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More Buried Treasure: 'Nocturnes by Candlelight' Hilary Boxer and David Cottam, 'Cello & Guitar Hockworthy Village Hall Saturday 11 February 2012

From a series of reviews on 'Classical Journey' Tuesday 14 February 2012 . . .

Hilary Boxer and David Cottam played 'Nocturnes by Candlelight' at Hockworthy Village Hall on Saturday evening (11th February). In the magical atmosphere of the candlelit hall the audience sat at table - with food and drink provided - to hear a sensational recital.
Val Cole introduces
'Nocturnes by Candlelight'
They started with two nocturnes written sspecially for guitar and 'cello by nineteenth century german pianist Friedrich Bergmüller. After that they journeyed far and wide, sampling the music of two continents - all arranged or written by David Cottam especially for us.
Hilary Boxer and David Cottam
'Cello and Guitar by candlelight
After three gorgeous songs, and a 'moment musicale', by Schubert (who played the guitar in bed) there was David's 'Caprice for Maša' from the Czech Republic, his Spanish inspired 'Flamenquita', the lovely 'Libertango' from Argentina, a suite of Irish Ceilidh music, English folk songs, David's 'Balcony Scene' (Romeo & Juliet?) and Bach's 'Air on a G-string' (Hamlet?). Finally a whistlestop tour through the countries of Latin America including Mexico, Peru, Uraquay and Cuba - finishing with Pablo Casals' lament of exile from Franco's Spain - 'The Song of the Birds'

Deep 'cello
. . . and high guitar     
The music was so beautiful the audience were transfixed. And so were the musicians. Unable to leave the stage because of the audience crowding round to hear them, Hilary and David stayed put for an encore - a third nocturne by Bergmüller. A sweet 'cello melody backed by delicate staccato guitar chords. Absolutely superb.

The full programme:
Friedrich Bergmüller: 2 Nocturnes in C major & A minor
Franz Schubert: 'An Die Musik', 'Serenade', 'Litanei', 'Moment Musicale'
David Cottam: 'Caprice for Maša', 'La Flamenquita', 'Balcony Scene'
José Serrano: 'Donde Estas Corazon' ('Where are you, heart')
Astor PIazzolla: 'Libertango'
Turlough O'Carolan: 'Planxty Irwin'
Irish Ceilidh: 'Two Polkas', 'The Kid on the Mountain', 'Banish Misfortune'
Stanley Myers: 'Cavatina'
English Folk: 'Greensleeves', 'Annie's Song', 'Josefins Waltz'
J S Bach: 'Air'
Latin American Journey:
'La Campursita' (the Tango from Argentina)
'La Llorona' ('The Weeping Woman' - from Peru)
'Villancico' ('Christmas Carol' - Iberian traditional)
'Punto Cubano' (Cuban pizzicato music - punteando - of Andalusian and African origin)
'Paisillo' (sounds Italian - from Brazil perhaps)
'La Cuccuracha' ('The Cockroach' - from Mexico!)
EncoreBergmüller's Third Nocturne

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'Cantico' and 'Nocturne'
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Hilary and David appeared again at Exeter Libary on Monday 13th February for a lunchtime concert in the Music Room - 'Sounds of Spain' which is part of the wonderful 'Tasty Music' series of concerts.

'Tasty Music' will continue with:
'Cello Chaconne' (Hilary Boxer and Jane Pirie, 'cello+'cello) on Monday 27th February
'Festive Flute' (Hilary Boxer and Ruth Avis, 'cello+flute) on Monday 12th March
- both at 12.30pm in the Central Library Music Room.

- and the Beare Trio (Hilary Boxer, Chris Gradwell and Andrew Daldorph, 'cello, clarinet & piano)
  will be at Exeter Cathedral Chapter House on Wednesday 21st March at 7.30pm.

Full details of all Hilary's concerts at

Hockworthy continue their 'Villages in Action' series with:

Dimitris Dekavallas & Samantha Pearce (Guitar & Flute) Saturday 24 March 7.30pm
Phil Beer (Instrumentalist with 'Show of Hands') Sunday 13 May 7.30pm

Details at

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