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English Touring Opera are coming back to Devon Three Operas in English - and more! Advance notice: Handel's "Agrippina" at Exeter Northcott Theatre Friday 22 November & Saturday 23 November 2013 Press Release from ETO Marketing & Media Officer Andrea Perseu

Gillian Webster
will be
Julia Agrippina
An introduction to . . .

by George Frideric Handel

A Venetian comedy with a furiously inventive score.

Story in brief:

Julia Agrippina
Agrippina is an opera, set during the time of
the early Roman Empire,

with a finely constructed and engrossing plot:

Julia Agrippina is the great grand-daughter of Augustus Caesar.

In AD 49, at the age of 33, she marries the Emperor Tiberius Claudius.

Claudius is her third husband.

Agrippina already has a son - from her first marriage.

His name is Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (Nero!)
Tiberius Claudius

He is 12 years old.

Claudius adopts Nero when he marries Agrippina.

The opera begins when Claudius is reported to have died at sea.

Claudius's secretaries Pallante & Narciso support the installation of Nero as Emperor.

BUT: "Allegrezza! Claudio giunge!" (Rejoice! Claudius comes!)

Claudius has been rescued by his army commander Ottone.

Ottone is promised the throne of Rome in gratitude.

In desperation, Agrippina convinces Ottone's lover Poppaea
that Ottone has promised Poppaea to Claudius in return for the thone.

Now the sparks begin to fly!

Despite the high stakes, Handel treats the action with a light touch, making this inventive comedy the epitome of Venetian opera.

Did you know? Agrippina features a very similar set of characters to another opera in ETO's season.  Agrippina is in some ways a prequel to Monteverdi's opera, The Coronation of Poppea. This is where we first meet Poppea, Ottone - and Nero before he ascends to the imperial throne. (Whoops! - a bit of a give-away!)

Paula Sides
will be
Poppaea Sabina
Soprano Paula Sides faces the rare challenge of playing Poppea in both productions throughout the tour!

It's perfect for you if you like restoration comedies
eg The Way of the WorldShe Stoops to Conquer.

ETO's new translation emphasises the comic elements of the opera, making it doubly funny and very energetic. If you admire Handel's music, Agrippina is widely regarded as Handel's first operatic masterpiece. The short arias echo earlier Venetian operas, but the inventiveness of the music and the grasp of storytelling make it uniquely Handel.

Director's view
Watch the video for director James Conway's personal take on Agrippina, and his brief introduction to ETO's Autumn concert season.

See Agrippina at:
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Fri 22 Nov, 7.30pm Sat 23 Nov, 7.30pm
Box Office: 01904 651485
52-54 Rosebery Avenue London EC1R 4RP

from: ANDREA PERSEU (many thanks!)

October preview:

The Old Street Band at Crediton
Leader: Jean Paterson
English Touring Opera
Holy Cross Church Crediton

Sunday 27 October 3pm
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi:
Magnificat: RV611
Stabat Mater RV621
Gloria RV589 (excerpt)
Gloria RV588 (Introduction)

The Old Street Band
Conductor: Jonathan Peter Kenny
Jonathan Peter Kenny
conducts the ETO
Soprano: Catrine Kirkman
Countertenor: Jake Arditti
              Michal Czerniewski
                Russell Harcourt
Tickets: £10 unreserved
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493
Book online      ETO website
(See last visit to Crediton 20 Nov 2011)

(Returning to Exeter Cathedral 24 November
for Handel's 'Music for Vespers' - see below)

Details of that November visit in full:

English Touring Opera
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Wednesday 20 November 7.30pm
English version of the 1649 classic
(Pre-show talk 6.30pm)
Directed by Ted Huffman
The Old Street Band
Conductor: Joseph McHardy
Jason: Clint van der Linde (Countertenor)
Medea: Hannah Pedley (Mezzosoprano)
Isiphile: Catrine Kirkman (Soprano)
Hercules: Andrew Slater (Bass)
Demus: Stuart Haycock (Tenor)
Delfa: Michal Czerniawski (Countertenor)
Egeus/Apollo: Mark Wilde (Tenor)
OrestesPiotr Lempa (Bass)
Tickets: £19/£24/£29/£32
Standby: £8
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493

English Touring Opera
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Thursday 21 November 7.30pm
English version of the 1643 classic
(Pre-show talk 6.30pm)
Directed by James Conway & Oliver Platt
The Old Street Band
Conductor: Michael Rosewell
Nero: Helen Sherman (Mezzosoprano)
Poppea: Paula Sides (Soprano)
SenecaPiotr Lempa (Bass)
Ottavia: Hannah Pedley (Mezzosoprano)
Ottone: Michal Czerniawski (Countertenor)
Lucano: Stuart Haycock (Tenor)
Amor: Jake Arditti (Countertenor)
Liberto: Nicholas Merryweather (Baritone)
Nutrice: Russell Harcourt (Countertenor)
Arnalta: Mark Wilde (Tenor)
Drusilla: Hannah Sandison (Soprano)
Tickets: £19/£24/£29/£32
Standby: £8
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493

English Touring Opera
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Friday 22/Saturday 23 November 7.30pm
English version of the 1709 classic
(Pre-show talk Friday 6.30pm)
Directed by James Conway
The Old Street Band
Conductor: Jonathan Peter Kenny
Agrippina: Gillian Webster (Soprano)
Claudius: Andrew Slater (Bass)
Ottone: Clint van der Linde (Countertenor)
Nero: Jake Arditti (Countertenor)
Lesbo: Luke Williams (Baritone)
Pallante: Nicholas Merryweather (Baritone)
Poppea: Paula Sides (Soprano)
Narciso: Russell Harcourt (Countertenor)
Tickets: £19/£24/£29/£32
Standby: £8
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493

Nicholas Merryweather
Mark Wilde
Jonathan Peter Kenny
Clint van der Linde
Crediton 20 Nov 2011
(see 27 Oct 2013 above)
English Touring Opera
Exeter Cathedral
Sunday 24 November 7pm
"Donna Che in Ciel"
(Rome earthquake 1703)
"Il Piano di Mario"
"Dixit Dominus"
The Old Street Band
Conductor: Jonathan Peter Kenny
Soprano: Paula Sides
Mezzo Soprano: Helen Sherman
Tenor: Mark Wilde
Baritone: Nicholas Merryweather
Countertenor: Clint van der Linde
Tickets: Nave £20/£16/£12
 - unreserved £10 (discount with opera)
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493

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