Saturday, 10 May 2014

Devon Sculpture arrives in Hampshire: Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, a haven of spectacular artwork & plants

Visitor Support Supervisor, Jo Field,
assists sculptor Imogen Hallam to install her artwork
"New Leaf"
Jermyn's House, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
Ampfield, Hampshire
another Imogen Hallam Sculpture
Viewed from a certain angle . . .
Arnold Böcklin: "Die Toteninsel" (New York Version 1880)
Inspiration for Rachmaninov's symphonic poem

(Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra Thu 25 Apr 2013)

Exploring the Gardens

Dazzling azalias
Ostrich feathers
Chilean rhubarb
Migrant hawker in flight
Dewy hostas
Silt stockings
Mosaic mooring buoy
Diminutive fawn
Mixed media clouds - Brown
Natural sculpture
Glass, blending into the environment
many colours
and forms
Bombus terrestris
Der Kolibri
Metamorphic bronze
Bamboo bower
Artificial anchovies
Beautiful bronze
Exotic wood
Amazing use of zinc
Peonies - Pink
Pastel yellow
Nascent allium
Beautiful birch
Incredibly delicate poppies
An oasis of beauty

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