Thursday, 13 September 2012

Art exhibition at Redearth in Bickleigh, 7-22 Sept - in memory of Daphne Cartwright, opens 7 September with music by 'The Chill Acoustic'

Daphne Cartwright (1945-2012)
Crediton artist exhibiting at Redearth
On Friday 7th September, in the Arthaven@redearth gallery in Bickleigh, an exhibition opened of the work of nine local artists. The exhibition is dedicated to one of the artists, Daphne Cartright, who died in June this year. The exhibition will continue until 22nd September and there will be a  celebration of Daphne's life at Sandford Village hall on Saturday 13 October. (details below)

On the opening night there was music in the courtyard of the Redearth gallery. 'The Chill Acoustic' arrived with instruments and gave a lively al fresco performance. Visitors were able to enjoy stunning art work, and listen to amazing contemporary music all evening.

Tony Dale
of 'Network Nineteen'
standing in for
percussionist Tony Plato
Clive Stevens
(soprano saxophone)
standing in for
violist Deborah Hamilton
Russell Frampton
in the gathering dusk
plays moving
electric guitar

David Sawyer
plays his unique
in almost total darkness

Clive Stevens
broadens the repertoire of sounds
with his curved alto flute

Isobel Merrick
painter and ceramic artist, and lead singer
of folk trio 'Pecking Order'/'Cock-a Hoop'
supplies vocals

Inside the Redearth gallery were some very exciting art works - in a wide range of media.

David Sawyer
'Cube Space'
David Sawyer
'Soft Monolith'

Christine Sawyer
'Out of the Blue'
(tapestry detail)
Christine Sawyer

David Sawyer
David Sawyer
David Sawyer
'Growing Up'

Stella Tripp
Ann Jackson

Christine Sawyer

Update: some 'proper photos' by photo-magician Cecil Hatfield

David Sawyer and 'elektrokord'
while the sun was still out!

David Sawyer and Russell Frampton
thank Clive Stevenson for stepping in with flute and sax

Tony Dale - vocals
(photography: Cecil Hatfield)

Exhibition in Memory of Daphne Cartwright
Arthaven@redearth Gallery Bickleigh
Friday 7 September - Saturday 22 September
weekdays: 11am-5.30pm
weekends 11am-6.00pm
opening on Friday 7 September 6-9pm with music by
David Sawyer and the Chill Acoustic
who played at Gallery 36 on Sunday 22 July

Artists' work exhibited:
Daphne Cartwright, Paul Cartwright,
arthaven@redearth gallery Bickleigh
Christine Sawyer, David Sawyer,
Stella Tripp, Anne Jackson,
Liese Webley, Robert Joyce,
Gabi Krukenberg-Tayler
Information: telephone Steve 07989 343121
Redearth website

Daphne Cartwrigh
A Celebration of Daphne Cartwright
Sandford Village Hall
Saturday 13 October 7.30pm
An event to celebrate the life, times and work
of Daphne Cartwright who most sadly died in June.
Come along and see, listen to and remember
the many sides of a person who inspired and
enriched the lives of so many people
from the local community and much further afield.
A fundraising event for the British Heart Foundation
and Crediton Arts Centre
Tickets: £6  Box: 01363 773260
book online from TicketSource

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