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Ruth Molins Double Première of Michael Colquhoun's 'Speshal Birds' for Flute and Electronic Sampling - Live performance at Sunday's 'Nonclassical' Night; Live Broadcast on Exeter's Community Radio Station 'Phonic FM' - Classical Journey Tuesday 5 March 2013 - at 11am ( = 6am Eastern Standard Time)

Ruth Molins
A first class performance in the Phonic FM Studio
'Jade' from Pierre-Octave Ferroud's 'Trois Pieces'
Classical Journey' Tuesday 14 August 2012

Force Five Wind Quintet,
Exeter Symphony Orchestra,
Songs for Flute & Piano,
Piazzolla Duo,
Festive Flute,

     - all have one thing in common.

The breathtaking flute playing of Exeter flautist, Ruth Molins.

Ruth first appeared on Phonic FM in October 2010, when she was performing in two concert duets.

On 6th October, Ruth and classical guitarist, Clive Betts, were at the Cathedral Chapter House as the 'Piazzolla Duo' playing the Argentine music of Astor Piazzolla and the Brazilian music of Heitor Villa-Lobos, plus music by Georg Philipp Telemann and other baroque and classical European composers.

Days later, Ruth appeared on Phonic FM to play beautiful flute music by Telemann and Debussy and talk about her next concert.

Ruth Avis & James Keefe
On 25th October, Ruth was joined by Birmingham Symphony Orchestra pianist, James Keefe, for 'Songs for Flute and Piano' at Exeter Central Library Music Room (a popular and much missed venue). This was where we first heard the live performance of Ian Clarke's 'Orange Dawn'. Thanks to the expert recording skills of Michael Gluyas, we have heard that performance many times since on Phonic FM. We have since learned that, for the premiere performance of 'Orange Dawn', Ian was accompanied by his namesake (not related), local pianist Joyce Clarke.

In 2011 Ruth's work with the Exeter Symphony Orchestra continued. They were at Blundells School in February for the Soldiers Concert (playing Rossini's 'Theiving Magpie' which we heard with reference to Anthony Burgess's 'A Clockwork Orange' on last week's 'Mighty Book'). Ruth was there and stayed to hear Tasmin Little's virtuoso violin recital - which she discussed during her next appearance on Phonic FM - the following Tuesday.

Later, in September 2011, Ruth married jazz guitarist Jesse Molins. (She was previously Ruth Avis.) At the time, Ruth was also rehearsing with the St David's Players at the Barnfield Theatre for an October performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Yoemen of the Guard'.

'Classical Journey'
6th December 2011
Ruth had a newly acquired alto flute and was heard playing the last fluttering notes of the sacrificial victim in the Exeter Music Group Symphony Orchestra performance of Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' in November.

Ruth appeared on Phonic FM once again, on 6th December - to discuss yet more exciting projects.

The Big Flute
Shortly afterwards she was seen at the Cullompton Corn Barn, and Bicton College, playing Danzi, Handel, Bach - and some Christmas carols on that new aquisition, the alto flute. Playing in duet with Ruth was 'cellist, Hilary Boxer. Another 'Tasty Music' pairing called, 'Festive Flute'. (Not to be confused with 'Festive Flutes' which is something quite different!)

Ruth Molins plays Michael Nyman
Nonclassical December 2011
Finally, in December, Ruth joined Rebecca Wilson and Michael Brailey in the second ever 'Nonclassical' evening at the Exeter Bikeshed Theatre. She played the wonderful 'Yamamoto Perpetuo' by Michael Nyman, and stopped the show with her incredibly sensitive rendering of Michael Colquhoun's 'Framing the Silence'.

In January 2012, the 'Force Five Wind Quintet' (Ruth Molins - flutes, Kate Osbourne - oboe/cor anglais, John Welton - clarinets, Prue Tasman - bassoon, Trevor Ives - French horn) were reunited, with the addition of Exeter Music Group 'cellist, Carol Galton, playing piano. 'Wind, Sea, Sextet!' featured Gordon Jacob's 'Sextet for Wind and Piano', some Beethoven, Percy Grainger, and songs by Gwynn Parry-Jones. Ruth and Carol joined forces for something extra special - Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker Suite' in five minutes - featuring Ruth's regular 'C' flute, alto flute and, for the 'Sugarplum Fairy', the piccolo.

Jame Keefe & Ruth Molins
together again
In July, Ruth was at Southernhay United Reformed Church in Southernhay, with the Exeter Symphony Orchestra to perform a special flute solo - John Rutter's 'Suite Antique' - along with a little Tchaikovsky, Honegger, and Shostakovich.

In August James Keefe returned for another concert with Ruth Molins = this time at the newly renovated St Stephen's Church in Exeter High Street. together they played 'Out of the Cool' by the 21 year old Dave Heath followed by Bach's B minor Sonata and Philippe Gaubert's 'Sonate', Ruth's favourite.

Gabriel Prokofiev
at Exeter Bikeshed Theatre
By September, The first anniversary of Rebecca Willson and Michael Brailey's 'Nonclassical' series was coming around. At the anniversary concert, special guests included 'Nonclassical' founder, Gabriel Prokofiev, Rebecca and Michael of course, Sam Richards and the 'Half Moon Assemblage' from Totnes, Exeter composer Peter Nickol - playing his own compositions, and having them played by Rebecca's sister Hannah Willson.

