Saturday, 3 May 2014

June Ashburner's "Mythic Garden" near Chagford receives new sculptures for 2014

At Stone Lane Gardens near Sandy Park, Chagford, Kenneth and June Ashburner have created and maintained a haven of inspired and fascinating sculpture in her extensive grounds. The landscaping itself is a loving sculpture, and the perfect setting for works by many local artists.

Beautiful stands of birch, of many different species, frame a seemingly endless variety of sculptures. Aquatic, ceramic, metallic, organic. In every corner is another exciting exhibit to discover. The birch tree was Kenneth Ashburner's particular academic interest, and the tree that bears his name, Betula Ashburneri, stands at the top of the garden.

Now that spring is here the gardens are beginning to burst forth with new life, and sculptors from all over Devon, and beyond, are arriving in vans and trucks to deliver their new works. Many sculptures remain from previous years, blending seamlessly into their surroundings.

This Wednesday, as the sun broke tentatively through the rain-washed birch leaves, Budleigh artist Imogen Hallam arrived to replace her sculpture display. 

At the entrance to the gardens
an entrancing miniature
Tati Dennehy
A last look at last year's sculpture:
"Leaf" by Imogen Hallam
is moving to Hampshire
to be replace by Imogen's "Dragon"

More miniatures by Tati Dennehy - enchanting
very sensual
and detailed
Mild steel poppies created by
 Katie Lake
who tragically was drowned while swimming
at Seaton in Cornwall in August last year
Organic Forms
Beautiful wood

worked in many ways
Welcome to a hidden world


  1. Caught googling myself...the pieces youve headed "more miniatures by Tati dennehy" are in fact not by Tati Dennehy (me!) not sure who theyre by Im afraid but definately not me! Lovely to see the other pics of my work here though and your kind comments : ) many thanks, Tati

  2. Thanks Tati
    Sorry for the delayed reply - there seems to be no notification system for these comments.
    I guess you've also seen the post about Jellyfish in Buckfastleigh. I'm pretty sure that was your work - and very lovely too!