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'A La Ronde': a unique building, giving a fascinating insight into the early nineteenth century. The Open University Graduates Association investigate . . .

A La Ronde
the dream house of cousins Jane and Mary Parminter in 1796
with more recent improvements!

For some time now, Devon OU graduates Ann Reed and John Eaton-Terry have been organising stimulating activities for local AOUG members (Association of Open University Graduates). Ann has hosted poetry and drama workshops at her home outside the village of Feniton, while John has welcomed members to his house in Lympstone, as the venue for some very interesting talks about any and every aspect of life of the early nineteenth century - given by the members of course.

On Friday 29th June, despite reports of some of the most violent storms of the 'summer', a dozen determined graduates decided to brave the elements and supplement their talk at John's house with a trip to see a fascinating early nineteenth century house just outside Lympstone - a visit organised by Ann Reed.

'A La Ronde' is a very surprising house indeed . . .

outside - an araucaria

- with extraordinary fruits

The gardens are beautiful - although nowhere near their original splendour, apparently. A well-groomed croquet lawn with stunning views of the Exe estuary is overlooked by the house - and a very handsome monkey puzzle tree.

The design of the house can be seen easily from outside. The original occupants - unmarried cousins Jane and Mary Parminter - had it built to a design by their teenage cousin, John Lowder, in 1796. They had the brilliant idea of a hexadecagonal house - with those of its sixteen sides which face more or less south allowing the sun to pour through the windows into a series of rooms. The Parminter cousins could move from room to room (and from one activity to the next) as the sun shone through different windows. When the final room (the dining room) lost the sun's light, they could retire to the central room - the octagon.

Unfortunately, there was very little sun on the day the AOUG members visited - so, as the temperatures were unseasonably low, and it looked like rain - the stewards of A La Ronde invited 'Group B' to start having a look around - without waiting for the official tour.

inside - Jen entertains on the
beautiful walnut boudoir grand
(Gebrüder Knake, Münster)
among the Parminters' collection
other extraordinary objects
- an emu's egg from Australia

The first room they entered was the drawing room. As everyone explored the room, and inspected the many fascinating curios collected by the Parminters, Jennifer played for them on the magnificent walnut wood Knake brothers grand piano. This piano is quite probably not an original feature, but the 1789 box piano could well have been. However, visitors were not invited to play that!

A very delicate
nineteenth century
Inuit dolls
from Canada
Mary's invitation
- to the coronation
of William IV

The cousins lived together in A La Ronde for fifteen years. In 1811 they completed their work on the chapel, school and almshouses 'for poor spinsters' on the land attached to A La Ronde. Then, tragically, Jane died - leaving Mary to continue their charitable work, and to look after A La Ronde. When Jane died, George III was still King, but Mary lived to see three further monarchs accede to the throne - and was even invited to the coronation of William IV.

the male interloper
Reverend Oswald Reichel
who took over from 1886-1923
and ordered major changes
When she died Mary left a will which stipulated that only 'unmarried kinswomen' should inherit the house and land. Somehow, despite her wishes, the house passed to a male relative in 1886. The Reverend Oswald Reichel was, thankfully, sufficiently sensitive to preserve the house and the wealth of incredible objects inside - which had been made or collected by Mary and Jane. However, he could not resist making improvements and bringing the house 'up to date'.

Lowder's original design was a single-storey thatched 'wig-wam'. Reichel, during his thirty seven year tenure, had an upper floor built - with some of the ground floor used for staircases. He had the thatch replaced by a tiled roof, with dormer windows, and a central lantern above the octagon. Fortunately he did not destroy the unique collection of shells and feathers, brought together by Jane and Mary and used to decorate the inside of the roof's apex.

Ann Reed and Kate McVie
admire the view from
one of Reichel's bedrooms
Before Reichel
there was no running water

Reichel also introduced the ultimate in late Victorian luxury - an indoor bathroom - on the first floor! That meant a water tower to create enough pressure, which made another innovation possible - a flushing lavatory!
with the latest inventions

He brought things up to date

The house is no longer a model for sustainable living. It is not so easy to follow the sun from room to room on the ground floor, and the layout upstairs does not follow the same scheme. The answer, of course was artificial light. First gas, and later electricity, were used to light the rooms instead of sunlight - a policy we are still slow to break free from today!

including gas lighting

and a 'dumb waiter'

Despite the changes ordered by the Reverend Reichel, it is still possible to look past his final Edwardian vision - to see how Mary and Jane lived in the house, as originally designed by Lowder in the eighteenth century

Ann inspects the original dinner service

What a pity that the weather was not conducive to a little al fresco dining after seeing the house. The views are outstanding, even on an overcast day, but it was just too cold.

Ice creams on the lawn?
- not this time!
Instead, the AOUG alumni enjoyed a hot meal in the former servants' quarters in the basement of A La Ronde, or decamped to John's house for lunch in the conservatory. After lunch came the real 'business' of the day. John gave an illustrated talk about the 'fag-end' of Napoleon's reign and the various restorations and revolutions that followed in France. All of which happened during the time that Jane and Mary were at A La Ronde!

Louis Stanislav Xavier de France
acceded to the French throne 1795
restored to the monarchy 1814
as Louis XVIII
Napoleon Bonaparte
defended the First French Republic
installed himself First Consul 1799
proclaimed Emperor by Senate 1804

Sonia Woolley is
Dorothy Wordsworth
in 'All for William'
Wed 15th Feb 2012
an interesting period of history . . . '

On Wednesday 15th February this year, actress Sonia Woolley came to St Mary Arches Church in Exeter, to recreate the story of another unmarried woman of the early nineteenth century who created a unique home for herself (and her brother) - Dorothy Wordsworth.

