Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra & Singers Ralph Vaughan Williams "A Sea Symphony" & "Fantasy on a Theme of Tallis" Saturday 5 April 2014 Message from Natasha Iuchanka

I can't keep being silent any more about EMG Orchestra, as I've been enjoying their wonderful programmes for my more than 3 years in Exeter! That was, for example, their Elgar and Holst "Music of  Dreams, Challenges and Patriotism" performance a couple of years ago, still unforgettable and dearly cherished!

Then Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov! (which I thought I'd "had enough in my life!", but it's never enough - as EMG performance has happily proved again!)

Now this 5th April was a real break through for me with "Fantasia" and "A Sea Symphony" of R.Vaughan Williams, with his romanticism and epic "alloy" of French-impressionists colours and heroic all in one music body!

This Concert (2 hours of "Delicious Music Pictures Reality") has healed me totally of many stupid things, like ... weather season nostalgia, or may be ... homesick? ... or whatever else you'd call it, but I must confess: this concert has elated my spirit, "my body and soul", magnificently!

(and my confess, just to you: I feel home again, in Exmouth seashores, more than ever for these 3 years!)

"If Music Be the Food of Love", but no questions, it was(!), it's happened with EMG concert magic help, Their performance was a fabulous food for my (a bit spoiled with theory, hah!) mind , enjoyably considering elegant and accurate "delivering" all these Vaughan Williams's intensely elaborated harmonic sequences and keys changes, easily absorbed and friendly embraced by old age songs tunes of medieval diatonic origin (!), "sculptured and polished" (!) by ages, like a seashore rocks and pebbles all around this beautiful country, they all go so well with Vaugan Williams's fluent chromatic intensity of his English impressionism!(?)

As I have told you many times and must repeat it again: I will never be able to comprehend HOW(?) this sophisticated young lady conductor Marion Wood does organize this all complicated music scores (with 200 musicians, like now) for every couple of months(?), how she can do it clearly to everybody TO HEAR EVERYTHING (!) composer wrote .... and HOW(?) she makes everyone mind who'd listened to it be captured with delight!

Of course, the magnificent soprano Catherine Hamilton with baritone Julian Rippon were shining in this luxurious musical instrumental and choir environments, featuring special pleasure and exultation to the whole delicious music night!!!

So, on the 5th of April's Concert the audience of Exeter Cathedral was thrilled by receiving a real Music Gift of EMG and of Ralph Vaughan Williams's music gallery of magnificent landscapes and history views and thoughts. I think the names of all 200 performers should be mentioned here, every single one, as You've done, dear Luch, already most of them in your wonderful gallery of this concert night performers.

Wonderful people! Great Thanks to All!

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