumar
Playing for Peace: Amjad Ali Khan
Stone Carving Workshop Maria Moorhouse
Poetry and Drama Peter Oswald
Five Ways to Wellbeing
Walking the Healing Labyrinth Helen Raphael Sands
Explore Dartington and the Lives of Dorothy &
Leonard Elmhirst with Plymouth Uni's 'LettersApp
Legacy of Tagore: His Eminence Mohamed Quayes
Anarchist Baking!
Poetry and Music Collective One Taste
Seminar on Community Radio Soundart Radio
Who wrote the Bhagavad Gita Lord Desai
Earth Dance Workshop Denise Rowe
Film/Talk: Journey of the Universe Mary Evelyn Tucker
Dance for Dyslexia Aakash Odedra
Chartwell Dutiro
Mbira Dzavadzimu
Tagore's Song Cycles Param Vir
Wake up Yoga! Morning & Noon
Morning Prayers to Ganesha Shiva & Parvati
Four-Screen Film Installation Seasons
Earfilms A 3D Aural Experience
Alternative Intervention Tasters
Stories to Wear Caitlin Shepherd
Free Radicals Experimenters Collective
Social Fabric Freedom Quilt Workshop
Ex-Combatants - A Space for Peace
Family Drop-In Sessions Soundart Radio
World of Sacred Music Chartwell Dutiro
Tickets to Individual Events: £7.50-£15
Senior/Student/U16 reduced price
Child: All Events Admission FREE
Many events: No Charge for Admission
Details of all Events
Who is Rabindranath Tagore?
Tagore Festival Website