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Grand Guignol: a special one-off performance 8pm Friday 13 July - a press release from the Director of Exeter Alternative Theatre, Louis Ravensfield


Re: Exeter Alternative Theatre GRAND GUIGNOL - The Wardrobe Comedies -

**Special One-Off Performance**

 Following our three successful performances (our opening night completely sold out) at the Bike Shed Theatre as part of the 'IGNITE - Exeter Festival of Theatre' this is your last chance to see Exeter Alternative Theatre's (EAT) production of GRAND GUIGNOL - The Wardrobe Comedies for a **VERY SPECIAL ONE-OFF PERFORMANCE** in Exeter's 'hidden gem' - the Edwardian Sidwell Street Methodist Church. That's the huge domed church located between the Duke of York pub and the Odeon cinema. Apparently it's unique in the world...

We are very proud to present four superb one act plays from the 1920's London Grand Guignol repertoire that explore the more farcical side of life. Filled with quintessentially British wit & humour these wonderfully crafted pieces of theatrical history, complete with traditionally Guignol-esque plot twists, are sure to delight & entertain a modern audience as much as they did nearly 100 years ago.

Influenced by the original & highly successful Theatre du Grand-Guignol in Paris, theatrical entrepreneur José Levy enjoyed similar success from 1920 - 1922 when he set up his own 'theatre of horrors' in London¹s West End. Attracting some of the finest actors in England, along with a team of very talented writers, Levy successfully brought this well established Parisian genre to a British audience. Despite constant clashes with the censors over these 'terror' plays & comedies, some being refused licences altogether, these one act plays are a dark & delicious delight.

An evening at the Grand Guignol, with its combination of horror & comedy, gave the audience a metaphorical hot & cold shower. All of the plays we are performing this summer portray the lighter side of Grand Guignol, but are still guaranteed to pack a terrific punch. We believe these gems from an almost forgotten theatrical genre should be experienced & enjoyed once again.

A LOVE IDYLL by H.F. Maltby
A rare & special performance of this wonderful (very) short play...

 I WANT TO GO HOME by H.F. Maltby
Originally submitted to the Lord Chamberlain's Office, the censor at the time, in 1921 this comedy was deemed far too risqué for public performance & banned outright. It sees the downfall of an unfaithful spouse when his drab & boring wife blossoms & attempts to seduce him into staying home for the evening.

CUPBOARD LOVE by Eliot Crawshay-Williams
When a young gentlemen successfully gains entry into a young lady's hotel room the respectable woman goes to some rather unconventional lengths in order to protect her reputation.

E. & O. E. by Eliot Crawshay-Williams
Errors & Omissions Excepted. A dying man awaits the arrival of a solicitor so he can dictate his last will & testament. His wife & mother-in-law sit by his bedside.
And so the scene is set for a farcical black comedy where the laughs & surprises just keep on coming.

Full flyer artwork below.

Tickets: £10.00 (Students £8.00)

Available from:

Or in person from Exeter Visitor Information & Tickets,
Dix's Field, Exeter or by telephone 01392 665885

Hope to see you there! ;-)

Louis Ravensfield
Producer & Creative Director
Exeter Alternative Theatre

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