Friday, 24 August 2012

Dartington Outdoor Film Festival 2012 is now ON! Sunday - Wednesday 26 - 29 August

'Some Like it Hot'
Tony Curtis is Joe/Josephine, Jack Lemon is Jerry/Daphne
Marilyn Munroe is Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
Dartington Outdoor Film Festival Sunday 26 August 8.30pm
Endless rain has adversely affected a number of outdoor events this year - what about Dartington's outdoor film festival?

The Tilt Yard (the perfect venue of a summer evening film show) has, sadly, become too waterlogged to be useable. However, the Cinema management have a backup plan.

In the extensive rehearsal complex called 'Dartington Space' there is a perfect place for outdoor films, which is unaffected by rain - the 'Tennis Courts'. The tarmac surface is perfect to seat up to 400 people, and surrounded by verdant ornamental gardens and borders, bounded by a tall box hedge - perfect!

Dartington Cinema Manager, Jim Whittle, has been hard at work rigging up a big screen on the courts, and has provided seating for a capacity audience (but we are welcome to bring our favourite chairs for total self-indulgence!). And if it rains on the night? Jim has the equally comfortable Barn Theatre lined up for an indoor performance - just 100 yards from the courts.

In conjunction with the Totnes Festival, which will be going on in the daytime this week, outdoor films at Dartington are the icing on the cake. Rain or no rain!

In a delightful secret garden at Dartington
something is afoot . . .

Cinema Manager Jim Whittle
gets 'hands on' rigging up the
outdoor movie screen

Plenty of room for everyone!

the big screen
in Dartington Tilt Yard
Dartington Outdoor Film Festival 2012
Tennis Court, Dartington Space
Sunday 26 - Wednesday 29 August 8.30pm
Sunday: Some Like it Hot
Monday: Prometheus
Tuesday: North by Northwest
Wednesday: The Dark Knight Rises
Tickets: £7.75/6.50 (student £5.25 U18 £4)
Box Office: 01803 847070
Dartington website

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