Sonia's theatrical gem, raised money for the restoration of St Mary Arches' sister church, St Stephens, in  Exeter High Street. Partly as a result of that St Stephens Church will be reopened to the public on 19th July.

To see full details of Sonia's visit, and the St Stephens Project, follow this link to 'All for William'.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Budleigh Festival Newsletter - a press release from Budleigh Festival Chairman Roger Bowen


Alexandra Dariescu
makes a welcome return to
Budleigh Festival 2012

You probably already know but please forgive us if we remind you that the eighth annual classical music festival begins on 13 July and is followed by a delicious programme of varied music for just over a week. Tickets have been selling well and some concerts are close to being fully booked or are well on the way to being so. Don't delay. Book your tickets today


On every day (except Sunday 15th July, at the Parish Church of St Peter's and 22nd July at the Methodist Temple Church when there are festival services) there is an evening concert and from Monday 16th to Saturday 21st when there will be free lunchtime concerts on every day.

Here is your choice of concert:

We start with a wind serenade from the acclaimed orchestra of St Paul's Covent Garden conducted by Ben Palmer. Their programme contains works by Dvořák and Mozart with Jonathan Dove's 'Figures in the Garden'. Tickets available now.

Local children take part in 'The Little Sweep' to be performed both in Lympstone (12th July) and in Budleigh where there will be two performances, in the afternoon and again in the evening, on Saturday 14 July. There is ample opportunity for the audience to sing because there are parts written for this purpose with a choir of children to provide tuition! Tickets for both performances are still available. Generous family concessions apply here

Alexandra Dariescu is a delightful and talented pianist who gives a recital to include works by Schumann, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Debussy and Chopin. She recently featured as BBC Music Magazine's Rising Star. This is a recital not to be missed and some tickets are still available

We are lucky to be able to feature the Florilegium Ensemble who present a baroque celebration. The programme is very full with works by Bach, Scarlatti, Corelli, Vivaldi, Handel, Geminiani and Telemann. A very few seats are still available at the time of writing

The Orchestral Concert given by the Budleigh Festival Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Marshall features soloists Tamsin Waley-Cohen. violin and Sarah Jane Bradley, viola. The programme offers works by Handel, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn. Though even fewer tickets than for Florilegium are as yet unsold you may be lucky if you hurry

What an evening is in prospect when we welcome the Barbirolli Quartet who play Haydn, Bartok and Schumann. They return to the UK from their recent successful European tour. Tickets are available

And then there is our opera presentation in conjunction with the New Devon Opera Company, which this year is Puccini's masterpiece Madam Butterfly. This year we go to a larger auditorium when Budleigh takes over the Pavilion in Exmouth. Premium seats sold out long ago but some returns may be available, so try your luck

All good things must come to an end and we close with the hugely celebrated Exeter Festival Chorus who sing three works; by Vaughan Williams, Tippett and Durufle. Staged in large St Peter's church, there are tickets available

Book tickets at Budleigh TIC or by phone 01395 445275

All tickets are now on sale and selling fast.

Programmes information can be downloaded from the web site

Friday 13 July
The Orchestra of St Paul's Covent Garden
present a Wind Serenade at the Temple Church 7.30pm

Saturday 14 July
Two performances of The Little Sweep
at the Temple Church in Budleigh 3pm and 7.30pm

Sunday 15 July
St Peter's Church Festival Choral Evensong 6pm

Monday 16 July
Free lunchtime concert by Alex Knight, Guitar
Alexandra Dariescu. piano, at the Temple Church 7.30pm.

Tuesday 17 July
Free lunchtime concert: Jayne Hannah, flute; David House, piano
Florilegium - a baroque celebration
at the Temple Church 7.30pm.

Wednesday 18 July
Free lunchtime concert at St Peter's by Michael Dawson, organ
Orchestral Concert by the Festival Orchestra
with Tamsin Waley-Cohen, violin & Sarah-Jane Bradley, viola
conducted by Nicholas Marshall at the Temple Church 7.30pm

Thursday 19 July
Free lunchtime concert by Lucy Bray, soprano
Barbirolli Quartet at the Temple Church 7.30pm

Friday 20 July
Free lunchtime concert by the Festival Chorus
Madam Butterfly by New Devon Opera at the Pavilion, Exmouth 7.30pm

Saturday 21 July
Free lunchtime concert by Estrella,
the ROSLA prize winners from New Zealand - 8 hands on 2 pianos
Exeter Festival Chorus at St Peter's 7.30pm

Sunday 22 July
The festival closing service at the Temple Church 10.30am

Ticket Sales:
Tourist Information Centre, Fore Street, Budleigh Salterton EX9 6NG
Telephone: 01395 445275

Monday, 18 June 2012

'Classical Journey' this Tuesday, 19th June 2012 - 'Gown' gives way to 'Town'

Guitar is king
Musical Director of
Exeter Guitar Ensemble
Stephen Gordon
The Royal School of Church Music
hold the ace
James Bowman, Countertenor

As the students gave their triumphant parting performances, before taking their summer break (see last week's post), hundreds of new performers stepped forward to continue the extraordinary musical life of Exeter.