(Peter's orchestral composition 'Commuter' was played by the Exeter University Symphony Orchestra in the Mint Methodist Church - right next door to the Bikeshed Theatre - just a few weeks later on 11th December.)

Michael Colquhoun
'Framing the Silence'
Alto Flute: Ruth Molins
Ruth played Michael Colquhoun's 'Framing the Silence' for us (on alto flute!), followed by the incredible 'Duration 1' by Michael's mentor at New York State University, Morton Feldman - in a quartet with Hannah, Rebecca and Peter. (Michael has since been in touch to inform us that Ruth had probably given the world premiere performance of 'Framing the Silence'!)

To end the year, Ruth also joined a new and very challenging undertaking - Emma Welton &  Paul Whittall's 'Seat of the Pants Orchestra' - who brought together an eclectic mix of instrumentalists to improvise a musical accompaniment for silent movies. In their most successful outing, the group (with new additions, Ruth Molins - flutes and Anita Munson - clarinets) accompanied a screening of Joe Schenck's Buster Keaton classic 'One Week' at the Exeter Phoenix. As well as flutes, the innovative Ruth had a new instrument with her - a fife!

Michael Colquhoun
On the anniversary of Ruth's first playing of Michael Colquhoun's music at the second Nonclassical evening, we had a special feature on Phonic FM about Ruth Molins from 10 till 11am on Tuesday 11th December. We listened to her live recordings and recalled her many achievements over the years. Tuning in from Buffalo NY, at 5am Eastern Standard Time, with the first snows of winter falling in the mid-west, was a very special listener - Dr Michael Colquhoun, just preparing for a day's teaching at Hamburg University, Buffalo.

Jesse Molins
Ruth herself was not with us. She was determined to prepare something very special for Michael. When she first played Michael's music, Ruth had not realised that he perfroms in his own flute quintet which is called - 'Rara Avis'! In coloquial language that means something rather special, but it literally means 'Special Bird'. The quintet have recorded a very special composition by Michael called 'Speshal Birds' which includes, in addition to the five flutes, sampling and replay to create multiple layers.

Ruth has been working on this as a solo piece, with the help of husband Jesse who is familiar with the electronic equipment needed. On Tuesday we shall hear something very special, Ruth Molins in duet - with herself! Michael Colquhoun is very interested to hear how she sounds. Will he be able to tune in? We very much hope so!

(Anyone outside the Exeter area in Devon UK, can always listen online by following this link. There is also a link on the Phonic FM website.)

Ruth will be in the Phonic FM studio from 11am until 12am on Tuesday 5th March 2013
- to play music and discuss her latest projects (11am GMT = 6am Eastern Standard Time)

There will be plenty for Ruth to discuss.

Currently she is rehearsing with the Exeter Symphony Orchestra for their next concert at St David's Church on Saturday 9th March. They will play Grieg's 'Suite from Holberg's Time' and Beethoven's 'Eroica Symphony'. There will be plenty of work for the flutes, but this time the star will be oboist Althea Talbot-Howard who will play cor anglais in James MacMillan's 'The World's Ransoming' (the story of Maundy Thursday) and Albinoni's 'Oboe Concerto in D minor'.

On Wednesday 3rd April Ruth Molins will be in duet with pianist Rebecca Willson for their lunchtime recital 'Another Country' at Glenorchy United Reformed Church, which will include Bela Bartok's 'Suite Paysanne Hongroise' arranged by Paul arna, and Anne Boyd's 'Bali Moods'

There will be another lunchtime concert on Wednesday 29 May - at Exmouth Library this time, as part of the Exmouth Festival. Ruth Molins will be joined by her husband, guitarist Jesse Molins, and bass-player Al Swainger for 'Silver Summertime', "a heady mix of hot Latin and French cool"!

Lots to talk about!

Althea Talbot-Howard

Oboe & Cor Anglais
Exeter Symphony Orchestra
St David's Church,
Queen's Terrace, Hele Road, Exeter
Saturday 9 March 7.30pm
Edvard Grieg: Suite from Holberg's Time
Tomaso Albinoni: Oboe Concerto in D minor
James MacMillan: The World's Ransoming
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony 3 in Bь
Conductor: Brian Northcott
Oboe/Cor Anglais: Althea Talbot-Howard
Tickets: £12 (advance £10)
Phoenix Box Office: 01392 667080
(Mon - Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 11.30am-5pm)
Symphony website

Ruth Molins &
Rebecca Willson
(photo Cecil Hatfield)
Glenorchy Lunchtime Concerts
Glenorchy Church Exmouth
Wednesday 3 April 12.30am
Piano: Rebecca Willson
Flute: Ruth Molins
Béla Bartók, arr. Paul Arna:
'Suite Paysanne Hongroise'
Anne Boyd: Bali Moods

guitar: Jesse Molins
Exmouth Festival
Exmouth Library
Wednesday 29 May 12.30am
(a heady mix of hot Latin & French cool)
Flutes: Ruth Molins
Guitar: Jesse Molins
Bass: Al Swainger
Tickets: TBC

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