Friday, 13 September 2013

Lympstone Entertainments: latest 'Drumbeat' update Margaret Faultless and 'Gli Amici' a huge success Three more great concerts to come in 2013

John Welton
Lympstone Entertainments

Greetings from Lympstone Entertainments.

The Exe Estuary looks lovely most morning but a chill in the air reminds me of the autumnal change from outside activities towards rehearsals, concerts, and plays.

We were delighted at the response to our first concert which featured Margaret Faultless and Gli Amici. I was pleased when a friend stopped me in the village today a said the concert was as good as any they had heard in London!

So, on to our next Sunday afternoon series.

RUTH MOLLINS is a brilliant young flautist and has brought together equally accomplished friends to present three concerts this autumn.

Once again there is a season ticket at the very reasonable cost of £16 for three concerts.

Individual concerts will cost only £7. So we look forward to seeing you at Ruth's first concert on Sunday 22 September, 4pm in Lympstone Church featuring the music of J.S.Bach, Telemann and Boismortier.

The second and third concerts will be on October 20th and November 10th.

 For full details please see the latest copy of  Drumbeat .

We are also preparing for the visit of the Bristol based BHANGRA BAND, 'RSVP' on Saturday 12th October. RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of Bhangra in the UK, entertaining via the medium of music, song and dance rooted within the folk culture of the migrant Punjabis. Something completely different for Lympstone!

We look forward to seeing you again.


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