Exeter University Choral Society and
Composition Scholars Summer Concert

On Tuesday evening the Exeter University Choral Society (some students - but mostly post-graduates, alumni, staff, and regular citizens) assembled in the very magnificently appointed 'Alumni Auditorium' in the newly built Forum at the University. Marion Wood conducted Mozart's Missa Brevis in C major - and new works by the composition scholars.

St David's Players: Princess Ida

Meanwhile, at Kalendar Hall in South Street, the rehearsal facilities were fully employed by the St David's Player. With auditions now complete, rehearsals started on Tuesday night, for this year's Gilbert and Sullivan musical (Princess Ida: opening at the Barnfield on Tuesday 9 October). Soloists Tim Hunt (King Hildebrand), Penny Daw (Princess Ida) and Mark Hurford (Hilarion) were there to practice the newly choreographed dance moves (conceived and directed by Susan Gunn-Johnson), which were synchronised with the chorus - very clever stuff, and already hypnotic and exciting to watch! Tim even sang one of his arias as King Hildegrand. What a voice! More details to follow on this blog . . .

Tuesday: First rehearsal of 'Princess Ida'
(Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Castle Adamant')
Susan Gunn-Johnson directs the choreography
standing on her chair
Behind Susan, Nicky Perry conducts the singing
Front Row: Paul Luffman (Scynthius)

St David's Players' President Susan James
Right: Adrian Fox (Florian), James Dunk (Cyril)


Fresh from the triumph of 'Back There on Earth' with Exeter Contemporary Sounds at Queen's Theatre Barnstaple, violist Andrew Gillett was in Budleigh Salterton with Divertimento for a baroque and classical recital on Wednesday.

Elysium Theatre Company

On Saturday Elysium Theatre did battle with Henry V in Poltimore House gardens - in questionable weather conditions - while Voces renaissance choir sang a selection of sixteenth century music by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina and Orlande de Lassus - in the exquisite setting of Buckfast Abbey.

Starling Octet

Almost slipping under the radar, there was another recital of Palestrina and Lassus - plus Wilkes, Sheppard, Montiverdi &Tallis - by the Starling Octet. Tucked away in a back room at Knightley Hall at Exeter University, they sang beautiful a capela madrigals and songs to a delighted capacity audience.

The Starling Octet
Knightley Hall, Streatham Campus, Exeter Uni
Altos: Sarah Pennington, Sophie Nicholson,
Basses: Michael Willmott, Malcolm Field,
Tenors: Jonathan Croley, Ben Pennington,
Sopranos: Marion Wood, Zoe Fitzsimmons.

A member of the Knightley music staff
distributes roses to the members of the octet
- Natasha Iuchanka!

Schola Exe

On Sunday, just before Evensong, there was another delightful little concert, by equally new 'Schola Exe' Choir. Singers aged thirteen to nineteen, who have sung with the Cathedral Choir, Devon Junior Choir, or similar, have been brought together to perform major concerts - with a little help from adult singers, plus a very accomplished accompanist (David Davies) and an inspiring musical director (Rachel Smith). There were several impressive soloists - some of whom we can see below. Not shown here are Georgie Allen who sang an assured and awe inspiring contralto solo in the traditional folk song 'O Waly Waly' - and Emily Edwards, who took over the piano keyboard from David Davies to play the Andante from Joseph-Hector Fiocco's Harpsichord Suite.

Musical Director Rachel Smith
Introduces a new choral ensemble
Schola Exe
(choristers from Exeter Cathedral Choir
and Devon County Junior Choir)
Just off camera is the Joint Musical Director
Organist and Pianist - David Davies

Two Sopranos:
Rebecca German & Emma Nelson
sing solo from the ranks
And then unsupported - very brave!
Simon Lindley's 'Ave Maria'
(a highly polished performance!)

Rachel Smith manages to
get another soloist into the limelight
Lauren McKenna
who played a fin de siècle

clarinet masterpiece -
Otto Goldschmidt's 'Evening'
from 'Two Pieces' Opus 26
(with piano accompaniment by
David Davies)

Royal School of Church Music

As Schola Exe finished their glorious recital, Evensong began - and there was even more wonderful singing. The Royal School of Church Music choir sang Sir Charles Stanford's Magnificat in C and 'How lovely are thy Dwellings' from Johannes Brahms' 'German Requiem'. As if to 'guard a title that was rich before', the RSCM were joined by one of their honorary members - counter-tenor James Bowman! James sang Henry Purcell's 'Evening Hymn' with glorious emotional intensity. Through all, David Davies continues his sterling work as accompanist - on the organ. (Jump to David Acres facebook page to find a recording of James in action!)

Steve Gordon's Exeter Guitar Ensemble

Even as the RSCM and James Bowman poured out their choral perfection, another ensemble were making music in another place of worship. The Exeter Guitar Ensemble, a magnificent instrumental collaboration coordinated by local guitar luninary Stephen Gordon (Dartington College, Exeter University, Royal Welsh), brought together a glorious guitar recital at the Quaker Meeting House in Wynards Lane (Magdalen Street). A baker's dozen of talented guitarists played - in ensemble, duets, and solo numbers. Steve Gordon coordinated all with skill and style, led the ensemble playing and - in a guitar orchestra arrangement of Bach's  double violin concerto - provided the basso continuo on a specially constructed 'bass' guitar (a normal six string classical guitar with the pitch lowered by one octave) - 'Big Bertha'!

