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Exeter University Music Office & ExTunes present "War Song" university music societies collaborate in an ambitious programme for remembrance in the centenary year of the outbreak of The Great War Exeter University Great Hall Sunday 8 June 2014 News from ExTunes President Vivianne Inglis

 E x T u n e s
(University of Exeter Music Office)


W A R   S O N G

Exeter University Great Hall

Sunday 8 June 6pm

Act 1 Scene 1 - Soldiers:

University War Song Ensemble
Eric Bogle (arr. Alex Hawker): "No Man's Land"

Exeter University Choral Society
Karl Jenkins: "The Armed Man"
(excerpt - "The Armed Man")

Local Schools Choir

Songs of the Great War

Exeter University Clarinet & Flute Choirs
Adolphe Adam (arr Alex Hawker): "O Holy Night"

University War Song Ensemble
Georgina Lewis: "Freedom"

Maria Yiting Liu
Exeter University Choral Society

Act 1 Scene 2 - Civilians

Exeter University Symphony Orchestra
George Butterworth: "Banks of Green Willow"

University War Song Ensemble
Isabelle Balantyne-Dykes: "What are we Fighting For?"

A Capella Society - The 'Bluebelles'
Ross Parker/Hugh Charles (arr ?): "We'll Meet Again"

Exeter University Big Band & Jazz Orchestra
Glen Miller (arr Alex Hawker): "V is for Victory"/"In the Mood"

Richard Gonski
Exeter University Symphony Orchestra

 « « « INTERVAL « « «

Act 2 Scene 1 - Battles

University War Song Ensemble & Brass Ensemble
Elmer Bernstein: "The Great Escape"

Exeter University Symphony Orchestra
Gustav Holst: "Planets Suite" - "Mars, The Bringer of War"

Exeter University Concert Band
Eric Coates: "The Dam Busters"

Exeter University Choral Society
Karl Jenkins: "The Armed Man" (excerpt - "Torches")

Trumpet Voluntary
General Daniel Butterfield: "The Last Post"

Exeter University Brass Ensemble

Act 2 Scene 2 - Remembrance

Exeter University Concert Band
John Williams (arr Paul Lavender):
"Hymn to the Fallen" ("Saving Private Ryan")

Exeter University Singers
Isaiah Chapter 2: "They Shall Not Learn War"

Exeter University Brass Ensemble
Sir Edward Elgar: "Enigma Variations" - "Nimrod"

Exeter University Singers
Lawrence Binyon (arr Douglas Guest): "For the Fallen"

Tickets: £7

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