Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jade Hannah McKenzie visits the Phonic FM studio Classical Journey Tuesday 16th April 2013

Jade Hannah McKenzie
Vice President
Exeter University Choral Society

In a spontaneous outpouring of creativity and positive self-affirmation, students at Exeter University worked together in Knightley Hall on the afternoon of Monday 15th April to compose moving music and, in the process,  help counteract abuse and its persistent consequences.

Within hours, Jade Hannah, Clare Padfield, and Georgia Rae Goodyear, had composed and recorded an eloquent song reflecting the resilience of the human spirit. Jade played the piano and sang, while Clare and Georgia provided harmony.

At 8pm Jade was arranging air time on Phonic FM to share the music, and its message, with the 'Classical Journey' audience. At 11.30am Jade joined us on air with her recording. That's less than twenty four hours - quite some turn-around!

The title, 'A Beautiful Beginning', evokes the idea of life's potential and the awful possibility that it might be crushed by the horror of abuse. The closing words, so beautifully harmonised, offer the all-important hope of recovery and future happiness. "Be free, and let you love yourself."

Jade also had plenty of information to share with the audience about 'a national movement of young people using their own experience to fix the future'. That movement is called 'Fixers'. Jade will be meeting a representative from Fixers next Wednesday (24th April) to discuss the creation of a local project in Exeter.

ITV are supporting the movement and case histories have been made into videos. To see some of the stories follow the links on the Fixers website.

If anyone would like to find our more, or get involved there is an online handbook and members of the team can be contacted by email (talk2me@fixers.org.uk) or telephone (01962 810970).

Jade would also like people in the Exeter area to contact her if they are interested in becoming involved in a local project. She is very interested to hear what people would like her to discuss in the meeting with Fixers next Wednesday.

Anyone interested in finding out more, or getting involved, is invited to contact Jade by email:

Do get in touch.

Jade, Clare and Georgia's song is available as an internet video.

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