More mystery artists:
members of Steve Gordon's
Exeter Guitar Ensemble
"Your Name Here"
playing the theme from
Stephen Spielberg's 'Schindler's List'
(John Williams arr. Geoff Kelly)
and Cuban studies by

Juan Leovigildo Brouwer Mezquida 

Duet: Maurice Ravel
'Pavanne' arr. Chris Susans
Ensemble: Agustín Barrios Mangoré

Duet: François Couperin
'Les Barricades Mystérieuses'
arr. Steve Gordon
And finally - Ensemble!
Sir Edward Elgar: 'Serenade'
J S Bach: 'Double Violin Concerto'

A great ensemble player
Louise Appleby

of Torbay Latin jazz band
'Latino Jalapeno'

And master of ceremonies:
Steve Gordon
with 'Big Bertha'

Did you miss any of this wonderful music - and/or do you want to hear more?

David Acres' Counterpoint Choir, apart from their long-awaited 'Journey from Mediaeval to Renaissance, Part III' which will be at Buckfast Abbey on Saturday 7th July, will be in concert with James Bowman (and the Divertimento ensemble) on Saturday 13th October (Three weeks before James' 72nd birthday!). The Choir will sing Handel's Messiah, while James will sing delicious counter-tenor arias from Handel's operas. (See details on the Counterpoint website.) The venue? - Buckfast Abbey!

Exeter Guitar Ensemble are still working on Ivan Andrews and Alison Smith's arrangement of Elgar's 'Serenade'. From the one movement we heard on Sunday, they will progress to the full work, for guitar sextet, at Exeter Phoenix on Saturday 25th August. What a treat that will be - especially as one of the players will be - David Cottam!

Sandford Guitar Genius
David Cottam

Classical Journey Tuesday 19th June

On this week's show we have a chance to hear some of the wonderful music that's been going on over the last seven days - and to hear about what's to come. If we can make contact, and the equipment cooperates, we should hear from:

-  Josh Lucas of Elysium Theatre Company about more plays in the 'Wars of the Roses' series - Henry IV and Richard III at the Forum Piazza this Friday and Saturday.

- Thomas Brooman, founder of WOMAD (World of Music, Arts & Dance), who is Artistic Director of the Dartington 'HOME' festival - also this Friday and Saturday.

- One of the 'Reduced Shakespeare Theatre' team, who are performing 'The Complete World of Sports' at the Exeter Northcott Theatre this Tuesday and Wednesday (19/20 June).

- Maggie Bourgein and/or Flip Webster who are 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at the 'Theatrefest' week at Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple this Thursday, Friday and Saturday - and at the Exeter's 'Ignite' festival at the Bikeshed Theatre on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, 2nd, 3rd & 7th July.

We also have some music provided by Chris Wilkinson of the Zazou Cowboys (who appeared at the Northcott late on the night of Saturday 21st April, amazing everyone, and this week were at the Queen Vic in Camber Sands for a 1pm set on Sunday as part of the 'Rockabilly Rave' in Essex). Amazing Rockabilly guitar and slide - with sensational double bass by Yann Mahdjoub and the mellifluous violin playing of - Rebecca Willson!

Yann Mahdjoub: double bass, Chris Wilkinson: guitar
Willy Briggs: slide guitar, Rebecca Willson: violin

'Wonfest' at Wonford House Hospital 22-24 June Press Release from Henry Dunn

Lunchtime Concert

'Refuge' - in concert
At Wonford House Hospital Ballroom              

Friday 22nd June
Lunch served from 12.30pm

Part of 'Wonfest' - 22-24 June:

Midsummer Arts Festival
22nd -24th June
Wonford House Hospital
Dryden Road, Exeter

Friday 22nd June                Free lunchtime concert in                                                the Ballroom by acoustic                                                  rock band, Refuge.
        2pm                          Exotic animals by Wild Things,                                          Russell Clinic Veranda
        evening                     By.polar.bares performing                                                         exclusively for the Haldon Unit

Saturday 23rd June          Art Exhibition by                    
                        10-3          Lowarn Edwards in the                                                    corridors of Wonford House.                                           “The First Fleet” art workshop, led                                     by DPT Art Psychotherapist,
                                        Malcolm Learmonth.
                                        Wandering minstrel/magician
                                        Drama workshops led by                                                   Dramatherapist,
                                        Sharlene Young

Sunday 24th June 3pm       Cream tea and live jazz
                                        Russell Clinic Veranda

                Evening            Clive Betts, classical guitarist,                                             (performing exclusively for the staff & inpatients of Cedars)                                    

This festival is made possible by the Chairman’s Initiative Fund
All events free, but it will be possible to make donations for future events.

Further details from Henry Dunn or 01392 221241

The Elysium Theatre Company 'Wars of the Roses' press release from Dan McNiell

The Elysium Theatre Company gains Heritage Lottery Fund support for their ambitious Shakespeare and History project:

The Wars of the Roses

Henry IV will be at 3pm
on Saturday 23 June

Today, The Elysium Theatre Company has received £5,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, The Wars of the Roses. Led by student and recent graduate volunteers from in and around Exeter and based at The University of Exeter Drama Department, the project stages Shakespeare’s entire medieval history cycle and culminates in a two-day festival of theatre and heritage at The National Trust’s Buckland Abbey in Yelverton on 11-12th August 2012.

The performance will present the history plays in succession over a single weekend, interspersed with ambitious re-enactments of the wars and other Living History activities, bringing the historical setting to life: costumed re-enactors, music, dance, crafts and talks will provide an immersive medieval experience for this exciting and entertaining educational event.

