Friday, 15 February 2013

'PIRATES OF PENZANCE' - simply spectacular! Exeter University Gilbert & Sullivan Society production Exeter Northcott Theatre evenings and matinée Tuesday-Saturday 12-16 February 2013

Conductor: Josh Clarke
directs the orchestra

Flutes: Lucy Rigby & Siân Rayner
Oboe: Helen Skinner
clarinet: Sam Nugée     bassoon: Miranda Cunis
violas: Anna Heltmann & Zoe Fitzsimmons
Make-Up Artist: Georgie McGoven
Samuel (Gruffydd Evans) takes exception when
Frederic (Jonathan Wood)
says he doesn't want to be a common pirate
 Pirate Kng (Andrew Horton ):
"It is your duty to destroy us . . . "
Frederic's Nanny, Ruth (Lucy Harrison)
still loves him
"Oh, he will take you with him."
"Farewell Frederic"
"Under the brave black flag I fly."
"I'll live and die a pirate king"
"Hurrah for the Pirate King!"
"Compared with other women,
how are you?"
"I am quite well."
"Who has ventured to approach this
all but inaccessible lair?"
"Confusion! It is the voices of young girls!
If he should see them I am lost."
"By all that's marvelous, a bevy of beautiful maidens!"
"You told me you were fair as gold."
"And, master, am I not so?"
"Climbing over rocky mountain,
skipping rivulet and fountain."
Edith (Penny Caudle): "Let us gaily tread the measure . . . "
" . . . of its own especial pleasure."
Kate (Nicola Caws):
"What a picturesque spot! I wonder where we are!"

"But how thoroughly delightful it is to be so entirely alone!"
Nicola Caws, Penny Caudle, Olivia Bussey
"But what shall we do until Papa
and the servants arrive with the luncheon?"
"Suppose we take off our shoes and stockings and paddle?"
"Yes, yes! The very thing!"
"Stop ladies, pray!"
"It is my bounden duty to inform you
that your proceedings will not be unwitnessed!"
"A pirate! Horror!"
"Ladies, do not shun me!"
Mabel (Nicola Wilkes):
"Poor wandering one!"
"Take heart, fair days will shine . . . "
" . . . Take any heart.  Take mine!"
"Ah yes! Ah yes! This is exceeding gladness!"
"Did ever a pirate loathed
forsake his hideous mission?"
"Did ever a maiden close
her eyes on waking sadness?"
"To dream of such exceeding gladness?"

"Did ever pirate roll his soul in guilty dreaming . . . "
" . . . and wake to find that soul
with peace and virtue beaming?"
Reprise: "Did ever a maiden wake . . . "
" . . . To find himself betrothed . . . "
" . . . To lady of position!"

"Stay, we must not lose our senses.
Men who stick at no offences,
will anon be here."
"Ha, ha!"
"We have missed our opportunity
of escaping with impunity."
"Hold, monsters!"

"Father is a Major-General!"
"Yes, yes, I am a Major-General!"
(Daniel Morris)
"I am the very model
of a modern Major-General"
"I've information vegetable,
animal, and mineral . . . "
"He is the very model of
a modern Major-General."
"You'll say a better Major-General
has never sat a gee."
"I am the very model of a modern Major-General."
"We object to Major-Generals as fathers-in-law."
"But wait a bit. I object to pirates as sons-in-law."
"All except this gentleman -
 who means to lead a blameless life evermore."
"I am an orphan boy."
"How sad, an orphan boy."
"See, at your feet they kneel. Your hearts you cannot steel
against the sad, sad tale of the lonely orphan boy!"

~  I N T E R V A L  ~

The pupils of Broadclyst Community Primary School
are thoroughly enjoying the show!
and impressed by the G&S Society 'gobo'

~  A C T    T W O  ~

"Dear Father, why leave your bed at this untimely hour?"
"I am no orphan!"
"Go ye heroes, go to glory!"
"These attentions are well meant."
"We are going to meet their fate."
"Go to glory and the grave."
"Still to us it's evident, these attentions are well meant."
"With cat-like tread, upon our prey we steal."
Sergeant of Police (Peter Good): "Tarantara! Tarantara!"
"Frederic, save us!"

 To find out how the story ends:

Exeter University
Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Tues-Sat 12-16 February 7.30pm
(Saturday matinée 2.30pm)
Tickets: £10 - £16
(student standby £8)
Exeter Northcott: 01392 493493

A fabulous company
- and a superb orchestra

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