Monday, 10 September 2012

Classical Journey Tuesday 4 September 2012 - update

Apologies for the loss of sound during Tuesday's programme. One microphone died intermittently making the presenter either sound distant - or non-existent.

The final piece of the show came after a long silence - a presenter's parting words delivered into a dead microphone. What was it? - It was 'Big John' (a.k.a. Simon Cassell) and the 101ers led by Woody Mellor (who later became 'Joe Strummer') - singing 'Letsagetabitarocking'!

Compgnie Giulia opened a packed show with a tribute to Simon Cassell - a very moving discussion with music - all of which was fortunately audible.

Settling in - Friends of Simon Cassell
Russell Harris: oud - Howard Frey: Douf/Bendir
Marc Walpot: violin - Julia Thomas: Leicestershire small pipes
Nick Millington contemplates the diminutive 'baglama'

(photography: Cecil Hatfield)

The new Compagnie Giulia line-up
play Simon Cassell's 2011 composition
'Sali Pazari Gitim' (I went to the Tuesday Market)
Howard Frey: Douf, Mark Walpot : violin
Julia Thomas: tin whistle, Nick Millington: Bouzouki

(photography: Cecil Hatfield)

Russell Harris plays the oud
Çoban (Shepherd)

(photography: Cecil Hatfield)
Julia Thomas looks on
as Nick Millington plays a baglama solo
Howard Frey watches
as Russell Harris plays saz
and achieves a perfect recording level
through a tangle of dysfunctional microphones

David Sawyer joins us for a
demonstration of the 'elektrokord
and a discussion of 'The Chill Acoustic'
(photography: Cecil Hatfield)

Finally Rebecca Willson
in the studio for a quiet chat
about 'Nonclassical'
featuring many local musicians,
a special visit by Gabriel Prokofiev
and  'Half Moon Assemblage'
(Sam Richards, Elie Fruchter-Murray
& Lona Kozik)
(Bikeshed, 23 September)
Not forgetting - 'Zazou Cowboys'
(North Bridge Inn, 21 September)

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