The aim of this production is to promote learning through the engagement of theatre with heritage: it will bring together the different skills of actors and re-enactors, and people working professionally in both the theatre and heritage sectors, combining them to create an impressive event that showcases the period of history and the plays of Shakespeare. It will give practitioners of Shakespearean drama the chance to work with, and learn from, historical re-enactment enthusiasts and vice versa.

The audience who come to the event will have the chance to see Shakespeare’s plays in a historical setting, presented in a new and stimulating way. Through a range of activities including seminars led by staff at the University of Exeter, theatrical workshops run by theatre professionals and postgraduate students of Drama, and talks held by staff at Buckland Abbey, the young people involved in the production will be given opportunities to develop theatrical skills as well as knowledge of medieval life and Elizabethan literary and dramatic heritage.

The project gives the performers involved the unique opportunity to combine theatre and heritage in some wonderful historical locations, and in some exciting theatrical spaces. As well as the final performance of the entire cycle at Buckland Abbey, the company is also giving performances of single plays and extracts at Poltimore House on 16th June, the University of Exeter Piazza (Streatham Campus) on 22nd and 23rd June, and at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Dell theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon on 1st July. The project is part of the Royal Shakespeare Open Stages scheme, and a regional showcase of all participants’ productions in the South West is taking place at Hall for Cornwall on 20th June.

The Elysium Theatre Company is an organisation that produces innovative productions of classic plays, rendering them exciting and accessible to modern audiences. They provide people with the chance to get involved in all aspects of theatre practice – from acting to stage management, costume-making to marketing – while expanding their knowledge of literary and cultural heritage. Through this project, the company will provide many young people from a range of backgrounds with opportunities to take part in a high-profile, ambitious and unique event. Working with theatre professionals and postgraduates, and receiving educational talks from heritage experts, The Wars of the Roses participants will gain a deeper insight into medieval English history, and local historical sites, as well as having the chance to acquire valuable theatrical skills to use as they develop their careers.

Commenting on the award, Artistic Director Ellie Chadwick (aged 24) said: “We are delighted to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund: everyone involved is excited about the workshops, talks, rehearsals and performances that are coming up and cannot wait to get properly started with this unique and exciting project”.

Richard Bellamy, HLF’s Acting Head of South West said: “In a year in which the works of Shakespeare are being widely celebrated as part of the cultural Olympiad, we are delighted to be able to support the Elysium Theatre company’s innovative exploration of the History plays and the period in which they are set. The project will enable the young people involved to gain a range of theatre skills, whilst learning more about their local and national heritage”


Saturday, June 16: Henry V, at Poltimore House, 7pm Tickets £5

Wednesday, June 20: RSC Showcase at Hall for Cornwall, Truro

Friday, June 22: 1 Henry IV at Piazza, University Campus at 1.30pm Tickets £5/£4.

Available from Exeter Northcott Theatre – 01392 493493

*This performance is free for schools.
Email for more details

Saturday, June 23: Richard III (11am); 1 Henry IV (3pm) Piazza, University Campus
Tickets £5/£4. Book both Saturday shows for £8/6.
Tickets available from Exeter Northcott Theatre – 01392 493493

Sunday, July 1: The Dell Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon (12pm and 3pm)

Saturday and Sunday August 11-12: The National Trust’s Buckland Abbey, 10.30am-5.30pm.
Day One: The Rise of the House of Lancaster: Richard II – Henry V.
Day Two: The Wars of the Roses: 1 Henry VI – Richard III.
Sections performed at intervals throughout the day,
with battle re-enactments and medieval Living History activities.

For more information visit:

About The Elysium Theatre Company

The Elysium Theatre Company was originally founded by students, for students, and is an organisation that combines theatre practice with education and skills-exchange. It aims to create innovative performances of classic plays, rendering them exciting and accessible to modern audiences, and has a particular interest in Shakespearean drama. The company provides exciting opportunities for young people to get involved in all aspects of theatre practice, and seeks to widen horizons and improve the career prospects of the young people involved in their productions.

About the Heritage Lottery Fund

Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. HLF has supported over 30,000 projects, allocating £4.6billion across the UK. Website:

For further information, images and interviews, please contact Emily Evans at The Elysium Theatre Company on

Friday, 15 June 2012

Quick view diary of concerts for the next two weeks

Shaldon and Dartington are both holding festivals this week, while Elysium Theatre continue their 'War of the Roses' series. Next week Cygnet and Dartington Playgoers are head to head, while several choirs vie for attention. For full details of the concerts in this list, see the previous post.

So much to choose from . . .
Saturday 16 June
7.00pm Henry V at Poltimore
7.30pm Starling Octet at Knightley Hall (Exeter Uni)
7.30pm Voces Renaissance Choir at Buckfast Abbey
Sunday 17 June
4.30pm Schola Exe at Exeter Cathedral
6.00pm Steve Gordon's Guitar Orchestra at the Quaker Meeting House
Tuesday 19 June
7.30pm Reduced Shakespeare Company at Exeter Northcott
Wednesday 20 June
7.30pm Reduced Shakespeare Company at Exeter Northcott
Thurs 21 June
7.00pm Pride & Prejudice at Killerton
7.30pm The King's Singers at Shaldon Festival
7.30pm 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at QT Barnstaple
Friday 22 June
12.30pm 'Refuge' at Wonford House Ballroom (Wonfest)
1.30pm Henry IV at University Forum
2.00pm Exotic Animals by 'Wild Things' on Russel Clinic Veranda (Wonfest)
? - (evening) By.polar.bares at the Haldon Unit (Wonfest)
7.00pm till late Dartington Home Festival at Dartington Space
7.30pm Chetham Showcase Concert at Shaldon Festival
7.30pm ELTC Taming of the Shrew at the Barnfield
7.30pm Ballet Cymru The Tempest at the Northcott
9pm 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at QT Barnstaple
Saturday 23 June
10am-3pm Lowarn Edwards Art Exhibition in Wonford House (Wonfest)
10am-6pm Choral Workshop Day at Shaldon Festival
11am Richard III at University Forum  (previous post was wrong -
3.00pm Henry IV at University Forum    these are the correct times)
12.30pm till late Dartington Home Festival at Dartington Space
1.30pm 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at QT Barnstaple
7.30pm Ballet Cymru Little Red Riding Hood at the Northcott
7.30pm Torbay Singers at Babbacombe
Sunday 24 June
3.00pm Cream Tea and Live Jazz on Russel Clinic Veranda (Wonfest)
? - (evening) Clive Betts Classical Guitar at the Cedars (Wonfest)

