Friday, 28 March 2014

Soundart Radio & Bicton College present Level 2 Students - on air 12.30-2pm Monday 31 March 2014

Lucinda Guy
presents her own programme
"Hildegard to Hildegard"
(Thursdays 2-4pm)
Lucinda Guy, Soundart Creative Director, has been working for many years to increase access to the airwaves for members of the public through the Totnes area community radio station, Soundart Radio. In 2013 she became involved in a new project funded by Bicton College, providing radio production training, to help facilitate involvement and inclusion.

In the first few months of its existence the new course has enabled a group of twelve students to work together to create three 30 minute pilot programmes. Collaborating in teams the students will bring together their work in field recording, editing, scripting and live broadcasting to present sound-montage and voice programmes, with music, covering three very different topics.

At noon on Sunday, the Soundart Studio Manager will clear the schedule and bring this exciting experiment to its fruition. Twelve students, working side by side in a 10'x10' studio - a very valuable learning experience for everyone!

Full details of the Soundart schedule,
and where the students fit in,
can be found on the

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