     (N.B. Clive's recital is for staff and inpatients only)

7.30pm The Notos Quartet at Shaldon Festival
Monday 25 June

Tuesday 26 June

Wednesday 27 June

Thursday 28 June
7pm Cygnet As You Like It at Poltimore
Friday 29 June
7pm Cygnet As You Like It at Poltimore
7.30pm Playgoers Taming of the Shrew at Dartington Space
Saturday 30 June
7pm Cygnet As You Like It at Poltimore
7.30pm Playgoers Taming of the Shrew at Dartington Space
7.30pm Exeter Chamber Choir at Colyton
(repeated at Newton St Cyres 3 July)
7.30pm Exeter Festival Chorus at Buckfast Abbey
7.30pm Exeter Cathedral Choir at Exeter Cathedral
Sunday 1 July
10.30am  Cathedral Choir Petertide Mass at theCathedral
Monday 2 July
6pm 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at Bikeshed (Ignite)
8pm Amor al Flamenco at the Barnfield Theatre
Tuesday 3 July
6pm 'Women of an Uncertain Age' at Bikeshed (Ignite)
(one more showing on Saturday 7 July)
7.30pm Exeter Chamber Choir at Newton St Cyres

Concert Run-Down until the next 'Classical Journey' (16 June - 3 July 2012) - and there's a LOT of choice!

Voces at Buckfast Abbey
(Voces website)
Voces Renaissance Choir
Buckfast Abbey
Saturday 16 June 7.30-8.45pm
(between Vespers & Compline)
(Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina &
Orlande de Lassus both died 1594
- Palestrina 2 Feb, Lassus 14 June)
Admission & Parking FREE

Palestrina: Agnus Dei, Missa Aeterna Christi Munera, Magnificat primi toni (double choir)
                     Sicut Cervus, Dum Complerentur, Duo Ubera
Lassus: Missa Bell' Amfitrit' altera (double choir), Timor et Tremor, Resonet in Laudibus
                Gloria, Magnificat Quarti Toni (on Anchor che col partire), Veni Sancte Spiritus

Henry V
'War of the Roses' Season
Poltimore House Gardens
Saturday 16 June 7pm
Elysium Theatre Company
(Exeter University MA Students)
& RSC Open Stages
Tickets: £5
(bring your own furniture!
- come early for a picnic)
Advance booking/details: 01392 248938
email:  website

The Starling Octet on
Remembrance Day 2011
Singing Herbert Howells' Requiem
at Pinhoe Church
Starling Octet
Knightley Hall, Exeter University
(See Map of Streatham Campus)
Saturday 16 June 7.30 pm
Choral Concert
Admission: FREE

Since November the Starling Octet have
also performed 'The Passion of Polyphony'
at Broadclyst Church on 10 March

Informal Concert: Schola Exe
Schola Exe
Exeter Cathedral Quire
Sunday 17 June 4.30pm
Young choristers (15-18) from
Cathedral & Devon Junior Choirs
Choral and solo vocal pieces
Admission: FREE
Schola Exe webpage

Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon's Guitar Orchestra
Exeter Quaker Meeting House, Magdalen Street
Sunday 17 June 6pm
Concert of Guitar Music
Admission: FREE

Reduced Shakespeare Company
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 June 7.30pm
Tickets: £18
Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493
or book online

Chapterhouse Theatre Company
perform Jane Austen's
'Pride & Prejudice'
Theatre in the Garden
Killerton House Gardens
Thursday 21 June 7pm
performed by
Chapterhouse Theatre Company
Tickets: £15 (child £10) on-line
- bring your own furniture!
Supper (Killerton Kitchen): £12.50

Flip Webster
Maggie Bourgein

Theatrefest Week
Gallery@QT, Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple:
Thursday 21 June 7.30pm
Friday 22 June 9pm
Saturday 23 June 1.30pm
Maggie Bourgein & Flip Webster
dissect 21st century life through
sketches, monologues, song & dance
(Maggie and Flip will give us full details
on 'Classical Journey' Tues 19 June)
To be repeated at:
Exeter Ignite Festival
Bikeshed Theatre:
2, 3 & 7 July

Richard III
'War of the Roses' Season
Exeter University Forum Piazza
Friday 22 June 1.30pm
Saturday 23 June 11am
Saturday 23 June 3pm
Elysium Theatre Company
(Exeter University MA Students)
& RSC Open Stages
Tickets: £5 each (both on Sat £8)
(So sorry for the confusion on Tuesday's
programme - the times above are right!)
(bring your own furniture!
- come early for a picnic)

Northcott Box Office: 01392 493493
Northcott website

Emily Pimm Edwards
Ballet Cymru
Ballet Cymru
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Friday 22 June 7.30pm
A musical setting by Jean Sibelius
(Coreography by Ballet Cymru
Director, Darius James)
Tickets: £12.50-£20.50
Student standby: £8
School groups: £7.50 per head
Box Office: 01392 493493 & Northcott website

Jemma Beatty
Ballet Cymru

Ballet Cymru
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Saturday 23 June 2.30pm
from Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes'
A musical setting by Paul Patterson
(Coreography by Ballet Cymru
Director, Darius James)
Tickets: £12.50
(3-6 together - £11 per head)
Student standby: £8
School groups: £7.50 per head
Box Office: 01392 493493 & Northcott website


(Box Office: 01392 445275 & Festival Website)

View from Shaldon
Shaldon Festival
St Peter's Church, Bridge Road, Shaldon
Thursday 21 June - Sunday 24 June 7.30pm

Thursday 21 June: The King's Singers
Friday 22 June: Chetham School Orchestra
Saturday 23 June: Choral Workshop (from 10am)
(Director: Jonathan Watts, Piano: Peter Adcock
Soprano: Ruth Jenkins, Mezzo Soprano: Helen Evora)
Sunday 24 June: Notos Quartet
Festival Website
 for full details

The King's (College, Cambridge) Singers
(Tim Wayne-Wright - CP 2, Steven Connolly- Bass,
Chris Bruerton - Bar 1, David Hurley - CP 1,
Paul Phoenix - Tenor, Chris Grabbitas - Bar 2)
Photo by Alex MacNaughton
Shaldon Festival
St Peter's Church, Bridge Road, Shaldon
Thursday 21 June 7.30pm
The King's Singers
Secular music from the reigns of
Henry VIII, Elizabeth I & Victoria
Tickets: £20 (side aisle £15 student £5)
U17 accompanied - FREE
Booking details below
Festival Website for full details

Shaldon Festival
St Peter's Church, Bridge Road, Shaldon
Friday 22 June 7.30pm

Chetham's Showcase Concert
Talented string, woodwind & brass
players from Chetham's School in Manchester
Tickets: £10 (student £5)
U17 accompanied - FREE
Booking details below
Festival Website for full details

Peter Adcock

Shaldon Festival
St Peter's Church, Bridge Road, Shaldon
Saturday 23 June
(Informal Concert 7.30pm)
Choral Workshop Day
Director: Jonathan Watts
Pianist: Peter Adcock
Soprano: Ruth Jenkins
Mezzo Soprano: Helen Evora
Join the Shaldon Festival Choir to prepare
Handel's Messiah for an evening performance
Optional Rehearsal: 16 June 9.30am-12.30pm
Ruth Jenkins
at St Peter's Church in Shaldon
Choir Fee: £15 (student £5)
U17 accompanied - FREE
Early booking advised
Enquiries: Ann Pardoe 01626 873709
Festival Website for full details

The Notos Quartet
Sindri Lederer, Florian Streich
Antonia Köster (piano), Liisa Randalu
Shaldon Festival
St Peter's Church, Bridge Road, Shaldon

Sunday 24 June 7.30pm
The Notos Quartet
(Winners of the 2011 Parkhouse Award)
Ernő Donhányi: Piano Quartet in F# minor
William Walton: Piano Quartet
Antonin Dvořák: Piano Quartet in E flat
Tickets: £15 (side aisle £10 student £5)
U17 accompanied - FREE
Booking details below
Festival Website for full details

Shaldon Festival logo
Online Ticket Sales (10% booking fee)
Order by post - with cheque & S.A.E.
Malcolm Watson
Shaldon Festival Secretary
Higher Ringmore Road
Enquiries: 01626 873492
Festival Website for full details


Exeter Little Theatre Company
Exeter Barnfield Theatre
Friday 22 June 7.30pm
Tickets: £9/£7
Box Office 01392  270891
Barnfield Website

Tashi Lhunpo Monks
from Tibet
Dartington Home Festival 2012
Dartington Hall's 14th Century Courtyard
Friday 22 June 7pm till late
Saturday 23 June 12.30 till late

Tashi Lhunpo Monks
Ryoko Nuruki
The Dohn Foundation
Tickets: £20 (allows 1 U16 FREE)
Concessions: £15/12.50  Students: £10

Idrissa Camara
Artistic Director of
Ballet Nimba from Guinea
A vast line-up!
(see Dartington Website for full details)
Acts include:
Show of Hands
Charlotte Church
James Froud Band
Ben and Alfie
Ballet Nimba
Malleticious (self-explanatory!)
South West Music School
Tickets: £45 (includes 1 U16 FREE)
Concessions: £35  Students: £30

Two Day Ticket
: £58/41/36
Overnight camping/caravan
£7 per person

Marimba Duo: 'Malleticious'
Molly Lopresti & Harriet Riley
Box Office: 01803 847070
or book on-line

To find out about being a volunteer
at HOME2012 contact Sarah Lawrence
01803 847082

Molly played Damien Harron's 'Another Street Song'
with Exeter University Symphony Orchestra last Saturday
(scroll down 11 June post to see Molly & Richard Gonski)

Wonfest - Midsummer Arts Festival
22 -24 June, Wonford House Hospital
Dryden Road, Exeter EX2 5AF

Click blue links below for further details:
  • Refuge
    Friday 22 June: Free lunchtime concert
    Wonford House Ballroom
    acoustic rock band, Refuge
  • 2pm: Exotic Wild Things Project,
    animal encounter
    Russell Clinic Veranda
    Ian Heginworth 
  • Clive Betts
    Saturday 23 June 10am - 3pm:
    Art Exhibition

    The corridors of Wonford House

    Lowarn Edwards
    The First Fleet, arts workshop

    led by DPT Art Psychotherapist

    Malcolm Learmonth

    please do your boat doodle 
    Drama workshops
    led by Dramatherapist
    Sharlene Young
  • Sunday 24 June 3pm:
    Cream tea and live jazz

    Russell Clinic Veranda
  • Evening: classical guitar recital
    The Cedars

    Clive Betts

    (N.B. Clive's recital is for staff and inpatients only)
This festival is made possible by the Chairman’s Initiative Fund.
All events FREE
but it will be possible to make donations for future events.

Further details from Henry Dunn
or 01392 221241

Torbay Singers
Musical Director: Tina Guthrie
Torbay Singers
All Saints Church, Babbacombe
Saturday 23 June 7.30pm
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Mass in G minor
Sir Michael Tippett: Spirituals from "A Child or Our Time"
Hubert Parry: "Blest Pair of Sirens"
Musical Director: Tina Guthrie
Tickets: £10 (U16 accompanied Free) reserve online
Details: 02803 867872
Torbay Singers Website

Tessa Gaukroger
is Rosalind
'As You Like It'
Cygnet New Theatre Company
Poltimore House Gardens
(if raining - in the chapel)
Thur 28 June - Sat 30 June 7pm
Rosalind: Tessa Gaukroger
Celia: Lucy Theobald
Touchstone: Matthew Neighbour
Orlando: Scott Goodaire
Tickets: £10 (child £5)
01392 277189
Cygnet website
Poltimore website

The Playgoers Society of Dartington Hall
The Old Tennis Court, Dartington Space
Friday 29 June - Saturday 30 June 7.30pm
(Matinee Saturday 30 June 2.30pm)
Monday 2 July - Saturday 7 July 7.30pm
(picnics from 6pm)
Director: Anthea Roberts
Tickets: £10 (student/U16 £5)
Box Office: 01803 847070
Dartington Hall Website

Tenor soloist
Michael Dawson
Exeter Chamber Choir
St Andrew's Church Colyton
Saturday 30 June 7.30pm
Conductor: Andrew Daldorph
Soloists: Michael & Eleanor Dawson
Healey Willan: Song of Solomon
plus Sir William Henry Harris
Herbert Howells, Gerald Finzi,
Tickets: £10 (child/student £5)
from Simon Murray 01647 252298
or book by post: online booking form
(repeated at Newton St Cyres Tue 3 July)

Conductor: Nigel Perrin

Exeter Festival Chorus
Buckfast Abbey
Saturday 30 June 7.30pm
Ralph Vaughan Williams: Mass in G minor
Johannes Brahms: "Warum ist das Licht gegeben?"
Maurice Duruflé: Requiem
Conductor: Nigel Perrin
Organist: Jonathan Watts
Tickets: £12/£10 unreserved - parking FREE
Abbey Box Office: 01364 645530
Phoenix Box Office: 01392 667080
EFC Ticket Secretary: 08456 005441
Exeter Festival Chorus Website

Inside Exeter Cathedral

Cathedral Choir Summer Showcase
Exeter Cathedral
Saturday 30 June 7.30pm
Musical Directors:
David Davies & Stephen Tanner
John Rutter: Gloria
Hubert Parry: I was glad
Gregorio Allegri: Miserere mei
Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria
Tickets: £12 (side aisle £8)
Students/U18 £10/£5
some 'Kid for a Quid' available
Box Office: 01392 271354

Exeter Cathedral Choir
Orchestral Mass for Petertide
Exeter Cathedral
(Collegiate Church of St Peter)
Sunday 1 July 10.30am
Exeter Cathedral Choir & Orchestra
Conductor: David Davies
Joseph Haydn: Missa Sancti Nicolai
This is an Anglican church service
No charge to attend

Claudia Caolin presents:
Amor al Flamenco
Barnfield Theatre
Monday 2 July 8pm
Dancers: Claudia Caolin
Amanda Frescura, Libi Roca
Singer: Javier Macias
Guitars: Andres Bardia, Kevin Byrne
Percussion: Greg Dyer
Tickets: £13 (concessions £11)
Box Office: 01392 270891 (10am-4pm)

Flip Webster & Maggie Bourgein
Exeter Ignite Festival
Bikeshed Theatre:
Mon 2Tue 3 & Sat 7 July 6pm
Maggie Bourgein & Flip Webster
dissect 21st century life through
sketches, monologues, song & dance
(Maggie and Flip will give us full details
on 'Classical Journey' Tues 19 June)

Exeter Chamber Choir
at St Cyr & Julitta
for 'Mass of Life' 19 July 2011
(double bass: Mike Thorne)

Exeter Chamber Choir
Church of St Cyr & Julitta, Newton St Cyres
Tues 3 July 7.30pm
Conductor: Andrew Daldorph
Healey Willan: Song of Solomon
plus Sir William Henry Harris
Herbert Howells, Gerald Finzi
a repeat of Saturday's concert at Colyton
with solo piano: Andrew Daldorph
and solo flute: Tina Guthrie
Tickets: £5 (child/student FREE)
(pay at the door)